How To Clean Shingle Granules From Gutters

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Are you anxious to clean your gutters? Asphalt shingles remain a traditional roofing choice for different types of houses. Because of its durable and versatile feature, asphalt roofing is a practical choice for various roof requirements.

If your gutter is filled with shingle granules, filth, debris, and dying animals, it can not work for throwing water. The dirt makes clogged water, and it overflows on the rooftop. So it is high time to learn how to clean shingle granules from gutters. If you are not clearing the gutter on time, it may damage and should be replaced. 

How To Clean Shingle Granules From Gutters?

Here we cover this issue with possible cleaning procedures. You will get 6 great methods to clean your gutter. Whether you want to clean the gutter from the ground or go up to the roof, you must follow a specific cleaning policy. 

About Shingle Granule:

Shingle is formulated with fiberglass and coated with layers of asphalt. Then, granules are implanted into hot asphalt, making the shingle fire-resistant and color feature. Because of these granules, the roof is protected from the sun’s UV rays. If the granule coating is adequate, the roof can stay safe from hazardous weather.

6 Gutter Cleaning Method: Easiest Way to Clean Your Gutters

The gutter is the pivotal technique to keep water out of your house and roof. Operating the technique needs to be free of dirt and debris. You can clean it in two ways: from the ground with tools and by hand with a ladder.

So many accessories are attainable nowadays in the market for cleaning the gutters. Have a look here to learn in detail:

1. Use Garden Hose:

If your gutters are not clogged entirely, you can use your garden hose pipe. Check your garden hose is equipped with a proper attachment like a rigid tube and curbed end. If you clean the gutter from the ground, using an extension like a Guttermaster telescopic water-fed pole would be best.

You can take a position on the ground to work with a garden hose. Start in the nearest corner and spray out the whole channel of the gutter. Now work on the downspout, and all the granules, leaves, water, and small garbage are run off with spray. It will eliminate most of the dirt in this process except for some mess.

2. With Dry Vacuum:

Another method for gutter cleaning is using a wet or dry vacuum. You can get the necessary attachment or curved hose in the local home improvement store.

First, remove the bulk of the granules from the gutters by using a vacuum cleaner. Then, flush the channel with water with a garden hose.

3. By Operating A Ladder:

Though it is not safe, you can clean the gutter using a ladder. Ascending on the ladder is dangerous as there is always a chance of falling. Instead of a step ladder, use a sturdy extension ladder conformed to stabilized arms. 

You can purchase these arms separately. To keep your ladder straight, you can purchase a grip stabilizer to save you from slipping. Suppose you can manage an assistant who can hold the ladder.

Before climbing on a ladder, carry all the necessary tools as you need them upstairs. When getting on the ladder, use the gutter cleaning kit and collect all the granules and grime into a garbage bag.

4. Try A Leaf Blower:

The leaf blower comes with a nozzle attachment to release a mighty air downpour. So, you can use it for blasting leaves and dirt on the gutter.

Set up your ladder on one end of the gutter, so blowing up obstacles can be easy. Obstruct the downspout with an old rag to maintain blowing leaves into it.

Finally, wash the gutter entirely with a water hose so that all the other dirt goes through the channel.

5. Power Washer:

Over time the gutter is filled with mud, rotten animals, or leaves if it is not cleaned after a period. Layers of dirt take lots of time to clean. A power washer can work for blasting away the dirt and fine-spray nozzle wash out wholly.

Though this becomes messy on the roof, you have to wash the roof and exterior wall of the house.

6. Clean The Gutter By Hand:

If you want to clean the gutter by hand, you will need to take the help of a ladder, gutter scoop, bucket, and heavy-duty gloves. Grab the garbage gradually, and place it into the bucket.

At last, blushed the gutter and downspout with a water hose until it could run water thoroughly. You can use a plumber’s snake instead of a power washer when you get a clogged downspout.

Tips for Preventing Clogged Gutters

  • Wash your gutter weekly so that you can prevent the clogging of more dirt on your gutter.
  • If the situation with the gutter goes wrong, you should take help from a professional gutter cleaner. Otherwise, your gutter may leak and drip.
  • Check the granule after a storm or wind. It can happen on newly installed roofs also.
  • When the fallen shingle sediment size goes from 0.5 to 2inch, you must need to be concerned about your gutter.
  • Before installation check, the roofing material is not out of date.
  • Use a gutter helmet to protect your gutter as well.


  • Be careful when you are on the tall ladder. If you lose balance, you will fall.
  • A sturdy extension of the ladder is better than a step ladder.
  • Use heavy gloves when you clean by hand; otherwise, your skin will be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Sediment out Of Gutters?

To remove sediment from the gutter, use a small plastic scoop. You will get this equipment at the hardware store. Metal or steel spatula create harm to your gutter.

What Happens when Gutters Are Clogged?

If the gutters become clogged, the water can not move appropriately. Then the dirty water spills from there and goes into the house. Because of this water, you will face some issues like foundation damage, mold on the wall, basement flooding, and structural damage.

What Is the Black Stuff on My Gutters?

The black stuff results from a chemical reaction between the asphalt in roof shingles and the anodized aluminum in gutters. It is also called tiger or zebra stripes.

Can You Clean Gutters with Bleach?

Make a gutter mixture by mixing some Dawn liquid detergent with two gallons of water and half a cup of bleach. Apply this solution to the gutter, then scrub with a brush and leave it for 10minutes to work. Then rinse with a water spray.

Can Blocked Gutters Cause Penetrating Dampness?

Rainwater is the leading cause of stabbing dampness. Loose tiles, blocked gutters and choked drain pipes can result in problems. These should be fixed as soon as problems go far and cause harm to the house structure.

Final Thought:

Whether your roof is new or old, it is high time to check your rooftop if you get shingle granules in the gutters. This granule can be damaged by heavy rain or hail, but it makes a mess in the gutter. As you learn how to clean shingle granules from gutters, it will be an easy task for you now.

If you leave your gutter filled with granules, it can destroy the gutter system. At that time, you should replace the entire system. So keep your gutter clean, and save your rooftop and gutter.

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