How to Clean Pet Hair from Microfiber Couch

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The microfiber couch is the newest craze in home decor, but it can also be a bit of a nightmare to keep clean. Pet hair is especially a major concern with our furry friends because removing pet hair from a microfiber couch is especially hard.

They get everywhere, even into the most difficult-to-reach spot, and make our microfiber couch heaven of pet hair. Worried about how to clean pet hair from a microfiber couch?

No need to feel helpless: we’ve got the best ways to keep your couch clean and pet hair-free. 

Here are our top smart ways on how to clean pet hair from a microfiber couch.

5 Ways to Clean Pet Hair From Microfiber Couch

It is always a nuisance to come home and find the couch with pet hair all over it. A Vacuum cleaner, fabric softener, magnet, lint roller pumice stone, duct tape, wax, and many other pet hair removal tools are available in the market. But which ones are the best ones or worth giving a try?

Scroll down and learn about the smart and simple ways only.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

If you love your couch and love your pet, then the first thing and the most effective option you can choose is to vacuum up pet hair.

Nowadays there are several types of vacuum cleaners available and specially constructed to remove pet hair. The vacuum cleaner designed to remove pet hair is a handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with a deep bristle brush attachment to clean the pet fur easily from the microfiber fabric.

Run the vacuum cleaner twice over the couch and it will be enough to remove the possible pet hair. Often some hair gets stuck with the bristle brush, you have to loosen it with your fingers, and then you can use it again.

2. Lint Roller

Lint Roller

Lint roller is another effective way to get rid of pet hair from the microfiber couch. The sticking tape of the lint roller will hold the pet hair when you roll it over the couch.

You just have to roll it a few times, and if it gets full, unroll the tape and attach a new tape with the lint roller and do it again.

But as it’s small in size it takes a little extra time to clean the pet hair. So give it a try when you have enough time in your hand.

3. Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are something so simple but work like magic. Maybe you didn’t even think about it, neither did we. But it really works.

While vacuuming is an expensive option, a lint roller is a good way, but it is time-consuming and laundry the cushion covers in the washing machine is sometimes impossible. Then rubber gloves appear as a savior. 

When you use a vacuum cleaner it cleanses all loose hair but does not completely get rid of it, and lint rollers eat up lots of time and are annoying too.

So what to do now? Nothing much, buy a pair of rubber gloves, these days rubber gloves are also being designed to clean pet hair.

Get the specific ones if possible, wear them and use them dry or wet as you wish. If you want to use it dry just move your hand over the couch as you are rubbing, do it in a circular motion, forth and back, or however you want.

After a little time, you will notice the pet hair is rolling like yarn and noticeable. You can now pick them up, isn’t it really amazing? And if you want to use wet, damp the rubber gloves and wipe away the couch surface, all the pet hair will stick on the rubber gloves.

Manual Method

While vacuuming is undoubtedly the best way to clean up dog hair, it’s not always an option if you have small kids who are afraid of all the motors running in your home.

Another reason is, sometimes vacuum cleaners can be risky around children and pets which makes pet owners choose other options.

Using vinegar, or rubbing alcohol, can be one of the best options for this purpose. How to use these home ingredients to remove pet hair? Follow the below process.

4. Vinegar:

Take a spray bottle filled half with distilled vinegar, and half of water, and add a pinch of baking soda to it. Shake it well before using, so the baking soda dissolves perfectly.

Take a clean mop or sponge, spray the solution in a way that the cloth is fully dampened with the solution, or dip it into the solution and squeegee well.

Now use this vinegar solution dampened mop in wiping the whole couch surface gently. It will remove all animal hair from the couch and will also remove bad odor.

Let the couch dry naturally, distilled vinegar won’t leave any stain on the couch surface.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Take a paper towel or sponge, spray some diluted white toothpaste on it and rub the couch surface vigorously, make sure you don’t drench the couch, just rub it on the surface.

Now take a rubbing alcohol dampened sponge, and wipe away the upholstery surface to remove the residue and pet hair.

Use a dryer to dry it immediately or wipe away with a dry clean cloth to remove the excess water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Dog Hair Off My Microfiber Couch?

There are many ways to get dog hair off your microfiber couch. One of the most effective ways is to use a vacuum cleaner with a bristle brush attachment. If that doesn’t work, use rubber tools like rubber gloves or rubber brush and rub the couch wearing rubber gloves or using rubber brush, and get rid of dog hair.

How Do You Deep Clean a Couch with Dog Hair?

First,  vacuum the couch, then use a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any dust particles from the surface of the fabric. Next, make a solution of vinegar and water in equal quantities and add a few drops of dish liquid. Shake it well and pour onto a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe away the couch surface. You can also add baking soda if the couch has a mildew smell. 

Finally, put on some rubber gloves, rub alcohol into your hands and rub down all parts of the sofa’s fabric in an up-and-down motion. Do it a few times and the couch is deep cleaned and free of dog hair.

Can You Clean a Microfiber Couch with Vinegar?

Yes you can, but never use vinegar alone directly onto the microfiber couch. Though distilled vinegar doesn’t leave stains, it can damage the couch surface and snatch the smoothness. So, if you have options in hand, swipe it. 

Does Rubbing Alcohol Damage Microfiber?

Most of the case rubbing alcohol doesn’t damage the microfiber, but still to be secured you can do a test by applying some rubbing alcohol on the microfiber and see the results. If it looks damaged or some other problem, avoid it.

How Do You Refresh a Microfiber Couch?

Refreshing a microfiber couch is so simple. Take a box of baking soda, sprinkle all over the microfiber couch and leave it overnight. When time is up, take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum up. That’s it!

Final Thoughts

We have described some of the popular and smart ways on how to clean pet hair from a microfiber couch. Along with using cleaning tools, we have also shared how to get rid of pet hair manually and one best way to do it in just a few minutes.

You can also swipe using any rubber tools or rubber brush with rubber gloves, but a rubber brush will take more time, so using the glove is better.

So would you like to try once with any of the ways we have shared above? Try at least once and let us know how it works.

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