How to Get Bed Bugs out Of Couch

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Bed bugs are tiny creatures mostly found in bedrooms. The second best place for bed bugs is a couch. Because this is the second place we spend most of our leisure time.

Bed bugs choose such places or spots to live in because they love humans, in a better saying, humans are the food source of these insects, human blood meal is their favorite food.

Apart from bed and couch bed bugs are also found in luggage, purse, clothes, etc. where they have chances to get touch with a food source or human blood.

Scroll down and learn more about this.

How to Get Bed Bugs out Of Couch

Finding bed bugs on a couch is very common, but how to get bed bugs out of the couch? Our readers’ eyes are looking for some simple methods to get rid of bed bugs.

We are right? Obviously and we won’t let you down, we covered you. We have come up with some simple steps to help you.

Lets know the effective process in 5 simple steps.

Step One:

Start with basic cleaning. Our first step will be removing the cushion cover and washing them at high heat. Without high heat, the bed bugs aren’t gonna die or get removed properly.

You can do it in two heat settings, if you want to do it in less time you have to set the temperature of the washing machine at the highest setting 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and run the machine for 20-25 minutes.

But if you don’t want to speed up the process and love to go for a long time, set the temperature at 113 degrees Fahrenheit and run it for 90 minutes. It will be best if you set high temperatures because bed bugs eggs are more robust, they won’t die at a lower temperature.

After washing you have to dry them with heat treatment like using a dryer. Drying in high heat will destroy bugs perfectly.

Step Two:

Next you have to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the areas you can’t wash before running a brush through it again. Remember, vacuuming won’t help you to get rid of bed bug problems properly, it will just reduce the number of bed bugs and eggs your couch has.

This step is important because bed bug eggs don’t die easily and they leave their eggshells behind so we have to kill them by cleaning thoroughly. The cordless vacuum cleaner is the best choice because it has a lengthy brush that can reach deeper parts of your couch.

If you have an upright vacuum, use it to clean under cushions and in corners where bed bugs hide. While using the vacuum cleaner make sure you have attached a zipper vacuum bag with it to stop the bed bugs from escaping. Seal it and throw it outside the house without worrying about the bed bugs coming again.

Step Three:

As we said above, vacuuming doesn’t ensure there won’t be any left bed bugs, so you have to take another step to kill them properly.

Here you can try using a steam cleaner. Hot steam can kill 99% of bed bugs. The best steam cleaner for this job is something with a hose. The upper part of the couch where there are pillows or cushions should be cleaned with hot water since bed bugs usually hide under them to rest and wait it out until winter when they’re cool enough to avoid freezing up their bodies. 

The surface floor of your living room should also be cleaned with a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs completely. Make sure to unplug the extension cord of your steam cleaner before using it because if you’re not careful, bed bugs can come out from under the couch and bite someone.

Step Four:

Shampoo with a vinegar solution will kill all the bug eggs even if they have already hatched and the last thing that you want is to use stuff like formaldehyde on your couch.

The vinegar solution will kill them on four of their five senses and will also clean, disinfecting with its smell acidic properties all these small bugs that are inside. This way they won’t hatch anymore till you replace them. Typical concentration will kill 100,000 per liter solution and we have to make at least that much.

So follow the directions on how many liters of vinegar solution you need for five dryer cycles (once a week).   

Step Five:

Vacuum clean again, this time with vinegar solution. It will take away all the dead bed bugs, shed skins, or even some alive ones. Use a sealable plastic bag to carry the bugs and ensure they can’t come out.

If you have a lot of wood furniture, at this point, we recommend using bed bug-safe polish containing Withhold, polishing it with a paintbrush. This is not just another toxic chemical; it will eliminate even hard skins that are ingrained in the furniture.

Keep applying this polish and allow it to dry in order to avoid future evolution of the problem.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Throw Away My Couch if It Has Bed Bugs?

The answer is no, don’t get into the bed bugs trap and throw your favorite couch. It’s not fecal matter. Because you can get rid of them. You can start bed bug treatment to get rid of these as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs.

What Is the Lifespan of A Bedbug?

The lifespan of a bedbug is about 6 months. It can be differ due to some reasons like the temperature and humidity levels of the environment in which it is living, how much food it has access to, and how much water it has access to.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Multiply?

Bed bugs are a type of parasitic insect that feeds on the blood of humans and animals. They can reproduce in as little as five minutes, which means the bed bug population can multiply quickly and spread throughout an entire building or home.

What Smell Attracts Bed Bugs?

The garlic smell attracts bed bugs most. Because bed bugs are attracted to the pungent odor of this ingredient which is why it has been a popular weapon in their fight against them.

What Does Baking Soda Do for Bed Bugs?

Baking soda is a very effective treatment for bed bugs. It can be used to eliminate them from the mattress, clothes, and any other items that they may have been hiding in.

What Liquid Kills Bed Bugs?

There are a few liquids that can kill bed bugs, but the most effective is insecticidal soap. You can also use natural bed bug spray like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or some chemical spray to prevent infestation.


Bed bugs can be a real problem if they are not treated properly. So, it is important to take action as soon as possible to prevent further infestation.

We have told you above how to get bed bugs out of the couch. To ensure that you are getting rid of the infestation, follow these steps: Wash all of the furniture couch cushions and upholstery in hot water and dry them with a dryer, then vacuum the couch.

Take a steamer to kill any remaining bed bugs, and follow other instructions as we mentioned above for bed bug control at home.

If you want to avoid this process you can call a pest management office and hire some pest control expert to do the job for you.

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