How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink Paint Stains

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There are many instances where people end up with sink paint stain problems but are not sure of how to clean stainless steel pink paint stains. Don’t be worried, this article will let you know the best ways to clean them. 

In order to get rid of sink paint stains, you have to keep in mind some caution that is very essential. So before we jump into the cleaning method, we will dive into the cautions first, some get excited about getting the solution and go away without reading the full article.

Cautions to Keep in Mind

  • Before doing anything wear protective gear like a face mask, hand gloves, goggles, etc.
  • Open the windows and door for good ventilation
  • Do the agent test (using a solution test kit) and make sure it is not corrosive.
  • Avoid combining cleaning agents or chemicals with solvents, acids, etc.
  • Never use power tools and especially electrical equipment inside the sink/tub or under running water because you can get electrocuted easily.
  • Do not handle the material itself while cleaning but keep it away from your reach during the peeling, scrubbing, and wiping process
  • Never use abrasive materials like cleaning products ( bleach, chlorine,) or cleaning tools ( Nylon Brush, steel wool,  that leave behind toxins to humans and the environment.
  • If you have failed to clean the stain with the number one method, make sure you have rinse the sink before trying another method.
  • To save the smooth stainless steel surface avoid using a steel brush or something harsh.

3 Effective Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Paint Stains on Sinks

Once you have read all these precautions then here is your trick to clean steel paint stains on the sink. Some use Salt or saltwater for this purpose, but it absolutely does not remove steel paint stains on stainless steel. It might even worsen the stain.

Here are some other methods that will help you in getting rid of paint stains from your sink.

01. Using Home Ingredients: 

While the Steel sink paint stains are fresh, it’s quite simple to get rid of them. Make a solution of 2 cups of warm water, half cup of white vinegar, one tablespoon of mild detergent, a few drops of dish liquid, a pinch of baking soda, and mix them well. 

Take a sponge, dip in the solution, squeeze well and dab the area with this dampened sponge. Alternatively,  you can cover the steel paint stain area with the solution dampened paper towel for a few minutes. It will loosen the paint and will easily come out when you scrub. Rinse with hot water and check if all the paint comes out or not, if not then repeat the process. use a toothbrush to scrub for better results.

02. Turpentine:  

Turpentine is not a solvent or paint removal but a dissolver to loosen the dried paint stain. It is less toxic and is effective in removing both dry and fresh paint stains. Take a clean soft cloth, damp it with turpentine and rub the paint stain gently.  Continue the rubbing motion for several minutes till the stain is dislodged and looks clean. 

Rinse away with water, and if need repeat the same process if to get a satisfactory result. After getting rid of the paint stain you can use Bon Ami and water mixture or mineral spirits for doing an overall cleaning.

03. Lacquer Thinner: 

Lacquer thinner is the ideal choice to clean sink paint from the kitchen sink. It’s a combination of acetone and other effective solvents. It evaporates away any stain completely and leaves no residue behind. 

Take a clean rag, or paper towel, spray some lacquer thinner on it and grease the paint with this dampened rag with a gentle hand. Along with latex paint removal if you want to prevent utility sink discoloration and want to condition it, take some olive oil in a soft cloth and mop away the inconspicuous area,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove Paint from Stainless Steel?

Yes, you can remove paint from stainless steel. Stainless steel is very smooth so you won’t have to put a lot of effort to remove paint from it. Take a clean rag, spray turpentine on it,  now use this damp cloth to rub the paint area in a circular motion. Keep rubbing until the paint is dislodged from the sink. Rinse it with clean water.

How Do I Get Paint Off My Kitchen Sink?

You can get paint off your kitchen sink in less time without spending money. Make a solution of one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. For better results, add a pinch of baking soda. Now take a rag or sponge, dip in the solution, and scrub the paint until it comes off. Once the paint comes off, wipe away with a dampened cloth and rinse with water.

Can You Use Turpentine on Stainless Steel?

Yes, you can use turpentine on stainless steel. But it’s better not to use it frequently or for a long time. Long use of turn entirely will gradually snatch the smoothness of the stainless steel. So avoid it as much as you can to keep the smoothness of the stainless steel.

Is Mineral Spirits Ok on Stainless Steel?

Yes, mineral spirits are ok on stainless steel, in fact, they are best to remove any adhesive without any damage. But it leaves streaking so it will be better if you wipe away immediately with a similar cleaner or glass cleaner that uses ammonia.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts about our cleaning method? We have given you three options on How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink Paint Stains, try any of them and let us know how our article helped you.

And don’t forget to consider the precautions. Stainless steel sink needs proper care and maintenance, harsh chemicals can cause damage to it, and ruin the smooth surface.

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