Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop

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A steam mop is the best way to give clean and sanitize your floor without using any chemicals. Here we come with a question, as the steam cleaner doesn’t use any chemical to clean the floor is it okay to put any cleaner in it? 

The answer is yes, there is a problem. Chemical can damage the steam mop so using chemicals in the steam mop is totally restricted.

But what about natural remedies? Some homeowners ask “can I put vinegar in my steam mop or not?”

As vinegar isn’t a chemical and best for deep cleaning so they think they can use it in their steam mop. And somehow they are right.

Because there is no official statement from the steam mop manufacturers about using vinegar in a steam cleaner.

Want to know in detail? Because steam mop is a costly cleaning tool so you have to be very cautious about it. Let’s know clearly.

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Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop

Vinegar is an ingredient that you can use for various uses. You can use it to clean dishes, stubborn stains, clothes, floors, glasses, etc.

Mopping with vinegar is very popular. It deep cleans the floor without harming or damaging the surface. That’s why some users are asking if they can use it with a steam mop or not. 

They think shark steam mop vinegar can deep clean the floor. It will make the floor better cleaned and free of dirt.

Their thinking is right because Vinegar has acidic properties available, which is the best natural cleaning agent. 

But due to this acidic effect, some users are also confused about using vinegar on their steam mop for better results or not? 

So much thinking is there. But the answer is the same you can pour vinegar on a steam mop. 

It won’t damage the floor after having an acidic effect if you follow our instructions. One more thing, Vinegar is safe to use on floor surfaces except for hardwood. 

To lessen the acidic effect you have to mix it with some other ingredients. How to use vinegar on a steam mop?

And what other ingredients and equipment you will need? We will tell you below. Scroll down and learn the using process of vinegar in the steam mop.  

How to Put Vinegar in Steam Mop

As we told you before, vinegar has acid so you can’t put vinegar in the steam mop directly on the steam mop. 

You have to mix some ingredients with it to lessen the acidic effect. Then how you can put vinegar in a shark steam mop or any steam mop.

What You Will Need?

You won’t need many ingredients. White vinegar, distilled warm water, rubbing alcohol, dish liquid, a bowl, one spoon, and a steam mop

Prepare the solution:

First, wear the protective gear- hand gloves, mask, and goggles, and use a spoon to mix the ingredients. Take two cups of warm water in a bowl, it will be better if you use distilled water, normal water can leave the residue or stain behind.

Now, add two cups of white vinegar ( be clear white vinegar, not other vinegar), two cups of rubbing alcohol, and few drops of dishwashing liquid. Mix all these ingredients until bubbles show up.

Using process:

Pour the solution into the steam mop tank as much is required to fill. Keep the leftover aside for refilling. Now turn on the steam mop and heat it. Use it as you use it regularly.

The steam of the solution will clean the floor better. It will absorb and will kill the bacteria immediately. And you won’t have to sanitize again.

The vinegar in the steam mop will do the work of sanitizing. Cleaning floors with vinegar is faster, comfortable, and safe to use.


  • Don’t use only vinegar in steam mop directly 
  • Use only white vinegar with warm water and other ingredients
  • Never use this solution nor this using process on a hardwood floor, 
  • Safe to use on tile floor, vinyl floor, and linoleum floor 
  • Keep the quantity as we mentioned, don’t up down the quantity 


What can I put in my steam mop to smell nice?

You can put a few drops of lemon juice, orange essential oil, or jojoba essential oil in the steam mop to smell nice. These not only give you excellent fragrance but will disinfect the floors also. You can use these to get rid of bad odors problem

What are the benefits of mopping with vinegar?

Various benefits are there of mop floor with vinegar. You can use it to clean floors, any type of floor is safe to use vinegar. Vinegar can kill mold from the root and regular use of it can stop them from growing back. It’s a natural disinfectant. It can remove any stubborn stain. And it works without harming pets or children.

Why is floor sticky after mopping

The floor is sticky after mopping because you didn’t clean the residue properly. The solution residue is there that is making the floor sticky. If you have mop away the floor again with a plain water-dampened cloth or rinse away with water then the floor wouldn’t be sticky.

Is steaming floors better than mopping

Yes, steaming is better than mopping. Steaming takes less effort to clean the floors. It kills the germs in no time, absorbs the dirt, and cleans the floor immediately without the effort of mopping or wiping. 

Does Mopping Floor kill germs?

Yes, mopping floors kill germs if you can do it in the right way. If you mop with only plain warm water still it will clean the germs. Because warm water is enough alone to kill the bacteria and germs. And if you add any cleaning agent like vinegar or baking soda with warm water there is no chance of germs availability.


Vinegar is allowed to put in a steam mop, but don’t think you can use chemical cleaners or other vinegar except for white vinegar in a steam mop. 

That can damage the steam mop. Be careful with what you use and don’t start using anything without enough knowledge. 

Read the manufacturer instruction you get with your steam mop and do proper research.  

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