How To Clean A Farber Ware Deep Fryer?

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You get a Farberware Deep Fryer, and you love it so much. It helps you fry chicken or fish using vegetable oil to satisfy your hunger. As it helps to feed your hungry belly, you also take care of it by cleaning the deep fryer with Dawn as a reward. 

Unfortunately, you can’t clean your cooking friend for the last three days due to your busyness. And the day turned to a week, and you find it in its sorry condition. The bottom of the fryer gets coated in a layer of gummy grease & grime. Now, you want to break down the layer of grease, but the heck is only Dawn alone can’t handle the grease residue. 

So, the question wandering around your mind is- how to clean a Farberware deep fryer? Luckily, we compiled this cleaning guide with 11 straightforward steps to remove the oily & greasy residue from the fryer.

Without further ado, let’s get started right here. 

Cleaning Instructions:

When you utilize the deep fryer, it is better to clean it after every use. After every three to six months, it would be better to deep clean your fryer. Follow the instructions given below to make your cleaning easier:

Step 1: Unplug the Power First

Before cleaning your deep fryer, unplug the power socket and let it cool down. If you touch a hot fryer, your skin may burn. Do not mix water with hot oil for cleaning.

Step 2: Exclude Frying Basket

Please take out the frying basket and place it on the sink. Sprinkle a few drops of dishwasher soap and let it absorb. Then make it splash it with clean water later.

Step 3: Drain The Oil

If you want to use this oil again, drain the oil carefully in a large tin or coffee bin. Then reserve it in a cool place and keep the oil with a lid. Now think about using this oil or throw it in a container. Never pour this oil into the sink; it may cause water to clog.

Step 4: Mop Remaining Oil From Other Particles

Take a damp sponge to wipe out the remaining food and oil from the frying pot. If the oil & stains become caked on, you have to use a spatula to discover the actual body. Be careful to take care of finishing the fryer when using a spatula. It is better to use a plastic spatula.

Step 5: Use Soft Sponge & Soap

For wiping extra oil and stains, use a soft sponge & mild dishwashing soap. Put four drops of the soap for scrubbing around the sides. Wipe the oily residue carefully because of the thin wires inside.

Read the manual before cleaning instead of the fryer. Several models possess different heating methods. Rub circularly, starting from the bottom.

Step 6: Wash With Hot Water

Fill up the fryer with hot water via kettle or jug. Allow this hot water to sit for 30 minutes, and use as much water as needed. It can soften the cakey stains and flush the inner oily material.

If you can not arrange hot water, you can be plugged in the fryer again. When the water becomes boiled, keep it unplugged and let it cool down for 30 minutes.

Step 7: Clean The Frying Basket

Take a toothbrush to clean food particles from the frying basket. When you have finished cleaning up, wash the basket in the running water.

Look at the end; if any soap residue remains, blot off the persisting water with a rag cloth or towel, and dry it on the rack.

Step 8: Wash Or Replace The Filter

Some fryers have a removable filter that can wash. But charcoal odor filters can not remove and wash; you can replace them if it becomes clogged with oil particles and food. Keep a glance at the user manual carefully to know the filter of your fryer.

Step 9: Give A Final Wash To The Fryer

Thereupon 30 minutes of soaking in hot water, go back to your cooking pot. Drop down half of the water in the sink. If this water contains a large amount of oil, you can pour it into a container instead of a sink; otherwise, it can clog the sink.

Step 10: Recheck The Fryer

After this final wash, your fryer becomes clean. If you still get any oily debris on the fryer, take a little bit of baking soda with warm water and make a paste. Now scrub this cranky area circularly with paste, then wash entirely with running water.

Repeat the washing several times until the pot becomes dirt and soap. You can apply vinegar instead of baking soda to remove adamant stains. 

Step 11: Dry Out Completely

Before using the fryer again, it would be better to dry out every fryer part. Grab a paper towel and dry it out from inside and outside. Otherwise, water enters the electrical system.

Safety Cautions:

  • Make sure the power line is off before cleaning the deep fryer.
  • Use hot water to get rid of oily substances.
  • Never leave your deep fryer on the sink or dishwasher. If you leave it submerged in water, the fryer may be damaged or cause an electrical shortage.
  • Please wait at least two hours to clean after cooking because it may bring danger from hot oil.
  • Wash the cooking pot several times if you use any abrasive cleaners for cranky residues.
  • Check the handles of the cooking pot are adjusted or not after cleaning.
  • Do not keep the fryer in a damp area when cooking.
  • Before every use, adjust the cord first, then switch on the power.
  • Keep the power off immediately when not in use.
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Frequently Asked Question of How To Clean A FarberWare Deep Fryer:

What Is the Best Way to Clear a Deep Fryer?

Regular boil-out cleaning is the best way to clean a deep fryer. It should be washed once a month for optimal performance.

Can You Boil Water in A Deep Fryer?

Yes. You can do it. Boiling water needs 100°C, whereas deep fryer oil requires 190°C to heat perfectly.

How Often Should You Rinse a Deep Fryer?

When you change your fryer’s oil, it is better to clean the fryer. After every three to six months, you should give a deep clean for satisfactory performance.

Can I Put Water in My Deep Fryer to Clean It?

Never submerge the fryer into the water for cleaning. It can damage the electrical wire inside the fryer.

Is It Ok to Leave the Oil in The Deep Fryer?

You can leave the oil in the fryer for a short time, but not for storing. The fryer is damaged if you store oil there. Store this oil in an airtight container for next time.

How Can You Tell if Deep Fryer Oil Is Bad?

When you observe foam on the top, the oil can not reach frying temperature and looks dirty, musty, and fishy; you should change the oil.

What Is the Healthiest Oil to Deep Fry Food?

If you are looking for the healthiest oil for deep frying, you can use olive oil or avocado oil.

Final Words:

Say goodbye to the grease and oily residue of your farberware deep fryer! The process of how to clean a farberware deep fryer is in your hands now.

Follow the steps one by one, and keep your fryer clean. Do not use abrasive chemicals for cleaning because they can mix up with food in the subsequent use.

Be careful about the safety rules as it is an electrical appliance. If you clean your fryer after every use, it may last longer. Celebrate your day with fried food from a clean deep fryer!

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