How to Clean Washing Machine Pipes

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If you’ve ever had a problem with your washing machine, you know how frustrating it can be. It might be hard to find the source of the problem, but if you do figure out where the issue lies, you can fix it yourself. 

We are 85% sure your washing machine pipe is clogged. Washing machines use water to wash clothes. The water goes through the washer and then into the drain. 

If there is a clog somewhere along the way, the water won’t get to the drain, and the machine will run dry. 

How can that happen? You didn’t use anything but the detergent and water. Can detergent get clogged?

Yes, detergent residue, grease, oils from cloth, dryer lint can cause clogged pipes. 

Or maybe something solid like coins in your pocket that you forget emptying before putting it in the washing machine. 

Or some pins, jewellery, keys, etc., got stuck in your washing machine pipe during the spin cycle. What to do now, how long to wait for the plumber? 

Why wait? Let’s do it now. Scroll down to know how to clean washing machine pipes easily at home.

How to Clean Washing Machine Pipes

Before you take any step of cleaning the washing machine, you have to read the owner manual that comes with the washing machine. 

A washing machine is an electric machine; if you misplace any instructions, you can face the worst scenario and maybe have to call a handyman that will cost you more than buying a new washing machine. 

Let’s Know the Correct Process of Cleaning a Washing Machine.

Step One:

First, stop the water supply, then unplug the machine from the electrical outlet—shallow a bucket or container to collect the water that might be into the pipe.

Step Two:

Open the pipe cap and allow the pipe to drain out all the water and loosen debris it has. Now lay a towel or cloth and detach the pipe by following the owner’s manual. 

Step Three: 

It’s time to place the pipe over the bucket and block one side. Place a funnel on the other side of the pipe and pour a solution of one part of baking soda and four-part of warm water.

Shake well and leave for ten minutes. Drain the solution and pour another solution of vinegar in the same way. One part of vinegar and four-part of warm water will go in the pipe. 

Step Four:

After completing step three, if still the pipe is clogged, insert the drain snake and twist gently to catch all the debris. Here you can use a metal coat hanger instead of a drain snake.

Pull the drain snake and remove dirt from the pipes. Keep repeating the process until the clog is fully cleaned.

Step Five:

After the cleaning is done, rinse away with water and reattach the pipe with the washing machine. To check if the pipe is working or not, plug the machine and turn on the water supply. Hope the pipe is draining now in the right flow.


To clean the washing machine pipe, you can also use a commercial drain cleaner to get rid of residue buildup or other things. We hope our answer on how to clean washing machine pipes satisfied you. 

Now you can fix your clogged pipe at your home without taking help from any professional plumber.

One more thing, during the entire process, make sure you have to wear a mask and other protective gear and keep the washing machine detached from the electric socket. 

Electric machines are dangerous; a little mistake can take your life. So be careful.

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