How To Clean A Futon Mattress Of Urine

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Do you have kids or pets at home? Getting urine on your futon mattress is a regular chore for you. So, you may need to know how to clean a futon mattress of urine. The urine smell is getting worse and makes your mattress moldy.

If you can not treat it properly, this stain can damage your mattress in the long run. Before removing the urine, be sure the urine stain is dry or wet.

When the urine stain is wet, try baking soda and vinegar. Whether the stain is dry, it is better to apply hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains.

How To Clean A Futon Mattress Of Urine?

Go forward and follow the steps to clean up your futon mattress from urination:

Step 1: Soak Up The Excess Urine

If you get an instant urine stain that is wet, first try to absorb excess urine with a paper towel. Spread the towel on the affected area, then soak up as much as the towel can.

Step 2: Saturate Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural solution to remove stains and bad odors. Spread baking soda on the affected area. Let it set for a few minutes. Then clean it with a brush. Besides removing stains, it can help to reduce the bad odors also.

Step 3: Spill Vinegar On That Area

Vinegar is another natural solution for eliminating urine stains from futon mattresses. Employ a spray bottle and pour some vinegar into it. The strong smell of vinegar can reduce the urine smell. Though vinegar smell lessens with time, it can work amazingly. 

Step 4: Absorb The Excess Moisture

After applying vinegar, it is better to absorb excess liquid again by using a paper towel. So, you can make this mattress dry in a possible short time.

Step 5: Put Baking Soda To Eliminate Odor

If you still get any unpleasant smell still now, repeat the baking soda session. All the bad odors may evaporate by this process.

Step 6: Let Your Futon Mattress Dry

When you have done cleaning urine from your futon mattress, let it dry for a day. Please leave your mattress in the hot sunny weather. Either you may leave it indoors and fix a fan or use a hairdryer to dry this mattress faster.

Cleaning Dry Urine Stains

When the urine stain becomes dry, it is tough to remove. Prepare a solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of baking soda, and two drops of dishwashing detergent. Put the solution on the affected area but do not let it dry.

No need to scrub the futon mattress too much. After that, apply another solution of laundry powder and water, make it a paste 3:1 proportion.

Put it on the stains and let it work for 30 minutes. Remove the paste by using a spoon or brush. Then use a vacuum cleaner for lifting all the remaining paste or powder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Futon Mattress Be Washed?

It is better to wash the futon mattress by machine because the materials are thick for that mattress.

Do Futons Get Moldy?

Futon mattress gets moldy if it keeps in a place that lacks air circulation.

How Do You Deodorize a Futon?

Use baking soda on the unfolded futon mattress to deodorize it the natural way.

How Long Does the Futon Last?

If you use a futon mattress occasionally as a guest bed, it may last 5 to 10 years almost.

How Long Do Urine Odors Last?

If the mattress is not treated properly and the urine is absorbed, the bad odors may last for a month.

Final Words

Unless you settle a waterproof cover on a futon mattress, you must face the urine problem when you beget pets or kids. The accident may happen anytime. Don’t be afraid anymore. The solution of how to clean a futon mattress of urine is in your hand now.

Now, you can apply the solution step by step when you are in a crisis. Clean your mattress swiftly and protect it from destruction.

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