Top 4 Best Broom For Pet Hair You Should Go For

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You have a big pooch or cat who sheds a lot. You spend so freaking long sweeping your entire apartment twice to get all the pet hair, and you STILL miss some furballs. Some of your next-door neighbors may suggest you use a shower squeegee or pumice stone. Yeah, we agree with them, but they are time-taking methods and require you a lot of elbow grease. 

And when it comes to using a pumice stone, it works only as a pet hair sweeper from any fabric. But what do you do if you have both hard floors and carpet in your home? 

Don’t go nuts! We reviewed the top 4 best brooms for pet hair. All of them perform like a charm and suck away hair from every surface type. So, let’s check them out. 

Our Top Picks

Best-Overall: Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom 

Its rubber bristles attract pet hair like a magnet. On top of this, the adjustable broom handle and bristles allow you to maneuver the broom in hard-to-reach areas. Indeed, there will be no space for pet hair to hide. 

Best For Hard Floors: Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair Broom

This multi-purpose rubber broom creates an electrostatic action that allows you to suck away lint, hair, and other stuff from hard surfaces. Due to the rubber polymer, it doesn’t scratch your hard floors. Indeed, it’s safe for the hard floors. 

Best-Adjustable: Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6

No matter what your height, this broom will fit you. Its telescopic handle allows you to adjust the handle length to suit any user. Indeed, you can extend it from 36-60 inches. 

Best-Electric: Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper 

This electric broom for pet hair gives you enough power to suck away pet hair & messes like a champ. It delivers 60 minutes of non-stop run time to cover your entire home without any interruption. 

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Broom For Pet Hair

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Broom For Pet Hair

If you are an owner of a pet, you require the best broom for pet hair on the hardwood floor. Good broom plucks all the hair away from the floor before flowing by air. Some basic information you need to keep in mind when going to buy a broom for pet fur.

Material: Most of the brooms have nylon brushes that can not clean the floor properly. Because they drop the fur, and it comes back. Rubber or silicone bristles can attract and clasp the hair. For reducing your cleaning time, you can choose a broader brush that clears more area than the smaller one. The material should be soft; otherwise, it may scratch your flooring. Select a durable rubber broom for pet hair cleaning, suit any floor type like hardwood, porcelain, and marble.

Handle: The maneuver of the handle should be long-lasting and lengthy. Depending on your house pattern, you can choose any size broom. A suitable handle can give you a perfect cleaning experience. Some want fixed handles, and others need telescopic handles. However, a fur remover broom should be designed to reach the farthest corner of the house where your pet can get on. 

Weight: Because of its lightweight, a broom can provide good service. The heavy broom can not reach the corner of your house. Puppy fur can flow here and there, which is difficult to catch. If the pet broom is not portable, you can not clean the floor appropriately. 

Storage System: Some houses do not have any space to keep the broom. So, people now think about how the broom can be stored easily when not in use. If you do not have a different place for keeping a dog hair broom, you can choose a collapsible handle broom. 

Accessories: There are so many variations you will get when purchasing. Few brooms provide extra accessories that are useful for cleaning hardwood floors. Some accessories like squeeze can assist you in grasping big debris or sandy dirt. 

Top 4 Best Broom For Pet Hair You Should Go For

Take a look at the following best pet broom our editorial team recommends and pick the one that catches your eyes & recommendations. 

01. Best-Overall: Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom 

Removing hair from the surface has never been easier before this Bissell pet hair broom comes on the market. Though it works like a regular broom, it has rubber bristles to sweep up tough to remove pet hair.

Quick Overview

  • Brand:- Bissell
  • Material:- Wood
  • Color:- Orange/White
  • Item Weight:- 2 pounds
  • Style:- Pet Hair Broom
  • Surface Type:- Bare Floors, Low Pile Carpet
  • Assembly Required:- No

The broom is angled, and you can twist its handle to adjust the rubber bristles position. As a result, you can easily maneuver in tight corners to pick up hair like a champ. 

Apart from this, you can also sweep away dirt, debris, and heavy particles from the surface with this multi-functional broom. And the best part is- you can use it on multiple surfaces like bare floors and low pile rugs. Indeed, it’s the best broom for pet hair on our list. 

What Other Users Say

Bissell 1778 Lightweight & Multi surface Pet Hair Broom gains 4.4 out of 5 stars and 270+ global ratings from its users. It’s well-built, lightweight, comfortable to use, and has a long & adjustable handle.

Some users say they have a Doberman, which hair is short and hard to get. But this broom works like a magic wand, and they use it to stay on top of the dog’s hair. They find this pet hair broom easy and fast to sweep the house quickly instead of dragging out the vacuum every day.

The rubber bristles catch the dog hair, and it stays together without stirring around & resettling. On top of this, the rubber bristles are retractable, allowing you to use the pet hair remover as a regular broom. 

Despite having breathtaking features, some users find the pet hair broom a bit tricky to get it efficiently in a dustpan. 

Our Experience:

Adjustable Handle & Bristles

The extendable handle is what we love most about this rubber broom for dog hair. You can adjust its height to fit 6’3″ tall man and retract for the short 5’2″ stature. On top of this, it allows you to adjust the rubber bristles position by twisting the handle. As a result, you can maneuver it to every nook and cranny to pick up hair with ease. 


You can use it on bare floors and low rug piles. The rubber bristles of the pet hair broom are detachable. As a result,  it allows you to use it as a regular broom to sweep up hair, heavy particles, dirt, and dust efficiently. 

Easy Storage

Now, you don’t need to worry about the storage of this pet broom. It features collapsible handles. In return, you can store the pet broom easily by collapsing the handles into several parts. 

02. Best for Hard Floors: Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair Broom 

Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair broom is an acceptable broom for all seasons. With this broom, you can clean hair, lint, or different particles from indoor or outdoor. For carpets, hardwood, lino, cement, tile, and all types of surfaces, you can clear with this broom. 

Quick Overview

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces or 0.2 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are 11.8× 1.7× 1.5 inches. 
  • Material: 100% Real rubber.
  • Length: 12 inches or 1feet.
  • Component: Head only.
  • Hypoallergenic product.
  • Natural elasticity and memory get in natural rubber polymers.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor.
  • It can clean wet and dry residue.

Because of its multi-purpose features, this broom is considered the best broom for pet hair on the hardwood. After it has finished brooming, you can clean this one quickly because the pet hair does not stick to the brush.

What Other Users Say:

Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair broom attains 4.4 out of 5 stars from 320+ ratings from its pleased customers. They select this broom because of its heavy-duty polymer bristles and broader brush. It can also tidy up all pet hair and temporary particles from hardwood and carpets in a short time,

Most of the users are convinced with its squeegee and high-quality, effective rubber brush. It can fit any pole, rigid or telescopic; both handles suit perfectly. With this pet hair sweeper, no dirt can hide on the floor. It works efficiently because of its slim design and lasting brush.

Nonetheless, some customers recommend this broom is not sturdy enough, and can not tolerate extra pressure in the pulling.

Our Experience:

Unique Broom with Shiny Rubber

Ordinary brooms waste your time, but Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair brooms clear your pet hair so fast and grab all junk from the surface. It works nicely in all seasons also and collects dust better than a vacuum.

Catch All Pet Hair

The broom pulls all the dirt and pet hair to a neat pile, which you can collect from the first row of the brush. It does not stick to the hair, but somewhat drags it all to a particular end. On the carpet, this broom picks up all the hair and dirt and makes the rug new.

Standard Rubber Broom for Hardwood Floor

Sweepa pet hair brooms never give scratches on any type of flooring. This lighter, durable, and well-designed rubber broom gives you ultimate relief from cleaning hazards. So, you may evaluate it as the best broom for pet hair on hardwood floors for all-weather and flooring types.

03. Best-Adjustable: Evriholder Sw-250 I-Amz-6 

Evriholder Sw-250l-Amz fur remover broom that can attract pet hair like a magnet. With this durable broom, you can also clean tile, hardwood floor, concrete, linoleum, and carpet. As a pet parent, you can keep your home perfectly clean with this broom.

Quick Overview

  • Material: 100% Natural rubber.
  • Color: Yellow and black.
  • Handle: Telescopic handle 36-6inchesch.
  • Weight: 14.7 ounces.
  • Components: Broom head and handle.
  • Product dimensions are 36.9× 1.65× 7.9 inches.
  • Built-in 12-inch squeeze edge.
  • Durable Fur remover broom.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

The adjustable handle can broaden 36 to 60 inches. It can clean liquid spills beside pet hair and other dirt. After brooming, you can wash away this broom with soapy water. The natural rubber requires little maintenance to keep clean.

What Other Users Say:

FURemover broom earns 4.2 stars out of 5 from 79,940+ ratings of pleased customers. They choose this broom because it works as the best broom for pet hair on hardwood floors. It can work faster than other traditional brooms. This broom efficiently traces all long hair and other dirt nicely with telescopic handles and does not leave any residue on the floor. 

Most users recommend this broom because it can clean both floors and carpets effectively. Nonetheless, this broom works on human hair also. It can be used as a mop when soaking in water and cleaning the floor. The bristle part collects all residue from the bare bottom or carpets, and the squeeze part works on the corner. It can sweep the kitchen and bathroom also swiftly.

However, some customers claim that the brush head does not stay connected with the handles, creating problems in the cleaning procedure.

Our Experience:

Excellent rubber head

The rubber head is made with natural rubber that works great for removing pet hair. Squeeze edges can clean any floor type, window, shower, and windshield also. It becomes a versatile cleaning tool because of this rubber head. On the carpet, this broom functions as a deep cleaner.

Adjustable Handles

When the telescopic handle deals with a short length, you can work properly. The broom works on all floor types and carpeting also. Your carpet looks like new every time after brooming. Large squeeze covers a wide area every pulling and grabbing all hair and fur.

Easy to clean and storage

The head is removable so that it can clean easily. You can store the head and handle separately so it will take less space. After brooming, wash away the extra pet hair, then sanitize it with soapy water and dry it in the air.

04. Best-Electric: Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper 

Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo is the best electric broom for pet hair on this list. This battery-powered floor sweeper provides 60 minutes of non-stop cleaning time to pick up both wet and dry messes from the floor. 

It doesn’t matter whether your dog leaves a trail of hair on the rug or your cat spills dry food in the kitchen- this battery-powered broom will handle them. 

Quick Overview

  • Brand:- Bissell
  • Item Weight:- 4 pounds
  • Form Factor:- Stick
  • Surface :- Carpet, floors
  • Special Feature:- Lightweight, Wheels, Quiet cleaning
  • Included Components:- Brush
  • Dirt cup capacity:- 480 ml

What Other Users Say

Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo receives 4.3 out of 5 stars from 11000+ satisfied customers. They go for this electric broom as it’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and efficient.

Most users find this electric broom lightweight and easy to push. They can use it on floors and carpets. It can pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and even small nuts that fall on the floor. And the best part is- it’s easy to clean. Just dump the tray or dirt bin and snap it back. 

However, some users complain about the low capacity dirt bin. It can’t hold much dirt in its canister. Indeed, they need to empty the bin frequently. 

Our Experience:

Lightweight & Versatile

The weight of this electric broom is only 4 pounds. As a result, you can maneuver it without any hassle and let it glide hard-to-reach areas to suck away dirt, dust, and debris efficiently. 

Long-lasting Battery

This Bissell broom provides 60 minutes of total run time. In return, you can get the opportunity to sweep the floor for an extended time to cover your entire home. 

Easy to Empty

You don’t need to hassle or touch the messes anymore. You can easily lift up the dirt cup out of the sweeper to dump messes into the bin. 

Best Way To Pick Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors

Best Way To Pick Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors

Though you love your pet dog so much, cleaning dog hair on hardwood floors is a hassle at all. The traditional broom can not afford to clear pet hair. It may fly away to every corner of the house. All of your furniture, beds, even your clothes are also filled with dog hair.

Without using perfect cleaning tools, you can not get rid of pet hair. So, here you will get the best way to pick up dog hair:

  • Use rubber broom: Natural rubber broom can clean your hardwood floor effortlessly. No matter what your floor type, keep believing in your rubber broom. Select a high-quality broom that can clean dry and liquid dirt as well.
  • Try a dampened mop: In moist weather, a dampened mop helps you to wipe your hardwood floor. It can clean not only pet hair but also other filthy dirt from your home. Manipulate detergent and warm water to increase the cleaning value. Before mopping, you have to brush or vacuum your floor to collect the long ingredients of a dirty floor.
  • Take up a microfiber dust mop: Microfiber cloth has little hooks which can collect lots of dust and pet hair from your floor. You can not imagine how much silt your hardwood floor contains in the gap of tile. Microfiber enables you to put on a deep clean of your floor.
  • Utilize electric broom: Electric brooms also support you to keep your hardwood floor clean. Choose a durable and high-quality rechargeable electric broom with lasting battery life. But provide a full charge before starting to catch your pet hair from the floor.

What Is the Best Way to Sweep up Dog Hair?

If you have a pet puppy, you will get pet hair everywhere in your house. Though it is a very tough job to always clean your floor you must follow hygiene rules.

The best way to sweep up dog hair is by using a rubber broom. If you have a continuous supply of electric power, you can use an electric broom also.

The high-quality brooms have an advanced magnetic capacity to catch pet hair. Rubber brooms never spoil your hardwood surface and carpeting. Some natural rubber brooms give you ultimate relief from pet hair after tidying every time.

Keep a near eye on the characteristics of the brush and the length of handles also. Telescopic handles let you find more pet hair in the close corner of your home.

If you select an electric broom, look after the battery capacity for cleaning up. It can also be able to get deep clean on carpet cleaning.

Traditional Broom vs Electric Broom: Which One Is The Best?

Traditional Broom vs Electric Broom: Which One Is The Best

A traditional broom is made from the twiggy growth of birch trees. It is lightweight and easy to operate. You can manipulate it indoors or outdoors for cleaning floors.

Though it has been used from ancient times, a traditional broom can take much time to clean up messy floors. As a pet hair cleaner, a traditional broom can not catch the slippery fur of pet animals.

An electric broom is a broom that needs electric power to run. It can be portable and lightweight. Some are corded, and some are cordless electric brooms. The electric broom is a silent cleaning tool to assist your cleaning time.

In comparison, the electric broom is better than the traditional ones. With an electric broom, you can clean pet hair quickly from the floor and carpet also. Multi-surface cleaning is incredibly manageable for the electric broom. The brush roll is made with a plastic or metal cylinder.

An electric broom has some additional features such as a dust cup, batteries, and a folding handle. You will save time and energy by using an electric broom.

How Do You Control Dog Hair In The House?

How Do You Control Dog Hair In The House

Controlling dog hair at home is nothing but following routine work. If you want to maintain this regularity, your pet dog will be trained soon. So, here is some methods that I follow to control dog hair in my house:

  • Depending on the pet coat, use a brush to comb their fur as often as possible. It will reduce shedding hair here and there.
  • Allow bathing your pet dog regularly. Unpleasant doggy smell and dog hair shedding will be controlled by proper bathing.
  • Vacuum your home daily. Use a lightweight and convenient vacuum cleaner for daily use. You can use a rubber broom to get rid of pet hair.
  • Clean your bedding every day because dogs’ hair sticks on your bed, pillows, and comforter.
  • Mop your hardwood floor daily as pet hair flies away everywhere. Use soft and rubber bristles for mopping every room of your home.
  • Train your pet dog to sleep at a designated place, brush their fur outside of the home, and make some rooms off-limits.
  • Add oil to the dog’s diet for improving dog skin and coating.
  • Go for a regular walk or exercise outside of the home if the dog gets a chance to shed some hair outside.

Frequently Asked Question

How Is a Dog Hair Broom More Effective than A Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?

Vacuum cleaners have a downside system only. But you can use a dog hair broom for your carpeting, walls, windows, and windshield also. Pets shed their hair everywhere in the house. So, the dog hair broom works satisfactorily in that case.

What Makes This Pet Hair Broom Stand Out?

Sturdy and suitable handles can assist in pet hair stand out.

What to Look at Before Choosing the Best Rubber Broom for Pet Hair?

Before choosing the best rubber broom, look at the material, length, handles, weight, storage system, and additional accessories.

How Often Should I Use My Dog Hair Broom on My Floor?

Though dogs shed hair constantly, so broom your floor daily with a rubber broom or an electric broom.

Is It Ok to Use a Broom on Hardwood Floors?

Yes. There is no problem if you use a high-quality rubber broom or an electric broom on the hardwood floor.

How Often Should You Change Your Broom?

Dog hair brooms are regular equipment for cleaning. So, it is recommended to change your broom within three months.

Why Do You Need a Special Broom for Pet Hair?

Pet hair is very nefarious to slip over regular brush. So, you need a special pet hair broom to clean your home.

What Makes a Good Dog Hair Broom?

High-quality rubber bristles, durable handle, and advanced pet hair catching methods make a good dog hair broom.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom is the best broom for pet hair. It features rubber bristles that capture pet hair like a charm. Therefore, you can adjust both the handle length and bristles’ position to bring it to hard-to-reach areas. 

On the other hand, if you want to get the best adjustable pet broom, go for the Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6. You can adjust its length from 36 inches to 60 inches that fit any height. 

Sweepa Rubber Pet Hair Broom will be your go-to broom if you look for a pet broom that works on hard surfaces. 
And lastly, we recommend you to pick the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper. You don’t need to put a lot of elbow grease as it delivers enough power to suck away pet hair & messes.

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