How To Clean Car Carpet Without A Machine

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If you are looking for an alternative method for your car carpet without a machine, it might be a little bit difficult but not impossible. Maximum car owners do not bother with the stains on the carpet of their car, so it makes cake molds over there. 

Since you do not have a carpet cleaning machine, you need to select an alternative way. So, how to clean car carpet without a machine is going to be easy in this article. 

Protect your car carpet to make it dry after giving a deep clean. Keep your car clean and make your car carpet look new by using the therapy given here.

8 Ways To Clean Car Carpet Without A Machine

Cleaning a car carpet without a machine is not difficult at all. Here you are going to get 8 best methods for rinsing your carpet skillfully:

1. Baking Soda & Warm Water Mixture

Baking soda is the most effective solution for any carpet cleaning. You will get rid of the toughest stains by using baking soda and warm water. Put together a solution with a quarter cup of baking soda and a cup of hot water. 

It turns out to be a runny fizzy paste. Now apply it to the stains of your car carpet. Scrub with a nylon brush and allow it to work for half an hour. When it’s done, wipe the solution with a clean rag or towel. 

For removing any fresh spill stains of milk or other liquid, pat a towel to absorb the extra liquid, then sprinkle some baking soda. 

Keep it overnight, then vacuum the soda. Besides stains, baking soda works to eliminate bad odors inside your car.

2. Use Hydrogen Peroxide & Toothpaste

Using hydrogen peroxide is another effective hack to clean up car carpets. Prepare a paste with an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and a foaming toothpaste. Then flatten the paste on the carpet. Let it work for a few minutes.

Now scrub this area with a toothbrush or sponge, or a nylon brush. If you eliminate the paste with a towel, then it will also remove the stains. 

3. Glass cleaner, Paint Thinner & Starch

For removing stains from the carpet, these three items work amazingly. It can remove coffee and milk stains using a glass cleaner, while grease stains are eliminated by paint thinner. If you get any bloodstains on the carpet, you can use laundry starch. 

You can clean grease stains by rubbing paint thinner. You can pour some salt or cornmeal over this area. Within a few hours, these stains are no more. Then vacuum your carpet. 

Sometimes coffee may spill down on the car carpet; sprinkle some glass cleaner over there for a few minutes. 

Then wipe the stain with the glass cleaner. Bloodstains seem risky to remove. But stains can be reduced by laundry starch and cold water paste. 

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Apply this paste on the blood stains and let it sit over there. Repeat the process until the stain is removed entirely.

4. Combinations Of White Vinegar & Dish Soap

Make a combination with a gallon of hot w, water, a bit of dish soap, and a cup of white vinegar. Pour the mixture into a sports bottle, then apply it to the affected area. 

These solutions can reduce any carpets or odors from car carpets. You can soak your carpet into this solution or spray it as required. 

When you soak the entire carpet, use a dryer or heater to make it dry or keep it in a sunny place for air-dry. After applying this mixture, you have to scrub the stained area with a bristled brush in a circular motion. 

When all the stains are lifted, blot the area with a rag cloth or towels or vacuum the carpet. 

5. Borax, Soap & Essential Oil

Borax works generously for cleaning car carpets. Take two tablespoons of borax, add with two cups of boiling water. Put three tablespoons of grated soap and one spoonful of essential oil. 

This oil spreads a decent smell and works as a conditioner. At the same time, borax and soap can remove the stains of the carpet. 

Scrub the pigments after applying the solution, then dry the carpet accordingly.

6. Rubbing Alcohol & Oxi-clean

Equip a solution with Oxi-clean odor blaster, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and window cleaner with ammonia. The largest part of this solution is water. It becomes a soaking solution that makes your carpet impressive. 

7. Substitute Carpet Cleaners

Sometimes you can eliminate car carpet stains by using only baby wipes without dampening the carpet too much. 

You have to know what the works can perform by the mentioned solution. For example, dish soap is excellent for a grease extractor; meanwhile, vinegar works for any stains and odors. 

Further, club soda can reduce vomit stains, ammonia with water mixture can brighten the color of your carpet.

8. Vacuum The Entire Vehicle

If you have a pet who used to travel by car, vacuuming the entire vehicle is important. Most users ignored cleaning car carpets up to become filthy, though there are many nooks and crannies inside. 

First, vacuum the exposed area, then go underneath the seat and around other crevices.

Steps For How To Clean Car Carpet Without A Machine  

Follow the instructions below for cleaning your car carpet Without A Machine :

  • Peel off The Car Carpet: If you have a removable car carpet, lift your carpet gently first, so the extra dirt can not fall inside your car. Roll the carpet, then lift it over. But if your car contains a non-removable carpet, you should clean it inside. Be sure the carpet would dry completely after rinsing. 
  • Brush The Carpet: Next step is to brush or vacuum the entire carpet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vacuum; start working with a broom and dustpan. Brush up all the dirt and debris from the carpet. 
  • Formulate Your Solutions: In this step, you should choose your solutions based on the carpet stains. If you use any commercial carpet cleaning solution, you get it ready. When you want to use a homemade solution, you need to make it first. Depending on the stain types, you should soak the entire carpet or spray above the stains.
  • Use Spot Cleaner For Distinguished Stains: If you find different stains on your carpet, apply spot cleaner over these distinguished stains. Remember that tough stains and odors can be removed by using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide for caked stains, paint thinner for grease stains, glass cleaner for coffee stains, and laundry starch for bloodstains.
  • Rinse The Carpet With A Cleaner: Which cleaning solution method you choose doesn’t matter, but you should spray it then scrub the carpet. After that, blot moisture and let the carpet dry. Avoid direct sunlight to drying because it makes your carpet discolor.


  • Repeated use of hydrogen peroxide can fade up your carpet.
  • Be careful if you soak the entire carpet into the water, it would be best to make it dry completely.
  • Protect your carpet fabric with a fabric protector.
  • After giving a deep wash, try to keep your car carpet out of dirt, debris, or extra filthy shoes and things.
  • Make your carpet dry in a windy place, avoid direct sunshine for discoloration.
  • Try to avoid abrasive chemicals to protect your car carpet.


Is Baking Soda Safe on The Car Seat?

There are no non-toxic elements to use baking soda for cleaning car carpets.

How Do You Deodorize a Car Naturally?

Drizzle baking soda on the car carpet and seat. It can deodorize the car naturally.

What Can Absorb Bad Odors?

Some inexpensive household materials like vinegar, salt, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

How Can I Deep Clean My Car Carpet without A Vacuum?

Applying the vinegar mixture and baking soda can deep clean your car carpet without a vacuum.

What Do Professionals Clean Car Upholstery With?

Professional recommend Spot cleaner or 303 Fabric guard for cleaning car upholstery.

Final Words

Stains and germs affect the inside of your car carpet if you are not aware of cleaning it. Now you get so many solutions on how to clean car carpet without a machine.

Relate which one can suit your car carpet or based on the type of the stains. Maintain cleanliness and protect your car carpet as well.

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