How to Get Smell out Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

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We all know cleaning a vacuum cleaner can be a real pain when it comes to getting the smell out of it. If you’ve ever had a Dyson vacuum cleaner, then you’ve probably noticed that they emit an unpleasant smell when they are not working. 

That’s because it has been sitting in a pile of dust for so long, the smell is ingrained into the machine and there is no easy way to get rid of it. 

But there is no need to panic – Today we are going to discuss how to get the smell out of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

How to Get Smell out Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson vacuum smell means it needs a deep cleaning. When you don’t do the proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner after every clean-up, this problem shows up. So now to fix this problem you have to deep clean it.

Follow the below steps.

Step One: Emptying the dirt storage container will be your first task. And it’s not only for deep cleaning, you should do this each time after using it. It will save your time and will also prevent unwanted smells. 

Step Two: It’s time to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. Remove all the removable components and be ready to clean them. Make a solution of half a tablespoon of dish soap or liquid, a pinch of baking soda, and half a gallon of warm water. Mix them well until everything dissolves properly.

Step Three: Take a clean sponge or cloth, dip in the solution, wring well and wash all the parts you have removed. Have a close look at the filter of the vacuum cleaner, if pet hair is stuck in the filter try to pick up all the clumps of it and discard them. 

Step Four: Use cool water and flush the filter to wash away all the dirt and hair. Make sure you have cleaned the filter well until all hair and dirt are removed. Wipe away with a dry cloth to absorb the excess moisture and allow air dry for at least 12 hours.

Step Five: Take a paper towel, spray some vinegar on it and wipe away the entire vacuum cleaner, it will deodorize the vacuum cleaner. Before securing the bin put a cotton ball dampened with vanilla extract in it. Vanilla extract is effective in getting rid of odors, it’s a natural odor absorber.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dyson Smell so Bad?

Usually, Dyson smells bad due to not getting proper maintenance and cleaning. When Dyson dirt storage is full of dirt and bristles, and not emptying for a long time, it starts smelling bad. Some more reasons are more usage, overworked motors, etc. try to do the maintenance after a fixed period.

How Do I Deodorize My Vacuum Cleaner?

Remove the dirt on every maintenance cycle by spraying vinegar over it, follow up with wiping away with a damp cloth or cotton ball (do not use any bleach). Do not spray directly at the motor assembly because that may decrease the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner. Or you can use essential oil to deodorize. It’s also an effective deodorizer.

How Do You Get the Musty Smell out Of a Vacuum Cleaner?

To get the musty smell out of a vacuum cleaner take a vinegar damp cloth and pat dry. I always apply the vanilla extract on my filter after every vacuum and then I wash out my filter. It gives a really nice scent, disinfects the vacuum cleaner and is very beneficial for excellent performance.

Why Does My Dyson Filter Smell After Washing?

If the filter isn’t dried properly after washing it will still smell bad. Maybe you have cleaned the filter well, but didn’t allow it to dry perfectly, so the vacuum cleaner smells, due to wetness. Maybe mold is growing inside it.

Can You Clean and Reuse Dyson Filters?

Yes, you can clean and resume the Dyson filters, but if the Dyson filter is marked “washable” only then. There are some Dyson filters that are absolutely forbidden to clean. So check before you take action, or you may end up buying a new vacuum filter.

Final Thoughts

 If you are facing the problem of how to get the smell out of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, we hope your problem is already solved. We have given the answer above, and it’s so simple. You just have to follow the steps we mentioned above and can get rid of the bad smell from your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Also, if you face any other vacuum cleaner-related problem and need some guidance please comment below.

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