Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner That Shines

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Wood floors enhance the beauty of a home. But it needs a little bit more care and maintenance than tile and laminate floors.

If you use water, be careful. Wood floors are very sensitive. If it gets touched with harsh chemicals or water, it can warp.  And gradually, these cleaners take the shine off the wood floor.

So it’s better to stop cleaners made of chemicals that not only harm the floor surface but are also dangerous for health. But there is so much dirt, spills, stains, and germs on the floor.

So how to clean them and keep the floor shiny?

The way is there. We can clean the floor and keep its shine with the granny’s homemade cleaning recipes.

In this guide, we will let you know about those homemade wood floor cleaning recipes that will deep clean your wood floor and make the floor shine. 

So be with us till the end and learn how to make the DIY wooden floor cleaners that shine.

Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner that Shines

There are many ingredients available at your home that have the power to clean the floor and make the floor shiny. Olive oil, black tea, orange oil, lemon juice, essential oil, vinegar, etc.

But before you start any cleaning process, make sure the floor is free of spills. Wipe up spills immediately, if the spill is wet, use a sponge or dry cloth, and if it dries spills, use a broom to clean the floor.

And you should do regular cleaning to avoid dullness. Take a microfiber mop, dip it into some warm water and mop the floor.

That’s it, it’s an easy process for daily cleaning. Now let’s know about some DIY wood floor cleaning recipes.

01. Vinegar and Olive Oil

Vinegar Solution & olive oil

The best all-in-one cleaning recipe that suits all types of flooring options is the solution of vinegar and warm water.

This easy wood floor cleaning solution can remove dirt, stains and doesn’t make the floor dull. But what about shine? Olive oil is there for it. Add one cup of olive oil in the solution of half cup of vinegar and one gallon of warm water.

Mix all the ingredients and mop the floor with them. This solution will deep clean the wood floor without any damage and will polish the surface for shine.

02. Black Tea and Boiling Water

Black Tea and Boiling Water

You may think tea is for drinking then what’s the need for it in cleaning the wood floors? But tea isn’t only for drinking. You can use it for cleaning your wood floor too.

Black tea is an effective cleaning agent. It has tannic acid that can clean the wood floors and polish the surface. Boil four cups of water, add 3 tea bags, stop the heat and let it steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and wait until the heat decreases.

Don’t give your hand on the tea until you can endure the heat. Now the heat is endurable, take a clean mop dip into the solution, and mop the floor.

As tea is sticky so mop once more with a clean sponge by damping it in plain warm water.

03. Vinegar and Linseed Oil

Vinegar and Linseed Oil

White vinegar and linseed oil is the best cleaner to remove any spot from the wood floor. It’s another homemade wood floor polish solution that shines the floor also.

Take linseed oil and white vinegar equally. Use a rag and mop the floor with the solution. Don’t forget to mop once again with plain water after cleaning with the solution.

This floor cleaner DIY is an actionable way to clean the floor and shine.

04. Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, and Warm Water

Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, and Warm Water Wood Floor Cleaner That Shines

Warm water is actionable as a regular cleaner and lemon juice can remove stubborn stains, dirt, and germs. And olive oil is there to shine the floor.

Mix all of these ingredients and make a solution. Take one gallon warm water, ¾ cup olive oil, and half cup lemon juice.

Dip a clean cloth or sponge in the solution, wring it well, and mop the wood floor. No need to mop again with plain water or let it dry.

The solution will clean the wood floor and make it shine instantly without any damage

05. Vinegar and Dish Liquid

Vinegar and Dish Liquid

Dish liquid has moisture that helps in cleaning and shining the wood floor and vinegar is there for cleaning the floor.

Take half a cup of vinegar and a few drops of dish liquid and one gallon of warm water. Mix until bubbles show up and then damp a sponge or cloth in this solution and mop the floor.

For extra shine and scent, you can add a few drops of orange essential oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Homemade Cleaner for Wood Floors?

The best homemade floor cleaner for wood floors is the solution made of vinegar and warm water. Make floor cleaner with one cup of vinegar in one gallon of warm water, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 3 tablespoon dish liquid, a few drops of lemon juice/essential oil, mix them, and clean the floor with it. This solution isn’t only best for the wood floor but it’s the best solution for all types of flooring options.

How Do I Get My Dull Hardwood Floors to Shine Again?

Cleaning hardwood floors makes it dull in the long run. But you can get the shiny wood floor again. Add a few drops of lemon juice/essential oil to the cleaning solution you use to clean the floor. Or take some jojoba oil in a towel and mop the floor with it. Both ways are effective to get back the hardwood floor shine.

What Home Remedy Can I Use to Clean Wood Furniture without Vinegar?

If you want to avoid vinegar solution then you can use dish soap and warm water solution. It’s also one of the best cleaning solutions you can use to clean your wood furniture.

How Can I Get My Hardwood Floors to Shine without Wax?

To get your hardwood floors to shine without wax, add a few drops of essential oil or baby oil in the solution made of vinegar and warm water. Take a quarter cup of distilled vinegar in one gallon of warm water, mix them and add the oil. Mop the hardwood floor with it and get what you want.

Does Murphy's Oil Soap shine wood floors?

Yes, it can shine on the wood floors. Murphy oil soap is a natural cleaner for floors that removes dirt and cleans the wood floors without damaging the surface. And the natural ingredients it contains can reduce the dullness and shine the floor surface. 


We have shared all the easy homemade wood floor cleaners that shine on the wood floor. Try them and let us know how it works.

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