How to Clean Laminate Floors with Windex

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Laminate flooring is one of the best flooring options in the world. And the reason is its durability, easy to clean, and gives a stylish look at a lower cost. 

Use the right cleaner and be free of the thought of replacing your laminate floor in the next few years.  What is the right cleaner to use on the laminate floor? 

Various options are there, but few contain harmful chemicals that may damage and snatch the beauty and sine of the laminate floor. 

If you believe our words, cleaning laminate floors with Windex will be our suggestion. 

Wondering how to clean laminate floors with Windex? We are here to help you. Let’s know the laminate flooring cleaning process with Windex.

How to Clean Laminate Floors with Windex

Laminate floors don’t need lots of things to clean. Usually, normal soapy water or warm water and vinegar solution are enough to clean it. 

But if the floor has dirt buildup, stubborn stains, or spills, and you want a cleaner to clean it, you can take help from Windex. It’s one of the best cleaning solutions currently on the market. 

It contains lower chemicals and is safe to use on laminate floors. How to clean the floor with it. It’s a simple process. Let’s dig into it.

The procedure is as follows:

Step one: Like other cleaning processes, you have to broom and vacuum first before using Windex cleaner. 

If there are any spills, pick up as much as possible, then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture. To clean the loosened dirt and dust, broom the floor well.

Step two: After removing loose dirt and debris, now you can sweep the floor with some white vinegar and warm water to avoid troubles with pet hair, grit, or something else.

This sweeping will ensure you will get a smooth floor to clean with the Windex, and the cleaning process will be easy and less time-consuming.

Step three: Now, take the solution in a microfiber cloth and mop away the entire laminate floor with it. Rub the microfiber mop forth and back and keep cleaning until the floor is thoroughly clean.

Step four: To clean stubborn stains, you have to handle the matter with a bit of patience. Take some Windex in a bowl and make a smooth paste with baking soda.

Pour the paste into the stain and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Then use a scrubber or toothbrush and scrub the paste. Wipe away with a paper towel and mop away the area with Windex.

Step five: If you want to make the floor shinier, you can mop away the floor with some essential oil or jojoba oil. Allow dry naturally.

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We have shared the process of cleaning laminate floors with Windex. Along with Windex’s cleaning process, we have shared how to get the floor ready before using the cleaner and tricks to avoid dullness. 

We hope now you can clean your floor with a commercial cleaner like Windex without worrying about the laminate floor protection.

Didn’t our laminate floor cleaning process with Windex help you? Let us know through comments.

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