5 Steps Guide- How to Clean a Carpet with a Wet-Dry Vac

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A wet dry vac is designed to pick up wet dirt & liquid spills, dry dirt & debris. It’s a versatile cleaning tool. Don’t just think about using it in your basement or garage.  

You can use it to clean dirty carpet, curtains, floors, fireplaces, clogged, etc. It can remove both dry and wet dirt at once without switching the mode. Want to know how to clean carpet with wet dry vac?

Cleaning a carpet using a wet vac won’t be so easy. Carpet retains spills, stains, mold & mildew, bacteria, dry dirt, etc. Cleaning this dirt & debris and then drying the carpet is a time-consuming task. 

It will take your hard effort. A wet dry vac can reduce your workload a lot. With its great suction power, a wet-dry vac sucks the waste (separate solid from the liquid) into two buckets.

Let’s know in detail how to use a wet vac for carpets.

How to Clean a Carpet with a Wet-Dry Vac

Using a wet-dry vac is a piece of cake when you use to clean dry surfaces. But when you use a wet carpet vacuum cleaner, you need to follow some steps.

Don’t be afraid; cleaning wet carpet with a wet-dry vac is also not difficult. Just a matter of considering some things. 

Excited to know about the steps of cleaning a carpet with a wet-dry vac? There you go with the five steps.

  • Step One- Get Ready to Use the Wet Dry Vac

Before you start cleaning the carpet, you need to make enough space to move the wet dry vac cleaner. Remove the furniture that is located in the area that gets damaged.

It will keep the furniture safe from getting damaged and will also leave some space for you. Now ensure your room is free of any spills, dirt, or wetness; either it will be a big mess.

  • Step Two- Dust up & Remove the Spots 

Now you have to remove loose dirt and large debris from the carpet. Place the wet dry vac in a good position so you can move it easily. Now turn on the dry mode, vac the carpet, and ensure the carpet is free of any dry dirt and dust.

It’s time to find the spots and areas that need deep cleaning. Removing stubborn stains and spots is gonna eat up your time and effort.

And if you don’t do it first, there will be chaos. Treat the stains with a commercial stain remover made to use on carpet or use damage-free DIY remedies

  • Step Three- Using a Carpet Cleaner

Do enough research and purchase the best commercial mild carpet cleaner. Or you can use a natural DIY carpet cleaner that is safer to clean carpet. If you use a commercial cleaner, read the manufacturer guide carefully and use it exactly as described.

It will be best if you make DIY Carpet cleaner with natural remedies like white vinegar, dish detergent, baking soda, etc. These organic ingredients are health-friendly and actionable.

You can check out our article on how to clean a carpet with white vinegar and follow the process of cleaning a carpet.

  • Step Four- Scrub to Remove the Dirt.

After applying carpet cleaner and following the manufacturer’s guide, you must scrub the carpet to remove the dirt.

As you have treated the stains first, you just have to push out the dirt and particles from the easy to do. Take a deck brush or stiff bristle broom and scrub well. 

  • Step Five- Use the Wet-Dry Vac.

After scrubbing, all the dirt is loosened up. Turn on the wet-dry vac with a flat attachment and suck out all the dirt and cleaning solution from the carpet.

Slide the vac hose over each section of the carpet to extract well. After sucking out once ( cleaning solution and scrubbed dirt), you must rinse away the carpet with plain water and again use the wet-dry vac. 

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How Can I Dry My Carpet Fast?

Drying a carpet faster isn’t difficult. Open the windows and door for possible air circulation. Now place a fan Pointing directly towards the wet area and turn it on; if you don’t have a fan, hire one. In 16 hours, the carpet will be dried. 

Can wet carpet be saved?

The answer is yes and no, both. If the carpet is wet with plain water for less than 24-48 hours, it can be saved. But if the carpet is wet for more than this, the carpet can’t be saved, and if it was wet with dirty water, there is no chance of saving it. 

Do you need to vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Yes, you need to vacuum after carpet cleaning. After cleaning the carpet, wait for the next day. When the carpet has dried enough, vacuum it, as usual, you do. 

Can I use my shop vac as a carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can use your shop vacuum as a carpet cleaner. First, remove all the cleaning solution by pressing with a floor attachment, then rinse away with plain water. Now use your shop vac; it will suck up water from the carpet. 

Is a wet vac the same as a carpet cleaner?

A wet vac isn’t fully the same as a carpet cleaner. It’s similar to a carpet cleaner in sucking out the liquids and water from the carpet. But a wet vac doesn’t have the ability to scrub or shampoo to remove the dirt from the carpet.


Cleaning a carpet with a wet-dry vac is a five-step process we have described above. After following all the five steps, leave your carpet at least for 2-3 days to dry properly.

To dry naturally, ventilate the area by opening the door and windows and turn on a blower fan to speed up the drying process. 

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