How To Clean Urine Off Electric Blanket

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If you spawn a pet like a dog or a cat, you have to face urination problems on their electric blanket in winter. Removing bad urine smell from blankets is a complicated issue. Do not worry more. 

You will get some remedy from this article about how to clean urine off an electric blanket. The best way is to use vinegar and water solutions on that blanket before washing it. 

This process minimizes your struggle against urine smells. Fortunately, most of the electric blankets are washable by washing machine or hand. 

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How to Remove Urine Smell from Electric Blanket

Every blanket, including the electric blanket, needs to be cleaned occasionally. It can remove the urine smell by washing it. The washing process is simpler than you think.  It does not need any expensive process.

Harsh chemicals of dry wash can damage the heating systems of your electric blanket. Older electric blankets need to be washed by hand, but new models can also be washed by washing machine. For removing a bad urine smell, you have to provide a pre-treatment on the blanket.

Though harsh chemicals can create harm to your wires and electric components, you should select gentle alternatives. Make a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water in an equal amount.

Pour it into a spray bottle and apply the solution to the urinated spot. Allow a few moments to eliminate the bad smell.

Washed by Washing Machine:

You can wash your electric blanket in the machine so easily. Adopt a large washing machine for washing the blanket. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: 

Detach the power cord from your electric blanket. Modern electric blankets have power that can be disconnected when washing. If you have old model blankets without a power cord facility to disconnect, you should wash them by hand. 

Step 2:

Survey carefully that any wires are not endangered through the ragged fabric before positioning on the machine.

Take up a lint roller to determine if pet hair or other junk is not stuck on the blanket. Otherwise, this junk creates an obstacle inside the washing machine.

Step 3:

Put on a pre-soak session on your blanket for 10-15 minutes in the cold water, so it will loosen the dirt and make it easy to remove the stains.

Now, start washing in the ‘gentle’ or ‘delicate’ setting of your washing machine. Give a little amount of laundry detergent. Do not use any bleach or abrasive chemicals.

Washed by Hands:

When you need to wash an electric blanket by hand, protect the control cord outside the liquid. Do not emerge it in the water. Check the power socket is not plugged in.

Step 1:

Fill up a large bucket with cool water and a little amount of gentle detergent. Then carefully put the electric blanket inside. Keep the power cord out of water. Soak the blanket for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2:

Find out if there are any stubborn stains on the blanket. Manipulate mild pressure to remove the stains. Drip the water from the bucket and scrape soapy water from the blanket.

Step 3:

Wash out the blanket with cold water. Put on medium pressure to squeeze out excess from the blanket. If there remains excessive water, it will take extra time to dry.

⚠️ Warning

  • Be sure electric lines are powered off on your blanket at the time of washing and cleaning. 
  • Keep the power cord outside the washing machine. 
  • Overheating may damage the wires of your blankets. It is harmful to your body also.


Can I Vacuum an Electric Blanket?

Yes. You can vacuum the electric blanket to remove the excess hair or other dry dirt.

Can You Put an Electric Blanket in The Dryer?

Yes, you can put it in the dryer but put the heating system on low heat.

Can I Leave the Electric Blanket on All Night?

It is not recommended to use an electric blanket all night. Use it to heat your bed before you go to sleep.

How Often Should Electric Blankets Be Replaced?

If you do not face any damage issues, you should replace electric blankets every 10 years.

Are Electric Blankets Bad for Your Body?

The electric blanket can overheat your body. You should not use it with infants or patients with diabetes, or other medical nerve patients.

Final Words

No more urination smell on your electric blanket because you already learned the process of removing it. Follow the steps of washing how to clean urine off the electric blanket, dry it properly with a dryer or keep it for air-dry. 

But overheating may shrink the blanket and destroy the wires. So, use your electric blanket by following the rules of the manufacturer and washing it carefully.

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