How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors with Baby Powder

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The traditional simple hardwood floorboard is enhancing the beauty of your floors? Your house is now a perfect top-notch beauty. Feeling great?

But after a few months, you felt something unexpected. You stepped into the floorboard, and a squeaky noise of board rubbing came out from the ground.

If you are new to hardwood floorboards and don’t know much about this, it may feel scary to you.

But no need to be. The sound is not magical. It’s coming out from the ground of your hardwood floorboards.

Until you fix the gap between the floorboards or change it, the sound won’t go. Each time a step will be on the floor, the hitch-pitched screeches will roam in the house.

What to do? How can you fix squeaky hardwood floors and get rid of this problem?

This guide is the perfect one for you. By going Through this article, you will know the process of repairing squeaking hardwood floors in a few minutes.

How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors with Baby Powder

Fixing squeaky hardwood floors isn’t a difficult task. Some materials can help you in fixing this problem. 

Any lubricant like powder graphite, talcum powder, baking soda, or baby powder is the material that can help you in fixing squeaky hardwood floors. 

But we feel the baby powder for squeaky floors is more helpful. Why? 

Baby powder is available, affordable, and easy to work with. If you don’t have baby powder available in your home, you can purchase it from any local store. 

Baby powder is a handy material. You can use it to untangle jewelry knots, reduce grinding, sweat stains, etc.

Baby powder works as a lubricant to fix squeaky hardwood floors. It reduces the wear down of hardwood boards, eliminates noise, and is safe to use repeatedly. 

But how to use baby powder to fix squeaky hardwood floors?

Let’s know. 

1. Locate the Area

locate the area squeaky hardwood

Before you start fixing the problem, you have to identify where the problem is. Find out the squeaking floorboard first, then fix it. How?

Press or walk on the floorboards and listen carefully from where the noise is coming out. 

Walking will be easier than pressing to find the squeaky area. If you are unable to identify the area, take help from another person. 

Let him walk or allow him to hear the sound and locate the space. When you keep your first step on the problematic hardwood board, it will make little noise. Pause here and start fixing it before you pass into another.

2. Treatment

Take some regular baby powder

Now you have found the area where the board is squeaking; it’s time to fix it. 

Take some regular baby powder and sprinkle it on the hardwood board and the enclosing scope. 

Fill the gap between the floorboards with the baby powder lubricants. You can use a paper, towel, or a soft cloth and press the powder to proceed towards the gap of the floorboard hem. 

If it seems complicated, take a credit card or something like it, drag the powder with it. 

With the help of a card, you can drop the powder in the thinner lines perfectly.

3. Repeat the Process

gently press the floorboards

After you have put enough baby powder in the gap between the floorboards, now gently press the floorboards or walk again to ensure if there is any more noise coming out or not. 

If the hardwood board is settled finely with baby powder, there won’t be any noise coming out after pressing or walking. 

It means the baby powder has reached its place and makes you free of your problem. But what if little noises are coming out? 

Don’t worry; it means you need to fill the gap with some more baby powder. Now, Repeat the treatment process with baby powder. It will lubricate the hardwood boards, and the floorboards will not chafing against each other. 

If this time the gaps are filled well, the noises will stop appearing completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Baby Powder Really Fix Squeaky Floors?

Yes, baby powder is a quick fix for squeaky hardwood floors. Sprinkle some baby powder and rub it into the cracks between the boards. Baby powder will fill the gap where wood is contacting against other wood, and fix wood floor squeaks.

How Do You Fix Squeaky Floorboards without Removing Carpet?

First, locate the squeaky area, then use a hammer to find out the joist. Now drill the area at a 90-degree angle and secure the place. Take a depth control device and an alignment. 

You have to make the subfloor tight and drill the screw in, then place the slit edge of the screw on its head and tilt the device with a jerk. Move the device a little and let the head snap off; the screw head should break off above the carpet. 

This way, the screw will be unseen over the carpet. Repeat the process and fill the joist. 

Is It Normal for Hardwood Floors to Squeak

Yes, it’s normal for hardwood floors to squeak. If you have board flooring, especially hardwood board flooring, Squeaks or cracks are a regular part. There is no need to panic. It’s just a symptom that tells you the floor’s RH level has decreased. Fixing this problem is fairly simple.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Squeaky Floors?

Want to fix Squeaky floors? It’s affordable. It will cost you an average of $200-$1000. 

How Do You Stop Old Hardwood Floors from Creaking

Stopping old hardwood floors from creaking is simple. Use any lubricant like baby powder, talcum powder, graphite powder, or baking soda. 

These lubricants will fill the gap between the wood lines and stop the floorboards from scrubbing against each other. In other words, lubricants stop hardwood floors from squeaking and creaking.


We have shared a five minutes process with baby powder to fix the squeaky hardwood floors. If you follow the process, we hope the squeaky problem you are facing will be gone. 

But remember, it’s a short time, or you can say an emergency solution against squeaky floors. After a short period, the baby powder will vanish, and the noise problem will rise again. 

You can repeat the process if you want, but at a time, you have to give up and take a more extended solution to fix squeaky hardwood floors.

Try the process and let us know your thoughts below comments.

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