How to Get Oil Based Paint out Of Carpet

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Paint on the wall is a creative way to make your wall all-new, and shiny. A new fresh coat of painting is fun but it becomes a worry when you spill some paint on the floor and carpet. 

And especially when it’s oil-based paint. Because it’s quite difficult to remove oil paint from the carpet. But not impossible. Getting paint off the carpet is simple with the right tools and process. 

If you follow the right oil-based paint removal process, you can get dried paint out of the carpet also.

How to do that? Scroll down to know more, this guide will tell you what can help you get paint off carpet and how to get oil-based paint out of the carpet.

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Things You Will Need to Remove Paint from Carpet

Removing oil-based paint from the carpet is easier until it gets dried. When the paint spills on the carpet, if you clean it immediately you can get rid of it without hard effort. 

So to clean immediately you will need a cleaner in hand when the paint is on the carpet. It will be best if you use household ingredients. 

Cleaning agents like Paint Thinner, Turpentine, Mineral Spirits can show their magic. All these are enough to clean the oil-based paint from many surfaces. 

But don’t use these on your skin or cloth. All these ingredients are strong cleaning agents, you have to use them with warm water and dish liquid or dish detergent.

If the paint is on your hand, hair, or skin coconut oil or essential oil can remove it. And if the paint is dried you will need rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, vinegar, etc.

So overall to follow the process we do for the oil base paint removal, you will need a Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Cleaner, Cloth or Rag, Turpentine, Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinner, Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Liquid or Dish Detergent, Warm Water, Hand Gloves, Mask, etc.

Now let’s jump into the removal process of oil-based paint out of the carpet.

How to Get Oil Based Paint out Of Carpet

Follow the below process as we describe. Our described process is tried and tested and 99% actionable.

Step one: The first step will be to clean up the paint as much as you can as soon as noticed. The faster you will start the cleaning process the faster and will take less effort to remove. 

Take a clean paper towel and pick up the paint. For better pick up you can use a metal or plastic knife, it will deeply pick up the paint.

Step two: With the help of a white rag blot the area. Remember you should not drag the paint, it can spread more. Be careful and blot the affected area. 

Step three: Now make a solution of half a gallon of warm water, one tablespoon of dish liquid, and a few drops of cleaning agent ( turpentine, Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinner). 

Take a sponge and dip in the solution, wring well, and dab the solution over the pain spilled area. You can scrub gently in a circular motion but be careful about spreading. Do this until the paint is softened and comes off easily. 

Step four: If you want to remove dried paint from the carpet, use a steam cleaner to soften the paint. Now make a solution of two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of dish liquid, and one cup of warm water. 

Mix them well and spray in the affected area. Take a rag and scrub the area gently until the pain is coming off.

Step five: It’s the last and final step. Rinse away the carpet with cold water or use a cold water damp cloth to wipe away the carpet residue. Use a microfiber cloth or a wet vacuum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Remove Oil-Based Paint?

The best way to remove oil-based paint is to use olive oil. If the oil-based paint is on your skin, take some olive oil in your finger and apply it to the painted area. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it away with water. The paint will come off easily.

How Do You Get Oil-Based Paint Off Wood without Damaging It?

To get off oil-based paint from wood without damaging it you can follow some easy steps.

  • Pour some rubbing alcohol, leave it for 15 minutes
  • Use a plastic scraper to get off the paint
  • Now take sandpaper and scuff off the entire floor or area you want to paint off. 

What Home Remedy Will Remove Paint from The Carpet?

Home remedies like vinegar and warm water solution, or warm water and dish liquid solution can remove paint from the carpet. Make a solution of one thirst part of distilled vinegar and two parts of warm water. Directly spray on the paint and wait for 5-8 minutes. Use a hard bristle brush and scrub the carpet well. 

How Do You Remove Dried Oil-Based Paint?

To remove dried oil-based paint from the carpet, you can use a chemical stripper. Take some stripper in a paint plate and dip a paintbrush into it. Take some stripper in the brush and apply it to the painted area. Leave for 24 hours. Strippers will soften the paint and it will easily peel off without scrubbing.

Does Wd 40 Remove Paint from The Carpet?

Yes WD 40 can remove paint from the carpet. It’s an effective stain remover. It can also remove paints stains, oil-based paint stains, or any type of stains from clothes, carpet, cars, or couches. Apply it on the stains, leave it for 20-25 minutes, then it will soften the paint and you can remove the paint easily. 


Everything is simple when you have the right tools and know the right process to use them. You can get oil-based paint out of carpet simply just by using the cleaning ingredients we have mentioned above and by following the using process. 

If you want you can use a store-bought cleaning solution instead of a household cleaning agent. Let us know if you have something more to know related to this topic and your response through a comment.

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