Be A Cleaner

We are all a cleaner in our everyday life. From washing the floor to the toilet, we do every cleaning task. 

It doesn’t only help us keep our surroundings neat & tidy but also help lead a happy life. 

As DIYers, we try our best level to tidy up our house, garage, or backyard. But every cleansing process we apply sometimes becomes a reason for feeling sorry. 

For example, when mopping or vacuuming the vinyl base, we jump the gun on, sweeping it in a way that damages the delicate surface by scratching. 

That’s why we dedicate ourselves and make this blog for you to stop blaming yourself for the lousy cleaning task. 

In this blog, we try to pour all the experiences we gather on cleaning by trying & missing so that you can avoid the mistake we made. 

Keep in mind; we only share the cleaning techniques that are proven and applied by us. So, stay with us. 

Who I Am

I am Evan Jr. Wilson, a professional cleaner. Working as a cleaner, I involve every cleaning task like scrubbing, washing, brushing, sweeping, tidying, vacuuming, mopping, and polishing. 

From cleaning the house to work areas & machinery, I have experienced cleaning every space. 

Sweeping or vacuuming is fun work, I believe from my heart. From this belief, I started this blog to share the enjoyment with the same-minded people who love to do their cleaning tasks. 

What the Ultimate Goal behind starting this blog

The ultimate goal behind starting this blog is to share the cleaning experience I have. I want from my heart to let you know what I learned to keep your space neat & clean.

And I believe, when the surroundings will remain clean, our loving earth will remain clean also.