How to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Luxury Vinyl Plank floor becomes the most sought-after flooring option due to its shiny appearance. Besides, it takes a minimum maintenance workflow compared to other surfaces.

But the problem with it is- vinyl base isn’t scratchproof. If you clean it in the wrong way, the beauty of your delicate surface will fade away.

Besides, the mom cleaning method (wet jet mop) leaves dirt and lets it build up and forms into smudges. Above this, if the vinyl floor comes from Shaw, it will be more challenging to take care of.

Now, you may ask- how to clean Shaw vinyl plank flooring effectively?

In this Shaw LVT clean and maintenance guide, we will introduce you to some effective cleaning techniques. All of them help to leave your vinyl base crystal clear without damaging its finish.

So, without a second delay, let’s get to the cleaning tricks straight.

05 Best Ways to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a widely accepted flooring option because of its delicate and shiny look. Like other surface options, it also requires the least maintenance workflow to keep its brightening appearance. 

If you treat it in the wrong way, it loses its beauty. From this chapter, you can know the proven cleaning techniques that bring no damage to your Shaw LVT floor.

01. Step up With the Basic

wipe away the spills & dirt first

Every vinyl base (whether it is from Shaw or others) requires regular cleaning to protect its sparkling look. Before proceeding to any cleansing techniques, you need to wipe away the spills & dirt first. And it’s known to us as a primary cleaning step.

Vacuum your vinyl base or use a dry mop to pick off dirt, hair, and dust from the surface first. Otherwise, if you apply the wet solution first, the remaining dust will form mud or the hair will stick with the floor.

Make sure you vacuum every corner of your room evenly to suck away a single speck of dirt.

Indeed, you must start with the basic cleaning methods before proceeding to wet cleaning. 

02. Use A Laminate Flat Mop

Laminate Flat Mop

Using a mop will be your best trick to treat the dirt and dust on your vinyl base. Make sure you have a flat laminate mop and refill it with a neutral floor cleaner.

Then, slide or pass the mop two-three times on the surface to remove sticky dirt and dust. Ensure no water will stand on the grout lines. Otherwise, it may form mud.

Finally, air-dry your vinyl floor.

03. Try Out the Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a standard but effective cleaning ingredient that you can use for removing dirt from the LVP floor.

You can complain- vinegar contains acid, which may dull the finish of the delicate surface like hell.

But if you use it in the right proportion, it doesn’t bring any damage to your LVP floor.

So, what is the correct proportion of applying vinegar? Just mix a cup of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of hot water. Then, make a mixture.

Now, dip a damp mop into the solution and start brushing your vinyl base. It will help you to pick away grime and dirt from the surface effectively.

If this solution fails to bring back the brightening appearance of the floor, don’t forget to apply baby oil on the surface.

Alternatively, you can also use white vinegar instead of apple cider if you want to disinfect your LVP base.

04. Deep Clean the Surface with The Recommended Cleaner

Recommended Cleaner

How to deep clean vinyl floors? Well, we suggest you go to the manufacturer’s website to check what cleaning products they recommend.

Otherwise, it may bring the worst result instead of the good. Yes, you can treat the footprints on vinyl plank flooring by mopping it. But you need to be careful when it comes to deep cleaning the LVP base.

Regarding this, Shaw Floor recommends Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner to clean the vinyl base.

Alternatively, it is good to go with a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar, and water.

Once you mop the floor with this solution, pass a wet mop on the vinyl base to get rid of the soap & vinegar residue.

05. Get A Mop To Make Your Cleaning Life Easier

Get A Mop

We bet you agree with us that cleaning the floor regularly or weekly is just a pain in the neck. It doesn’t only take a lot of effort but also time.

However, you can turn this workflow into fun if you have a mop at your fingertips. Having a mop means to refill the cartridge, set the pad, and pass over the floor.

But which is the best mop for vinyl plank floor as there are thousands of options available out there? We recommend you to have this Bona Spray Mop in your lineup.

It features an extra-large mop head to clean 40% faster compared to its competitor. Plus, it includes washable microfiber cleaning pads. As a result, you can use it a lot of times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Vinyl Floors With Vinegar?

Make a solution of apple cider into a gallon of hot water. Then, apply it with a damp mop on the floor to remove the dirt and grime.

Why You Should Clean Vinyl Floor with Vinegar?

It would be best if you used vinegar to clean the dirt and dust from the surface effectively. The best part of using vinegar is- it leaves no soap build-up. You should use vinegar to clean the dirt and dust from the surface effectively. The best part of using vinegar is- it leaves no soap build-up.

Is White Vinegar Safe for Vinyl Floors?

Yes, white vinegar is safe and allows you to disinfect the vinyl floors. 

How can I make my vinyl floors shine?

You can add a few drops of baby oil to the vinyl base to make your floor shine.

Can you use bleach to clean the vinyl floor?

It would be best if you avoid bleach as a cleaner that contains high PH elements, which brings damage to the floor.


From the beginning to the end, we discussed how to clean Shaw vinyl flooring.

All of the methods we enlisted above are safe, effective and remove the dirt from the Shaw LVT base evenly.

Keep in mind; before applying any cleaning techniques, make sure you vacuum the floor first. Otherwise, the spills of dirt will form mud and bring damage to the delicate surface.

Now, questions for you. What cleaning methods are you going to try first? Do you want to recommend to us any cleaning methods to pick off dirty from the surface? 

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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