Does Steam Clearing Damage Grout

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Are you worried about the dull dirty grout lines? It’s a matter of being. Because grout cleaning is one of the difficult tasks you have to do. 

Why struggle when you have simple options? A steam cleaner. Yes, what can be a better option than a steam cleaner. Have a dilemma in your mind?

Are you thinking about the online comments about the steam cleaner, that steam cleaning damages the grout or it’s not the best choice for grout cleaning or steam cleaner can damage the grout line?

Well then let us clear your dilemma, the steam cleaner is the perfect choice to clean the grout line and it won’t damage your grout.

Want an explanation? Allow us to explain. Scroll down and learn more.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

Steamer to clean grout is safe, it doesn’t damage the grout. In fact, it’s a tool that is best for grout cleaning. Steam cleaners use more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit to heat water to clean the grout line.

So there is no chance of having any bacteria, mold, or dirt. As steam cleaner will use only water vapor so there is no chance of damage.

Experts have admitted it until you pour any harsh cleaner on steam cleaner it doesn’t cause any damage to any flooring or grout lines.

If you use any chemical-based cleaner on a steam cleaner, most of the time the steam cleaner gets damaged itself. So be careful about using any chemical on the steam cleaner.

And you won’t have to do any extra scrubbing. The nozzle of the steam cleaner holds soft brushes that do the scrubbing job perfectly during the steam cleaning process.

Some use a metallic brush and scrub harshly that cause damage to the grout lines. 

The grout line is the gap between the tiles. It is the filing space between tiles that helps the tiles to stabilize perfectly. It’s not smooth like a tile surface. It’s filled with cement that is a hard substance and porous. 

Why Does Grout Attracts Dirt and Debris?

The grout is a little lower than tiles and made with sand so it easily holds up dirt, water stains, detergent residue, body oils, urine droplets, lime scales, skin flakes, sand, dried saliva, dead bugs, mineral, etc, that change the appearance of the grout line and make it darker.

With time this dirt becomes stubborn and you can’t clean them with a normal cleaning process, you have to use a hard cleaning agent or chemical-based cleaner that is harmful to grout. And if you use any harsh scrubbing then chances of damage are there.

At this time, Steam cleaning can help you to get rid of this grout cleaning problem without putting lots of pressure. And steam clean grout and tile floor is safe to clean because the steam cleaner doesn’t need any harsh or chemical-based cleaner that can damage the grout line. 

Effective Way-Grout Cleaning with Steam Cleaner

Now we will tell you about the simple process of steam cleaning grout on tile floors that is totally safe on grout.

To clean your grout line with a steam cleaner you will need to follow just a few steps. We are giving the steps below, read and follow them exactly how we have said. 

Equipment You Will Need

Broom, sponge, mop, steam cleaner with a brush attached, hand gloves, mask.

Step One- Cleaning

Before using steam to clean grout, make sure the area you will steam cleaning is free of dry dirt, spills, grit, etc, which can make the steam cleaning difficult for you.

Use a broom and remove all the possible dirt. Now mop away the floor with a warm water-dampened sponge and rinse with water or use a microfiber cloth.

Step Two- Get Ready to Steam Clean

Fill the tank of steam cleaner with distilled or warm water and turn on the switch and set it up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the water.

Before you use a steam cleaner make sure you read the manufacturer guide. The steam cleaner will take two to three minutes to heat. Then attach the accessories with the steam cleaner.  

Step Three- Steam Cleaning

Start steaming with the highest cleaned area first. Do scrubbing with the steam cleaner slowly and gently. Once the area is cleaned, move to another area and follow the same process.

If the brush gets dirty, clean it and start again. 

Step Three- Rinse with Plain Water

When the cleaning process is complete and the grout line has become white again, it’s time to clean the area. Rinse away the entire area with plain water and use a towel or microfiber cloth to wipe away the residue. 

Step five- sealing the grout

After you have cleaned your grout, it’s best to seal the grout with the best grout sealer. Try to use a high-quality grout sealer for best results.

There are two types of sealer available in the market. Penetrating and topical sealer. You can compare their benefits and select the one that meets your needs best. 


What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Clean Grout

The easiest and fastest way to clean grout is a solution of baking soda, dish liquid, and hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste by combining all these ingredients and pour it into the grout line. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub with a stiff brush or toothbrush. 

When Should You Not Use Hydrogen Peroxide?

When you are using vinegar you shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide. Vinegar already has acidic acid, if you add hydrogen peroxide to it there will be a blast. If there is a cut on your hand or you aren’t wearing gloves, using hydrogen peroxide is avoidable for you. It causes damage to your skin.

Which Is a Better Disinfectant Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide

According to us, alcohol is a better disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide is a non-toxic, great disinfectant. It can kill bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew. But alcohol is safer and better to use. Alcohol is gentle and usable on the skin. It can disinfect and sanitize in a safer way. 

Does Steam Cleaning Ruin Grout

No steam cleaning doesn’t damage or ruin the grout. It’s a gentle process to clean your grout, that cleans your grout and makes it a whitener. Pour some hot water and a cleaning solution into the steamer to do steam cleaning on the grout.

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Grout?

Professionals use a solution of vinegar and warm water to clean grout. Take equal quantities of vinegar and warm water and clean the grout with this solution. This will clean the grout and will do the job of a disinfectant also. 


Steam clean grout is the best safe way to clean grout lines. It won’t harm the grout line or any floor until you pour any chemical-based cleaner into it.

If there is too much dirt you can use some vinegar and water mixture to clean the grout. Vinegar is an acidic acid that is one of the best cleaning agents and damage-free cleaners.

We have shared the process of using a steam cleaner to clean grout lines. If you want to use a steam cleaner to clean grout lines, you can follow the process we have shared above.

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