How To Get Smell Out Of A Suede Couch

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How often do you clean your couch? A couch is the most used furniture in the home. Children used to sit, eat, and play on the couch. It might be dirty and fill with stains and smells often. 

So, how to get the smell out of a suede couch is a prime need for a modern home. Cleaning is not a hazard nowadays. The suede couch can be attacked by bad odor near smoke, dampness, or dry cleaning chemicals. 

If you are interested, the material should not be wet. You can clean your suede couch daily by following this routine. 

Though suede is a water-sensitive material, professionals never employ any water base cleaning systems like steam cleaning or shampooing.

How To Get Smell Out of A Suede Couch: 5 Alternative Cleaning Methods 

Inspect first from where the bad smells form. Then, follow the steps given below to get the smell out of the suede couch:

01. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Take off the cushions, then spread some baking soda to soak up the wet dirt. Spill a light layer of soda on the entire suede couch. Leave it for a couple of minutes to let it sit. So it can absorb as much as wet or filthy dirt and debris as well as bad odors. 

02. Cleaning Solutions With Vinegar

Create a solution with an equal part of white vinegar and water. Take a nylon bristle brush or suede-designed brush, then gently rub with the mixture. You can use a spray bottle for using the vinegar solution. White vinegar contains anti-bacterial properties. It can deodorize your suede couch effectively. Keep the spray bottle away from the couch, otherwise. Otherwise, it can create wet stains.

03. Use Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is also a highly recommended odor remover. But do not keep in close contact with your couch. Keep a charcoal bag in the corner of your home so that it can absorb the bad odor of your suede furniture. Charcoal can eliminate excess water from the air also.

04. Wash The Cover Sometimes

Wash the suede cover once a month. Before washing, read the instructions on the user manual. Wrong washing can ruin your suede couch cover. Some can wash by the washing machine, and others need to wash by hand.

05. Vacuum and Use Odor Removing Spray

After finishing the cleaning task, warm up the suede couch in the open air. Vacuum the entire sofa so it can clean all the dirt and debris easily. A vacuum cleaner can grab all the sluggish dirt that rises the rubbing method. Use a good odor remover spray to cover up the smell. Chef’s choice or Fresh wave products are recommended for this case. You can manipulate an odor-removing candle in the living room also.


  • Read the instructions for cleaning the suede couch, whether W, S, or W/S marking.
  • A suede brush is highly recommended for cleaning that kind of furniture.
  • Use gloves when you use chemical cleaners.
  • Contact with professionals when all these steps remain to fail.


  • Suede couches can not tolerate harsh chemicals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Suede Smell Bad?

Suede couch smells bad because of smoking, cleaning chemicals, dampness, and certain sources.

Can I Use Febreze on The Suede Sofa?

Febreze should not be recommended for suede sofa.

Can You Steam Clean the Suede Sofa?

yes. It is an effective method for cleaning suede furniture.

How Do You Deodorize a Couch?

By applying baking soda simply, you can deodorize the suede couch.

Are Suede Sofas Hard to Clean?

Though a suede couch is luxurious, it has a bad reputation because of hard cleaning methods.

Final Thought

In the suede couches, there are some variations. Some are water-resistant, and some are not. So, how to get the smell out of a suede couch depends on the material of the suede couch. 

Keep turning on fresh air in the suede couch is luxurious in your living room, kitchen, and laundry room, so a damp bad smell can not stay at home. 

Try to dry up quickly before the couch absorbs plenty of liquid, no matter which method you follow. Save your couch and clean it safely to get out of bad odors.

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