How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean of Dog Hair

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Dogs are one of the most popular pets anyone would love to have. It’s the man’s best friend. Keeping a dog in your house and making it clean and hygienic is a difficult task.

Even if your dog is a well-behaved one, it’s still not so easy. Dogs’ hair is messy, and it’s not good for us to have dog hair spreading all over the house.

So along with teaching your dog and preparing it well, you have to clean the house properly to maintain hygiene and keep the house clean. Cleaning dog hair isn’t a difficult task.

But when you have hardwood floors, you have to be a little careful about the cleaning process. You know a little neglect can ruin your hardwood floor. So how to keep the hardwood floor clean of dog hair? 

Let’s know below.

How to Clean Dog Hair on Hardwood Floor 

People love to play with dogs, but it creates a mess. Dogs’ hair spread all over the hardwood floor. How to clean them?

Maybe you are thinking of brooming or mopping the hardwood floor, yes you have to do it, but not as usual you do. You have to change it a lot. What to change? Let’s know.


To make the hardwood floor clean of dog hair, you should use a bristle rubber broom instead of a regular broom. A rubber broom can easily attract and clean the dog’s hair without leaving any residue.

In contrast, a regular broom can spread the dog hair all over the house instead of picking it up. You just have to be careful that you are washing your rubber broom after every use and use a clean rubber brush.


Microfiber mop pad is like a magnet; it attracts fur, dust particles include pets’ hair. Cleaning your hardwood floor is easy and safe.

You just have to move around the mop on the floor, and it will pull all the dog hair towards it. To make the task easier, you can attach it with a mop head.

As the floor is a hardwood floor, make sure you have a wringing well and remove excess water. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Many types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market. But not each one is the best. You have to find the best vacuum for hardwood and pet hair with great suction power to suck all the pet hair with a hard floor attachment. 

Strong sucking is needed to suck up the finest particles or dog hair. Why hard floor attachment?

Because a hard floor attachment is gentle to the hardwood floor. It won’t damage the hardwood floor as a beater bar can.

So prefer hard floor attachment and avoid a beater bar. Don’t forget filters. Filter entrap pet dander or microscopic particles that cause allergies. 


Damp-mop isn’t only clean dog pet hair, but it also keeps your floor safe. Mopping away the hardwood floor with a damp mop will ensure there is no dog hair remaining.

If you mop away the floor properly with dog hair cleaning products, there is no chance of having a single dog hair on the floor. The damp mop clearly pulls every dog’s hair.

And after microfiber mopping or vacuuming, or damp mop, to ensure there is no excess water on the hardwood floor, you have to wipe away the floor with a dry towel.

These are the best way to clean up dog hair on hardwood floors. All you need to do is be careful as you are cleaning a hardwood floor. So be gentle.

Control Dog Hair on A Hardwood Floor

Only cleaning can’t make your hardwood floor clean. Because your dog will be all day roaming all around the house, and the dog hair will be falling out.

So what to do? You have to take care of the dog and help him not to let his hair fall around. How to do that?

Let’s know.

  • First, you have to trim your dog hair immediately. But don’t just shave him up. Trim the extra hair. If you can’t do it, you can take him into dog hair care. They will take care of the rest.
  • Now it’s time to take care of him. Did you give him proper food? Feed him enough protein food; it can reduce dog hair in the house.
  • Only feeding won’t work; you have to keep him clean. Give him a proper bath with shampoo regularly after a fixed period. 
  • Take him for an outing; when the dog will go for a walk, he will feel good, and the loose fur will fall on the road. Sometimes when the dog stays in the house for a long time, they become bored or exhausted and keep roaming in the house, and the result is lots of dog hair on your hardwood floor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Clean Pet Hair on Hard Floors?

The easiest way to clean pet hair on a hard floor is to use a pet hair vacuum cleaner. No matter how well behaved your pet is, finding pet hair on your carpet or any corner of your home. No worries, cleaning pet hair on hard floors is very easy these days with a pet hair cleaner.

How Do I Get Dog Hair Off My Tile Floor?

To get dog hair off your tile floor, you can use a dust mop. A dust mop is best to pick any dirt, including pet or dog hair. Take a microfiber dust mop and clean the tile floor with it as you regularly do. Hope you will get rid of dog hair without harming your tile floor. 

How Do I Protect My Hardwood Floors from Pets?

Hardwood floor is very delicate, and pets can damage it easily. To keep your hardwood floor protected from pets, clean the pet urine as soon as you notice, and train him well not to pee or urine on the floor.

And don’t forget to wax the hardwood floor; it will prevent pet scratches from reaching it. You can cut your pet nails or buy a pair of shoes. Hope these will help you to protect your hardwood floor from pets. 

How do I get dog hair off my bathroom floor?

To get dog hair off your bathroom floor, you have to use a rubber broom. Rubber brooms will easily sweep the hair. Take a high-quality rubber broom and use it as usual. Sweep the bathroom floor with it, pull it towards the dustpan, and leave the dog hair in the trash. 

How to Remove Scratches from Hardwood Floor Dog

To remove dog scratches from the hardwood floor, you have to follow a few steps. First, clean the area with a rag and cleaner and make the scratch ready to treat. Now take a pigmented wood polish or scratch remover wood marker and apply it to the scratch. Follow the manufacturing instructions properly.


We have told you the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors and the way to control them.  Just be a little careful as it’s a hardwood floor, and you know how you have to treat a hardwood floor.

If you follow what we have told you above, we are sure you will get a clean hardwood floor and will be able to control it.

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