Can You Use A Carpet Cleaner On A Mattress

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Over the use of time, a mattress can be affected by bacteria and fungi. If you are not aware of cleaning this affected area, it can destroy your mattress and influence your skin or create breathing difficulties.

Dirty mattresses come to be a breeding place for germs. A carpet cleaner is a helpful tool in the modern home.

You can use a carpet cleaner on a mattress, but be cautious about the material of the mattress. Keep your mattress clean and germ-free and live a healthy life.

Can You Use A Carpet Cleaner On A Mattress

Yes, you can. Cleanliness is a part of healthy life. The mattress is an applicable daily commodity of ordinary life. Follow the mattress cleaning instructions with carpet cleaner given below:

Cleaning Instructions:

Step 1- Remove The Mattress

Take out the mattress from your bed. Put up with preparation to wash this dirty mattress. Stand out this mattress on its edge by the side of a wall. Make it stable and start cleaning. Change the mattress position; otherwise, dirt can hide inside the corner of your bedding.

Step 2- Vacuum The Mattress

Vacuum the entire area of this mattress. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Before vacuuming, take out all the long hair and dirty substances. With vacuuming, you can remove all the moldy dirt and debris from the fabric and cushion.

Repeat the action of the vacuum cleaner several times so it can absorb the dirt as much as possible. You can use a handheld dust buster instead of a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3- Organize Your Carpet Cleaner & Cleaning Solutions

Prepare your carpet cleaner to work on the mattress. Check the dirt water tank whether it is clean or not. Read all the instructions of this cleaner carefully, then proceed. Select a natural and non-toxic carpet cleaning solution by reading the recommendations of this one. 

Step 4- Rinse The Mattress

Clean the mattress by using carpet cleaner from one corner to another corner. As you have to wash slowly, be careful the mattress soaks a lot of water. If it gets too humid, it will become moldy. For sucking excess liquid, you can provide a dry run on the mattress.

Step 5- Let It Dry

When you have finished all the above steps, let the mattress air dry before lifting it to another side. Put a fan or keep the window open for airflow. Once you have finished drying up one side, then go to another side. Repeat the above process and make it dry.


  • Sprinkle a mattress protector to avoid mite feeding on dead skin cells and protect your mattress.
  • Do not allow to soak up extra water on the mattress.
  • Harsh chemical solutions are not needed for cleaning a mattress.
  • Be sure the mattress dries out from the internal part also.
  • Though mattress cleaning is time-consuming work, assign your holiday for cleaning mattresses.


What Causes a Yellow Stain on A Mattress?

Yellow stains are created by oils, urine, or sweat. All these elements contain excess moisture that causes mold and mildew.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

Professionals recommend cleaning the mattress in a gap of 6 months.

Can You Steam Clean a Mattress?

Yes. A steam cleaner can easily remove the top layer of dirt and stains.

Can a Mattress Have Dust Mites?

Dust mites can live inside the mattress. It is one kind of microscopic bug that nourishes your dead skin cells.

How Long Does It Take a Mattress to Dry After Steam Cleaning?

Depending on how much steam you use, it may take two to four hours to dry up an entire mattress.

Final Thought

Though the mattress is a heavy weight foam, you need to clean it skillfully. Experts recommend cleaning your mattress twice a year.

You can use a carpet cleaner on a mattress not only for convenience but also for antibacterial formula.

It works with a fantastic result and makes a significant difference. Give your mattress a new fresh look by cleaning with a carpet cleaner. Maintain cleanliness for a healthy and better life.

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