How to Clean Leaves out Of Rubber Mulch

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The weather is getting cooler, winter is knocking at the door, and the trees are preparing to unleash a hurricane of browns, red or orange leaves in your backyard. Rather than enjoying this winter, we run after picking up the leaves.

Because our backyard contains rubber mulch and similar applications that should be cleaned to stay healthy and beautiful, it’s not so easy to clean so many leaves out of rubber mulch; it’s going to take lots of effort and time.

Many have no idea how to clean or very little know-how to clean leaves out of rubber mulch. Do you have any ideas? Don’t? 

But we have. This guide will tell you simple methods to bring out the dead leaves from rubber mulch with less effort.

How to Clean Leaves out Of Rubber Mulch

Many types of mulch are available and Rubber mulch is one of them. It’s there to enhance the gardening look.

But how about the lots of leaves that cover the mulch or play area in winter? We need to clean the leaves and make the rubber mulch free of leaves, right?

There you go with an easy way to help you in removing the leaves out of rubber mulch with an alternative way.

Use an Adjustable Leaf Rake

Use an Adjustable Leaf Rake

Using an adjustable leaf rake is the best way to clean leaves out of rubber mulch. The leaves are just there to bring color to your yard playground.

You don’t want these yellowish-grey or brown trees with orange, red, or lemon-colored leaves on top of mulch to grace the place anymore, do you? If not, make life easier and get rid of them. Avoid using your yard rake for doing this job.

You will need an adjustable leaf rake that is narrower because it has to go between the plants and walls to loosen the settled or sticky leaves from the garden beds.

The adjustable rack also should have a flexible metal line that will pull the leaves out of the mulch but not the mulch out of the garden.

These kinds of tools exist in shape and size, supple enough for you to gather the whole amount of leaves around it without being bothered by line-up issues.

If your rubber mulch surrounds a garden space as a perfect backdrop, then this kind of leaf rake can do the job perfectly. To avoid garden plants snagging with the rack, make sure you cover the plant entirely.

When you need to use an adjustable leaf rake, attaching it directly to your garden rake is easiest.

  • Attach the adjustable rakes by connecting one end of the handle with a screwdriver or socket wrench.
  • Insert the other end into the metal “T” bar of your garden rake. Ensure that this connection is tight and secure before using your adjustable rake to avoid damaging it. 
  • When using an adjustable leaf rake, remember that it can be adjusted in width from 1/2 inch up to 6 inches wide, depending on how much material you are collecting or cleaning off. 
  • Now use the leaf rake to gather all the leaves out of the rubber mulch.

Alternative Using Leaf Vacuum

Leaf Vacuum

A leaf vacuum to remove leaves from the rubber mulch is a perfect choice. It’s basically a vacuum cleaner that sucks up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. You can use it with different attachments like a blower or mower.

The vacuum comes in a more industrial style of leaf sweeper. As its name suggests, the machine sucks up leaves from the trails using a compartment that turns on and off by turning an electric motor or pulling a cord through it.

This kind of leaf vacuum needs to be limited in sizes you can carry because it can suck up rubber mulch too.

Keep an eye out for its construction, capacity, and important parts like electrical power cord, motor cable, or other energetic components when considering if you need this machine.

Just Follow These Steps:

  • Use the hose attachment to vacuum up the leaves.
  • Attach the hose nozzle to your leaf-blower. 
  • Turn on the blower and direct it to the pile of leaves. 
  • Blow air through the nozzle, which will suck all of the leaves into a bag attached to your blower for disposal. It’s essential that you don’t let any water get in contact with your plants, so avoid watering during this process. 

Be sure not to mix wet mulch with dry wood mulch or other materials like organic mulch, it’s not a good idea.

They are not suitable for planting in flower beds or vegetable gardens because they could cause severe damage to plants if they come into contact with water.

Be careful when using this method around flowers as well; some flowers are very sensitive and may need special care after being exposed to wet debris.


How Do You Remove Leaves without Removing Mulch?

There is a certain way to remove leaves for the best results and cheapest labor. You can simply vacuum them up with an attachment made specifically for that use.

The same type of attachment is used on leaf blowers. Or pick up the leaves and remove them by hand.

How Do You Care for Rubber Mulch?

1. Before laying rubber mulch, remove all leaves and debris from the area where you are going to lay it.

2. Lay the rubber mulch in a single layer over the ground or pavement so that any water can drain through the openings of the rubber material. 

3. Apply pressure to all edges of the rubber mulch to ensure that it adheres firmly to the surface below.

How Do You Rake Rubber Mulch?

You can rake rubber mulch by using a push mower, which will remove the mulch and leave behind the weed seeds. 

The easiest way to do this is to find a grassy area where you want to use the rubber mulch. Once you’ve found your spot, cut down all of the grass in that area with your push mower.

Should I Remove Leaves Before Mulching?

In order to get the best mulch for your garden, you should remove leaves from your lawn before mowing.

Some of the benefits of removing leaves are:

• Leaves make it harder for grass to grow because they block sunlight and prevent roots from reaching oxygen and water. 

• They can also cause damage to lawns by cutting off nutrients that grass needs in order to grow. 

• Removing leaves will help your garden stay looking fresh and green all year long.

Can Plants Grow in Rubber Mulch?

Plants cannot grow in rubber mulch. The reason for this is that the soil will not be able to breathe, and it would lead to root rot.


Rubber mulch is a great way to protect your lawn from weeds and help it retain moisture. Unfortunately, if you have ever used this product, you probably know that it is not the easiest material to clean.

There are a few different ways to remove leaves from rubber mulch, but the most effective method involves using an adjustable leaf rake, or leaf vacuum.

And we have described both ways on how to clean leaves out of rubber mulch. We hope our article helped you.

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