3 Simple Ways to Remove Baking Soda Residue from Tile

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Baking soda is one of the best cleaning agents. You can use it for several uses, starting from cooking to cleaning, or as stain removal.  

It’s the perfect solution anyone can have. But how would you feel when baking soda is causing the problem? Yes, you heard me right, baking soda can be the reason for your discomfort. 

Sometimes when we use baking soda for cleaning the tiles it leaves some white residue on the tile floor.

Baking soda residue on your tile becomes sticky, stains, looks dirty and spoils the whole look of the bathroom. 

Wondering how to get rid of this? We have a solution for you and that is super easy.  What is that? Scroll down and read with me. 

3 Simple Ways to Remove Baking Soda Residue from Tile

Removing the baking soda residue process is a combination of some simple steps. And you don’t need much equipment to do that. 

Most of the ingredients you will need to remove the baking soda residue from tile are available at your home. Now let’s dive into the process. 

Here we will talk about three simple processes of baking soda residue removal. You can follow any of the processes. All our processes are self-tried and actionable.

Equipment You Will Need

Warm water, sponge, bucket, vinegar, bristle brush/toothbrush, rag, microfiber cloth, baking soda, spoon, hand gloves, goggles, and mask. 

Process One- Plain Warm Water & Dish Liquid

Most of us know how helpful plain warm water is for cleaning. If the baking soda residue is there just after you used it, plain warm water can alone do the magic.  How? we will learn below.

Preparing Solution: 

Take some warm water in a bowl now for better results and to get rid of the baking soda smell you can add a few drops of dish liquid. Mix them well until some bubbles appear.

Using process:

  • Take a sponge and dip it into the solution. Now squeeze the excess solution and scrub the tile gently.
  • Don’t do harsh scrubbing, give medium pressure and repeat the process until all the baking soda residue doesn’t come out. 
  • How to understand when baking soda residue is gone? When you scrub the tile if your hands go smoothly it means the tile is free of baking soda residue.

Process Two- Vinegar & Warm Water

Vinegar is an acetic acid that is one of the most useful household products. Its use isn’t only limited to the kitchen, you can use it for other uses. 

Cleaning or deep cleaning is possible with vinegar. But as it contains acetic acid so it’s better not to use it alone. To lessen its acidic effect, use it by mixing with warm water. 

Now as we are talking about cleaning baking soda residue, let’s know how vinegar helps in that. 

Preparing Solution:

Take warm water and vinegar equally in a bowl or bucket and mix them until both are mixed properly. 

As we know plain warm water is already useful to clean baking soda residue so when you mix it with vinegar a strong solution comes out. 

Using process:

  • Take a sponge and dip it into the solution, wring well and gently scrub the tile surface with it. Leave it for two minutes on the tile surface. 
  • Scrub again and repeat this process until your hand goes smoothly on the tile surface. 
  • After you are done, wipe away the tile surface with a microfiber cloth.

Process Three- Vinegar and Baking  Soda Paste

Diamond cut diamond, you heard the proverb right. Here will use the same trick. 

Clean tile with baking soda is an old tactic, now we will update a little and will try to clean the baking soda residue. 

We will mix baking soda with vinegar to remove the baking soda residue. Will it work? Obviously. Then how to do it? Let’s know.

Preparing Solution: 

Take half a cup of baking soda in a bowl, one cup of white vinegar into it. Mix them well until the baking soda dissolves properly. You need to make the solution paste smooth, so if the solution needs some more liquid to be smooth add warm water as needed. 

Using Process:

  • Take a spoon and fill it with the solution. Pour the solution on the tile surface and let it sit for a few minutes. 
  • After this you will see some bubbles, which means the solution is working, it’s absorbing the baking soda residue. Now use a rag and wipe away the solution residue. 
  • If there is still some baking soda residue left, repeat the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Baking Soda Damage Tile?

No baking soda doesn’t damage the tile. Baking soda is one of the best cleaning agents. You can use it to remove stubborn stains, remove bad odors, clean dirt, and sanitization. Baking soda residue can make the floor cloudy, grainy, or steaky. So clean it immediately after you have noticed it.

What Is the Best Homemade Floor Tile Cleaner?

The best homemade tile floor cleaner is white vinegar and a warm water solution. White vinegar has an acidic effect, so you have to add some warm water to lessen the acidic effect. And warm water alone is one kind of cleaner. It can clean dirt without the help of any other cleaning agent. So when you mix these the best solution comes out. 

Does Vinegar Shine Tile Floors?

Yes, vinegar can shine tile floors. Vinegar has acetic acid, so using it can make your floor shine. Some call vinegar natural polish. But remember this acetic acid can be the reason for your wood floor damage, so use vinegar by mixing with other ingredients. Vinegar not only shines on the tile floor but also makes it germs-free. 

How Do You Remove Ingrained Dirt from Floor Tiles?

Removing ingrained dirt from floor tiles isn’t so difficult. You can do it in some simple steps. Use hot water to wipe down the dirt surface with a sponge, now make a solution of warm water and vinegar in equal quantity. Spray the solution on the floor tile and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Scrub with a bristle brush and rinse with plain water.

How Do Professionals Clean Tile?

Usually, professionals use cleaning tools to clean tile. They vacuum first to remove the dirt then use a cleaner and mop away the floor. After that, they take the help of a steam cleaner, and clean the rest of the dirt and kill the germs. To sanitize the floor they spray some vinegar on the tile surface. 


Removing baking soda residue from tile is so simple. You can try our method at your home and get rid of baking soda residue. 

Or if you want you can use a baking soda tile floor cleaner also. As we love to work with natural ingredients for their undamageable nature. 

Now it’s upon you, which cleaning method you would love to work with? or want to use a professional cleaner?

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