How To Get Water Stains Out Of Couch

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Sometimes unwanted water may drop down on the couch while you are drinking water. If you let it dry, it can make water stains there. Now, these stains have become a great challenge to remove. Water stains are always an eyesore.

So, how to get water stains out of the couch is a prime concern for you at that moment. Unfortunately, many people do not know the procedure of removing the spot of the sofa.

They apply the wrong process or scrub harshly then the fabric of the sofa becomes blemish. So, be aware of removing the stain deportation and protecting your favorite couch.

What Causes Water Stains On Couch Fabric?

Any kind of liquid like milk, juice, tea, or wine can make a spot upon your couch fabric. Though many people underestimate the water stains, it is also challenging to remove.

Water is not only a simple element at all. It is responsible for making water stains on the couch fabric. These terrible stains are not pretty to look at and invite molds.

Sometimes it may cause allergies and leads to drastic illness. Look below to discover the leading causes of water stains on the couch fabrics :

  • The minerals or dirt of water leave residue on the couch. Depending on your couch material the stains may stay long or can be removed easily. 
  • The municipal system added minerals and chemicals to purify the water which may leave fiber that causes stains on the couch. 
  • The contaminated flood water can make water spots. You have to disinfect your couch at that time. Even if your couch is an upholstered piece or antique textile furniture, it may be damaged by floodwater.
  • Winter weather when it becomes extremely foggy, builds stains on the fabric of your couch.
  • The light-colored couch embodies the watermarks from the sweating of people on hot summer days.
  • The moisture of heavy rainfall can produce water sports on your favorite couch if it is placed beside the window.

How To Get Water Stains Out of Couch?

There are so many remedies to solve the water stains problem. Look down the methods and apply them with your home equipment.

Method 1- Using Salt and Vacuum Cleaner :

Discover the stains briefly on your couch. Put some salt on this spot, allow a few moments to soak it. Then use a vacuum cleaner upon the salt. Vacuum cleaners make it spotless.

If you vacuum your sofa, it will remove dust and other dirt particles also. Use Vacuum cleaners consciously; otherwise, it may discolor the fabric of your sofa.

Method 2- Putting Dish Liquid Soap and Water:

Liquid dishwashing soap works well on water stains of fabric. Take a little amount of liquid soap and mix with water. Put this mixer on the affected sofa fabric.

Then scrub with a microfiber cloth. When the stains fade up, rinse with water. Dry the sofa fabric with a dryer or let it air-dry.

Method 3- Application of White Vinegar:

White vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. It can reduce hard water stains. Make a solution with 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of distilled water. Use a damp cloth and dip a piece into solution, then pat on the stains.

Bring a soft brush to scrub over the stains in a circular motion. Wait 30minutes to eliminate the stains. Again, rinse with this damp cloth and analyze the stain.

After getting rid of stains, use a blow dryer to dry up this area. If the stains are still apparent, try this process again. Vinegar never damages the fabric of your sofa.

Method 4- Try Baking Soda Paste:

Baking soda is another natural cleaner for peeling off stains. Make a paste with a cup of baking soda and a half cup of water. Apply this paste on the spot and let it dry.

Baking soda decoys the stains and grabs them. When the paste gets parched, the stains come out with this dried adhesive.

Method 5- Approaching Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is also a proven therapy for removing stains. Lemon contains citric acid, which reduces the coach’s stains skillfully.

Take two fresh squeezed lemon juice and one cup of hot water. Make a solution with these two, spill it on the stained area. Wait for 10 minutes and let the solution sit to break the stains. By using a toothbrush, scrub the area and pour more lemon solution.

Grab a damp cloth to pat on this area; the stain will switch to this cloth. When you have done, pat dry this area with a dry towel or handkerchief.

Method 6- Rubbing Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol is another system to eliminate the water stains from your coach. Make an antidote with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and half a cup of warm water. Pour it on a spray bottle, then apply it on the affected water stains of your coach.

Gently rub there with a toothbrush in a circular gesture. Take off the alcohol for 10 minutes to work on this place. Dab a damp cloth on this spot to reduce it. When the coach becomes spotless, then pat it dry.

Note: Patch test on the back to make sure it doesn’t bring any damage to your couch including the type of brush you are using.

Method 7- Steam Cleaner:

Using a steam cleaner on the water stains can be a great solution for your couch. If you can not afford a garment steamer, set the steam setting on your regular iron.

Be aware of using a steamer that it would not spill a drop of water. If it emits water drop, then the new stains will create.

Method 8- Applying Laundry Detergent:

If all other remedies fail, try mild laundry detergent. Put some detergent in a bowl and mix with water. Dip a towel or cloth into it and dab it to the stains.

Nevertheless, since the spot goes out, you have to wipe the whole cover. Please do not wash the only affected area; it can hold extra soapy water.

Method 9- Use Textile Cleaner:

When you feel disheartened to solve this water stain problem, use a textile cleaner to save the fabric of your couch. Call a pro cleaner if you feel frightened to use it.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to read the instructions for using a textile cleaner and apply it to the stained area.

How to prevent Water Stains Out of Your Couch:

If you beget small kids at home who used to spill liquid on your coach, you have to take steps to prevent stains. For these unavoidable stains, you should use a waterproof cover on your favorite sofa. You can select a washable cover to clean when you need it.

You can use water shield spray if you want to display your sofa cover. Using a spray is cheaper than buying a water-resistant sofa cover.

Extra Tips:

  • If you use a cloth or towel, choose a white or light-colored cloth. Otherwise, it may spread the color.
  • Do not rub harshly, and it makes the stain worse.
  • Test in a small area when you apply any solution first.
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of vinegar because it has a strong smell.
  • When you need to use water, try to utilize a little amount. Use distilled water if you want to stay on the safe side.
  • Never use bleach; it makes the stains deeper than before.
  • Determine the heat setting of iron when you need to dry the fabric of the sofa. You should select the hit setting depending on the fabrics.
  • Check manufacturer’s details when you use a chemical cleaner.
  • When you employ a spray bottle, set the lowest setting to spray smoothly.
  • Be aware of using extra heat of the iron, because it may discolor the fabric of your sofa.

Final Thought:

A single drop of water makes a ring of water residue. It feels disgusting when the living room couch has spots and guests feel hesitant to sit over there.

But removing this spot is not an easy task at all. Regardless, the solution is in your hands now. How to get water stains out of the couch is not a crisis for you anymore.

Steam cleaning will be the best bait to treat the stained area and keep your couch spotless.

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