The Difference Between- Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

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Decorating your floor with carpet to enhance the beauty of your home is a good idea. As carpet is one of the good accessories to decor your floor along with floor protection. 

But as it endured so much foot traffic, dust, debris, and spills, after a time it needed a good cleaning. Regular vacuuming isn’t enough for such cleaning, it needs a deep cleaning. 

How to do deep cleaning? You can do it with a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. Both the cleaning methods are effective in cleaning dirty carpet. But which cleaning process would you like to select? Unable to understand? 

Allow us to help you a little by letting you know some information, and differences between both the cleaning process.

Ready to know? Let’s jump into it.

The Difference Between -Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

First, we have to know what is steam cleaning and carpet cleaning, and then the differences between these.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a safe and simple process to clean various surfaces. You can clean several flooring options, carpets, curtains, etc with a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner uses only water vapor. 

The steam cleaner uses a high temperature to make the water hot and blasts steam to clean the carpet. As it doesn’t use any chemicals so it’s safe for your family and pets. 

If you want you can add a little distilled vinegar to make it work better. Remember steam cleaner doesn’t use normal water for streaming, it uses only distilled water.

Because normal water has many elements that damage the steam cleaner.

What is Carpet Cleaner?

A carpet cleaner is not only one cleaner. Any store-bought cleaner or homemade DIY carpet cleaning solution mixed with warm water is a carpet cleaner. 

Usually, store-bought cleaners use chemicals to make carpet cleaner. Some of the manufacturers add too many chemicals to clean the carpet deeply.

This type of cleaner cleans the carpet but also damages it, like ruining the fiber moisture and making the carpet dull. 

But if you bought the right cleaner or use a home remedies cleaner your carpet will be perfectly cleaned.

Using white vinegar solution will bring back the shine of the carpet, baking soda will absorb bad odors and deeply clean the carpet, and lemon juice can leave a good fragrance.

Differences Between Steam Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner

After knowing what a steam cleaner and carpet cleaner are, we already know some differences between these two. Let’s know some more.

  • A steam cleaner uses only distilled water vapor while a carpet cleaner is a mix of chemicals or organic cleaning agents that is effective to clean a carpet.
  • Steam cleaner is a machine, it needs electric power to work. A carpet cleaner doesn’t need any power, its ingredients can easily clean the carpet without taking help from electricity.
  • A steam cleaner can kill bacteria and remove dirt but can’t clean stubborn stains. While carpet cleaner can easily remove all types of dirt and any stubborn stain.
  • Steam cleaner isn’t good to use frequently. You shouldn’t use it more than twice a year. But you can use carpet cleaner at least once a month.
  • Steam cleaning can damage the carpet fiber and make them dull. Carpet cleaner cleans the carpet deeply, makes the fiber super soft and shiny.  

Which One is Best to Use on Carpet? 

Steam cleaner is a cleaner tool that uses electric power, while carpet cleaner means safe cleaning agents. 

So we would like to choose the organic way over steam cleaning. As it’s a more safe and budget-friendly way to clean a carpet.

But if you find this way difficult or time-consuming, you can go with steam cleaning. It’s also safe and cleans the carpet correctly.

Frequently Asked Question

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Carpets?

Usually, professionals use hot water steam to clean carpets. Hot water steam is very much actionable to kill bacterias and remove dirt from the roots of carpet. Hot water steam means steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is the first choice of a professional. But they also use low moisture or dry cleaning methods to clean carpets.

Which is Better: Steam Cleaner or Carpet Cleaner?

Steam cleaner and carpet cleaner both are best. Each of them is best for different uses. Steam cleaner is better to clean dirt and remove bacteria While carpet cleaner contains a chemical that is effective to clean spots and stubborn stains. If we compare them then carpet cleaner is better than steam cleaner, as you can use it whenever you wish. But you can’t use a steam cleaner regularly. It will damage the carpet fiber.

Is a Steam Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner the Same?

No, steam cleaner and carpet cleaner are different. Steam cleaner is an electric machine that uses a hot water stream to clean the carpet while carpet cleaner is a chemical-based cleaner that you have to mix with water and then clean the carpet with it.

Is Steam Cleaning Better for Carpets?

Steam cleaning is better for deep cleaning. It is the better option to use to deep clean a carpet. Steam cleaning moisture the carpet fiber, deep clean dirt and debris, and stubborn stains. It’s an easy-to-use home cleaning tool that every homeowner should have.

What Is the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method?

The best professional carpet cleaning method is to use steam cleaning. You won’t get any better option to clean the carpet or flooring than a steam cleaner. It doesn’t need any chemicals to clean the carpet. Only a hot water stream is enough to kill the bacteria and remove debris from the carpet.


So are we successful in convincing you what is steam cleaner and what is carpet cleaner and the differences between these? If not then ask us freely what you want to know that we didn’t cover.  

Let us know which is best, using a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner? Or what you would like to use, budget-friendly or time-saving? 

We appreciate your valuable comment, and try to answer you as soon as possible. So don’t forget to leave a comment.

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