How To Get Grease Out Of Carpet

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When you come back home after a hard day and discover a grease stain on the carpet, it becomes a nightmare! The dye may come with your barefoot or shoes.

At that moment, you just want to get rid of the stain, right? How to get grease out of the carpet is not an easy task at all.

Don’t be afraid to clean a grease stain, whether it may come from the garage or kitchen. Though it seems like an unforgivable stain on your expensive carpet, you have so many ways to clean up the mess.

Before calling a professional cleaner, you can apply some home remedies.

Best Four Ways To Get Grease Out Of Carpet

Fortunately, the best four techniques of cleaning grease stains are in your hand. You may be relieved from this stain by using the items found at home and are non-toxic.

If you want to learn about them, read the following ways at a glance:

1. Applying Baking Soda

Baking soda is an age-old cleaning agent for cleaning. Without damaging your carpet, baking soda can immerse oil and moisture. It is a non-toxic and cheaper way to clean your carpet.

By using baking soda, there are no harmful effects on your body or environment. You just need Baking soda, detergent, a vacuum cleaner, an old toothbrush or utility brush, warm water, a clean sponge, and a dull knife.

What to do:

If your grease stain becomes old and dried off, you need a dull knife to scrape that stain. Then cover the dirt with baking soda. The soda absorbs the grease without sprinkling it.

If the affected area becomes large, you can gently rub the baking soda with a utility brush. When the pigment is small, you can use a toothbrush. Don’t force too much or too soft for rubbing the soda.

Keep the baking soda on this spot for 15 minutes to absorb, then clean the area with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning all fractions of soda, apply some liquid detergent to this area.

Wash gently, then splash with water. Wipe this area with a clean sponge.  Drench again to remove soapy water and leave it to dry out.

2. Employing Dry Cleaning Solvent

Dry cleaning solvent is an expert solution for carpeting. It is a quick fix for old grease stains without spreading.

With the recommendations of a professional cleaner, you can choose any dry cleaning solvent from your recognized store.

You only require the cleaning solvent, clean wet cloth, and a fan or dehumidifier for applying this process.

What to do:

At first, apply a tiny amount of solvent on the stain, whether it is working or not. After the testing period, place the solvent on a damp cloth and pat on the grease spot.

Wait a few minutes to dry this solvent and consume the moisture. Then blot out the solvent gently with a wet cloth and warm water. Soak the fabric into the warm water, then wash gently.

Be sure that you left any solvent and stains from the carpet. Keep the area dry naturally, or use a fan or dehumidifier for rapid performance. If the spot is still visible, you need to apply the process again.

3. Use The Fusion Of Dish Soap and Vinegar

So many cleaning agents are inherent in your homes, like vinegar and dishwashing soap. You can use these two materials to clean the spot of grease from carpeting.

Experts recommend that vinegar has bleaching and disinfection features as an ideal cleaning agent. There is no chance to defect your carpet by applying these two products. 

You need white vinegar, dish soap, a clean cloth or paper towel, warm water, and a spray bottle for applying this procedure. 

What to Do:

Prepare your cleaning solution with one tablespoon white vinegar, one tablespoon of dish soap, and two cups of warm water. If possible drop the solution into a spray bottle for easy application.

Spray a tiny amount of solution on the spotted area by using a cloth or paper towel. Rap it clothes for some time and then repeats the procedure until the spots are visible. 

Clean the excess soaping ingredients and wipe with a clean cloth and warm water. Let the carpet dry and observe if the stain is visible or not. You can repeat the process when the spot is not removed entirely.

4. Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Though rubbing alcohol is used as a cleaning solution, it would be the last option because it is toxic and flammable. You need to choose an open or well-ventilated place to apply this process.

Wash your hands properly or use hand gloves for safety. You just need rubbing alcohol, a clean cloth or paper towels, and clean water.

What to Do:

Use a small amount of alcohol first on the cloth, then spread it on the grease stain. Alcohol can soak up the oil in front of your eyes. If needed, apply the process again until the stain is removed thoroughly.

Clean the extra rubbing alcohol with wet clothes that are immersed in water. The stain needs to be cleaned perfectly to get rid of odor and alcohol sediment.

Let it dry and keep all the windows open. After this process, do not try any freshener on the carpeting.


  • Stain out as much as apparent grease before it sets on the carpet. When it goes beneath the padding, then you must take the help of an expert cleaner. 
  • If the stain is so large and can’t soak by cloth or paper towels, use bathing towels.
  • When one method is not functioning well, you need to try another process.
  • Applying baking soda is the safest way in this case. Rubbing alcohol is harmful, so you need to be careful about using it. Do not pour it directly on the stain. If used now, it can damage the latex bond and weaken your carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Vinegar Safe on Carpets?

Yes. White vinegar is a safe, natural ingredient for carpet cleaning. There are no harmful effects for pets and children. So, if children come into close contact with wet carpet, you need not be worried.

What is the Best Carpet Degreaser?

Bissell Professional Pet Stain & Odor Remover is the best overall carpet degreaser.

Which Process of Cleaning Is Used by Professionals?

Professional carpet cleaner uses two effective cleaning methods: Steam cleaning or hot water extraction and Dry cleaning or low moisture.

What Is the Most Productive Carpet Cleaning Method?

The most effective carpet cleaning method is called steam cleaning. It can break down 90% of dirt from the carpet and remove bacteria. By this process, your carpet can clean up to the lowest layer of fabric.

Does Baking Soda Remove Dried Grease Stain?

To remove old grease stains, you can use baking soda and dishwashing soap without hesitation. Use a brush to scrub softly, then wash with warm water with a cloth. It will take 10-15minutes to wipe out the old grease stain. 

Final Words

Now, you know the solution to grease spots on carpeting. Do not be annoyed about the next time. Because, How to get grease out of carpet is a familiar matter to you after getting all the treatments mentioned earlier.

Grease stains look like the most demanding spot on the carpet. Be patient, and then try the solution to remove the stain from your carpet.

If you can not tackle the stain after all possible therapies, take help from professionals. Be clean, be happy.

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