How To Clean A Ridgid Shop Vac Filter

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A filter is an essential part of a Ridgid shop vac filter. It absorbs dust, dirt, and other particles during the vacuuming process. So it’s natural for vacuum filters to get dirty. 

Dirt and debris buildup in the filter can cause clogging in the shop vac filter. A clogged filter means blocked or reduced airflow. 

And if it keeps blocked for a longer time, dirt gets into the fan impeller and puts stress on the motor. And as a result, motor lifespan gets shorter. So cleaning a Ridgid shop vac filter is essential. 

Just purchased a Ridgid shop vac, Don’t know how to clean a Ridgid shop vac filter? Is it different to clean a Ridgid brand shop vac filter?

Allow us to answer you. We will tell you what equipment you will need to clean a Ridgid shop vac filter and what steps to follow to clean it.

Scroll down and be with us to know more.

How to Clean a Ridgid Shop Vac Filter

You don’t need to know rocket science or a professional cleaner to clean a Ridgid shop vac filter. You just need to follow the manual instructions and easy steps to get a clean shop vac filter.

Let’s know the process.

Step one: The first step you have to take is readying the shop vac to be cleaned. Unplug the shop vac before you remove the filter.

It will avoid unwanted accidents. Choose a well-ventilated area to do the cleaning task. It will make the cleaning process easy for you.

As the filter contains dirt, it may land and make the indoor filthy. And to protect yourself from dirt, make sure to wear protective gear. 

Step two: Now disassemble the inner parts to reach the filter and remove it. If you aren’t sure how to do it, read the manual, it will describe what you can do with it and what you should do.

Remember, a little mistake can cost you a hefty amount. So, remove the filter carefully and place it in a big container.

Step three: Place a plastic bag to hold the dirt the filter has. Now hold the filter over the plastic bag-covered container. Use a toothbrush or stiff brush and try to remove all the particles you can.

Push the dirt towards the container, so it doesn’t spread around. Keep doing this until the filter is free of dirt. If some dirt isn’t coming off and stuck in the pleats, you can use a stick to remove that.

Step four: After removing dirt, if there is any sticky object or wet dirt, you have to try another cleaning method with some cleaning agent.

To remove sticky residue, take some white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray directly where it is needed, leave for a few minutes and pick it up with a paper towel.

Step five: After the filter is cleaned, wipe away with warm water and vinegar solution damp cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to absorb any moisture and dry naturally. Reattach the filter if you have removed it.

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Cleaning a Ridgid shop vac filter is so simple. If you follow the steps we have shared above, your shop vac filter will be cleaned in less than an hour and ready to collect dirt again. 

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