Can You Use a Steam Mop on Linoleum

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The linoleum floor is quite durable, trendy, and attractive. It gives a look of hardwood, but it’s not a hardwood floor. 

Cleaning a linoleum floor is just a piece of cake. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, natural cleaners, commercial cleaners, steam mop, etc. 

But what about steam mop? Some homeowners claim steam cleaning the linoleum damages the surface by warping. 

For this reason, we have done some research to clarify our thoughts. So what did we get? 

To learn that, you have to scroll down and stay in tune with us till the end.

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Linoleum

After doing lots of research our answer is yes. Without a doubt, you can use a steam clean linoleum floor. Why? 

Before you know the justification, you need to know something about linoleum, for better understanding. 

So What is linoleum?

Linoleum is a substitute of hardwood or tile flooring. It’s made with many organic ingredients. Undoubtedly, Linoleum is trendy, budget-friendly, and more comfortable than other flooring options. 

But you have to be a little careful while you use any chemicals or cleaning equipment on linoleum floors.

Benefits of Linoleum Floor:

  • If you can well maintain a linoleum floor, it can last up to 20 years.
  • It’s eco-friendly, as the materials used to make this flooring are all renewable. So it won’t harm the environment.
  • The cleaning process is simple and doesn’t need cleaning often. Cleaning once or twice a year is enough.

Drawbacks of linoleum:

Isn’t it an excellent option for your home floor? Yes, it’s. But it has some drawbacks. 

  • Any sharp thing can cut the floor quickly.
  • It shouldn’t get in touch with excessive water; moisture can damage the surface.
  • Save it from heat. Heat will loosen the joining, and it will come off soon.


We told you what linoleum is, its benefits, and the drawbacks. Now it’s high time we share what we got through our research and explain our answer. Using a steam mop on linoleum seems safe to us. Why? 

Because we got to know, steam mop doesn’t use any chemicals, so there is no way to harm the linoleum. And the further reasons people are giving to prove steam mop is harmful on linoleum doesn’t satisfy us. 

So we have done the research and found out what the truth is. We are presenting our points below. Read them till the end.

We Represent Our Point

Firstly, linoleum is forbidden to use excessive water. If you use much water the floor will get more moisture and chances are there of damage. 

But the steam mop doesn’t use water. It uses the water stream, then how can it damage the linoleum floor? 

Secondly, linoleum is heat-restricted. You should avoid using any heat elements on this floor because heat can help the floor come off. 

Stop here, a steam cleaner will use heated water steam, in addition, the heat will pass through the mop. 

A steam cleaner uses water heat soaked mop to clean the floor. So, there is no chance a steam mop can cause the floor to come off.

Besides, when you do steam mopping, you will just wipe away the floor; you don’t have to keep the steam mop in one place for too long. 

So all the allegations people are giving to say no to steam mop on linoleum floors, we have clarified. 


Will a steam mop damage vinyl plank flooring

Yes, a steam mop will damage the vinyl plank flooring. Steam mop uses the water steams; for steams, the water needs to be heated, and any type of heat can damage the vinyl flooring. The PVC and glue highly react with heat, so avoid using a steam mop for vinyl plank flooring.

Are steam mops bad for vinyl floors?

Yes, steam mops are bad for vinyl floors. Steam mop uses steam of water that means heat. And heat can damage the vinyl floor. Steam mop will cause moisture damage and gradually the floor will come off.

Can you use a steam mop on all floors?

No, you can’t use a steam mop on all floors. A steam mop is not recommended for all types of flooring options. Floor like vinyl or plank floor is highly restricted to get touch with any kind of heat. So steam mop is avoidable to use on vinyl, linoleum, or plank flooring. But you can use it on tile flooring, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring.

How can I make my linoleum floor look new again?

If you want, you can do waxing to get a new look, but we don’t recommend that. We recommend using a solution of vinegar and lemon juice/jojoba oil or orange essential oil to clean old linoleum and make it shine. When you mop away the floor with this solution, your linoleum floor will look all new again. 

How do you get the smell out of linoleum?

Take half a gallon of warm water, add one-fourth cup of baking soda, and a few drops of dish liquid. Mix them well and dip a sponge into it. Wring well and mop away the affected area with it. Leave the solution for fifteen minutes to absorb the odor, then wipe away. Or you can use a steam cleaner for linoleum floors  that will help you to get rid of the smell.


In short, you can use a steam mop on a linoleum floor. It’s totally safe if you follow the manufacturing care guideline.

We hope, we have successfully explained our answer to “Can You Use a Steam Mop on Linoleum,” above.

If you aren’t satisfied with our answer or have something more to know about this you can freely ask us through a comment. We will respect your thoughts and will try to answer you as soon as we are available. 

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