How To Clean Leaves Out Of Gravel

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In Autumn, the leaves can fly away everywhere and make your garden messy. So, the Gravel driveway becomes very untidy with leaves, twigs, and other dirt materials. 

Every day you have to spend time cleaning dry leaves. Without damaging your plants beside the gravel, you need to be careful.

If you are not cleaning those leaves, your garden becomes awful. So, it is high time to discover how to clean leaves out of the gravel. 

How To Clean Leaves Out Of Gravel

You may use some comparative methods which help to clean your garden out of the gravel.

Choose your possible method and proceed:

01. Vacuum The Leaves

vacuum cleaner for leaves

Using a vacuum is the best way to remove leaves out of the gravel. Many leaf blowers appear with the ability with vacuum quality.

By applying this method, you directly suck up the leaves without annoying any plants. Your vacuum machine can collect wet or dry leaves and pine needles also.

Make your lawn out of leaves in an effective way in minimum preparation.

02. Use Leaf Blower

 Leaf Blower

Occasionally you may require more capacity to remove stubborn leaves out of the gravel. Manipulate a leaf blower to loosen up the leaves gripped beneath the gravel.

A leaf blower is a vital tool for lawn care. Setting the leaf blower is a more powerful setting than a vacuum.

Keep a careful eye on your favorite plants when using a leaf blower. Otherwise, it may ruin the small plants.

You have not kept the nozzle of the leaf blower nearer than 10cm from a small plant. If you observe any torn plants, try to collect leaves near those plants by hand.

03. Go With Shop Vacuum

 Shop Vacuum

When you can not possess any other lawn care tools, you can utilize your shop vacuum. Shop vacuum comes with a long and flexible hose.

It has a powerful suction power like a leaf vacuum. Collecting leaves inside the decorative rocks of gardens becomes simple by using this dry vacuum or shop vacuum.

It can be expanded as a leaf blower. In the hole of the intake port, use the vacuum hose to the exhaust port. 

04. Get The Right Rake


If you use the right rake when removing leaves, it may almost do your duty. Ignore plastic or metal tines for raking—select flexible and thin metal tines, which are the best option for pulling leaves out of the gravel.

Rigid tines can hurt your plants and disturb your decorative garden rocks. Relatively a flexible rake makes your work faster. Pesky leaves around rocks become loose with the right rake.

05. Make an effort By Straw Broom

Straw Broom

A straw broom is better than a vacuum or blower when you put small gravel to decorate your lawn. The vacuum can change positions more gravel than leaves.

Asian straw brooms work better because of their spread straw. Western-style straw brooms contain thicker straw heads that can shift the gravel.

06. Clean By Hand Rake


When you get no use of all other helpful options, then use your hands to remove leaves. Making your jobs easier, wear gloves and a hand rake to collect the dry leaves around the pebble.

Using hand rakes is the best option for peeling leaves when your plants are soft.

Utilization Of Old Leaves:

Your fallen autumn leaves have some practical benefits if you want to deal with them. Look at the ideas given below:

Mulch Leaves

When you gather all the old leaves in one place, you have to use or delete them anyway. You can mulch the old leaves for use on the shrub beds.

If you get piles of old leaves before mulching, you should find out if there are any stones in it or not. Choose an isolated place for mulching the leaves naturally.

Shred 2-3 inches layer of mulching leaves around your plants and flowers. It can work as a soil conditioner over the winter.

Make Compost

Old leaves become perfect compost for your garden. Stock all the old leaves over the years then you will get a regular supply of brown organic compost for your lawn. 

Prepare Leaf Mold

Slice the old leaves and make the mold. Store it as leaf fertilizer in the shady area of your lawn. You can keep it in a bin also. It works great as a soil conditioner.

This mold helps to survive useful animal-like earthworms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Separate Dirt and Gravel?

Using a soil sieve or a sturdy screen, you can separate dirt and gravel.

Will a Leaf Vacuum Pick up Stones?

Leaf vacuums are not designed to pick up stones that damage the machines.

What Happens if You Don't Clean up Leaves?

If you don’t clean up leaves, your plants suffer from the disease. It can suffocate the grass and damage critters.

Do Leaf Vacuums Work on Wet Leaves?

Yes. Leaf vacuum can handle the wet leaves.

Can I Mulch Over Leaves?

After cleaning your garden, leaf mulching is the safest and most acceptable method.

Final Words

The immaculate garden out of leaves is nothing but your maintenance. If you put decorative gravel on your lawn, you must learn how to clean leaves out of the gravel.

Follow the affordable way from the mentioned methods and take care of your garden. Differently, your desirable plants will be ruined by the excessive fallen leaves.

Set a routine for cleaning your garden leaves and give a healthy environment for your plants.

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