How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

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Do you like a smart and clean kitchen? The kitchen cabinet brings a bright look as it can hold all the utensils & jars of cooking. Though the hinges of the kitchen cabinet are not noticeable, they can hold up the door properly.

When you open your cabinet during cooking time, perhaps you touch the hinges with an oily hand. Over time, it turns into a greasy mold. As the kitchen cabinet contains all of your essential commodities, it is better to care for the hinges. Otherwise, the cabinet becomes dirty, dusty, and full of greasy build-up.

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?

Here you will learn how to clean kitchen cabinet hinges. Go through the lines given below to know in detail.

Things You Will Need:

  • Marker
  • Bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • A large pan
  • A stove
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Warm water
  • A toothbrush
  • Hand gloves
  • Towel

7 Step Cleaning Process

Perhaps you may change the kitchen cabinet hinges when you shift your home. But it would help if you cleaned it regularly. Otherwise, it may get greasy and dirty. Follow the instructions given here to clean your kitchen cabinet hinges:

1. Named The Door

Before cleaning your kitchen cabinet hinges, it is better to label the cabinet door. Tag the number or name on the top of the door with a marker. That way, you can eliminate the confusion of arranging the door after cleaning. 

2. Detach The Cabinet Door

 Most of the hinges are attached to the cabinet door from the inside. So, it is better to detach the hinges. Look after the hinge attachment first, and all are not the same. Most of the hinge contains two parts.

3. Unscrew The Hinges

Call a friend to hold the door when you unscrew the hinges. You can use a screwdriver or drill to unscrew the hinges from the cabinet door. Open all the screws to detach the door.

Reserve the screw separately if the latch attachment is not the same. Notice the type of screw, and keep it with the particular door number.

4. Make A Solution

Put with a big pan as your hinges can dip into it. Take enough water as the hinges can soak into it. Add one tablespoon of dish soap there.

If your hinges are coated with dirt and gunk, you can use one baking soda and vinegar tablespoon to make the solution. Vinegar can help you loosen the extra dirt or gunk from the hinges.

5. Soak The Hinges

Now place the hinges into the pan and boil the water. Set your stove flame high for 10 minutes to boil the water.

Never soak the hinges a long time in the bleach, as it gets a chance to deteriorate. You can boil the hinges on low flame for 6hours.

6. Scrub With Toothbrush

After boiling the hinges, the dirt will begin to loosen. Scrub the dirty area with a toothbrush softly. Touch the hinge carefully as it boils down.

You can use rubbing alcohol to give a shiny look on the metal parts, and it can discard watermarks also. 

7. Wash Out By Warm Water

Once you complete brushing the hinges, rinse it with warm water entirely. If you discover any gunk still now, repeat the process.

Then, take a towel to wipe the hinges as much as possible. Let them air-dry completely before reinstalling the kitchen cabinet door.

How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Cabinet Hinges if They Aren’t Separable?

Don’t be afraid! If your kitchen cabinet hinges are not detachable, you can follow another method to clean them. Make a bowl of hot soapy water and mix some vinegar on it. Then use a microfiber cloth and wipe the hinges entirely. To reach the tricky corner, you can use a toothbrush.

If you have done this task, take another bowl of clean, warm water and blend it with a little bit of vinegar. Then wipe the hinges properly until no soapiness is noticed on the hinges. 

Safety Rules:

  • Please do not use bleach on the hinges, as they are made from different materials.
  • Protect the surrounding surface by spreading a cloth when removing the kitchen cabinets hinges.
  • Wear hand gloves to avoid heat after boiling the hinge.

Maintenance Of Hinges:

  • Tighten the screw as required after cleaning (pdf).
  • Avoid overstressing on the hinges so that it will last long.
  • Apply lubricant the top to bottom for squeaky hinges.
  • Do a routine clean-up to avoid frequent deep cleaning for the hinges.
  • For scrubbing, constantly choose a soft cloth, brush, foam, microfiber cloth, and a soft kitchen cloth.
  • If you observe any gunk on the hinges, it is mandatory to give a spot clean.
  • Do not use a coarse scrubber to eliminate gunk of hinges. It is harmful to coating.
  • Never forget to wipe the remaining water after cleaning. Otherwise, your hinges may get rusty.
  • Replace the hinges when needed. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Soak Dirty Hinges?

When you unscrew the hinges, let them soak down warm water and dish soap solution. It can loosen the dirt or debris.

What Is the Best Way to Rinse Cabinet Hinges?

The best way to clean your kitchen cabinet hardware is to use a bucket of lukewarm water, vinegar, and a drop of dish soap. Let the hinges soak down for 30 minutes, then scrub with a brush.

How Do You Eliminate Rust from Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?

Dip a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe out the hinges profoundly. Then use some mineral oil on the hinges.

How Do You Clean Tarnished Door Hinges?

Make a paste with two tablespoons of cream of tartar and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Brush the paste on the hinges with a towel or toothbrush. Then, wipe out with warm water to clean the paste.

Why Do Hinges Turn Black?

It is caused by getting dirty, oily, and rusty over the years. You can minimize it by cleaning frequently. It is a sign of reaching the time of replacement.

Final Thought

Don’t be irritated by the dirty kitchen cabinet hinges! Now the remedy for clean kitchen cabinet hinges is in your hand. Be sure about the materials of your hinges as they can be clean with water or not. 

It is helpful to clean the kitchen cabinet once a week and serve a wash twice a month. When you realize the hinges get too old, rusty, or cracked, replace them from the hardware shop. Stay clean, stay safe!

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