How to Remove Black Mold From Shower

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Black mold in shower? Worried? It’s a matter to be. What molds love most? Moisture, you know it, right? 

So what can be a better place to grow mold than a shower? Nowhere. But the question is, Does it look good? Don’t you feel uncomfortable in using shower black mold?

Don’t you want to get rid of this? Yes, you want. But little afraid of taking so much effort to remove mold, especially black mold from the shower. We caught you right.

That’s why we have come out with a solution for you. What’s that? To know that you have to stay with us till the end. 

So scroll down and be with us. 

How to Remove Black Mold From Shower

How can you get rid of your black mold problem from the shower in a few minutes?  Don’t know how to make a solution and want to know the applying process? 

We have more for you. We will tell you about How you can clean black mold shower, How to make a solution with natural ingredients, Cleaning shower mold with DIY solutions, How to apply them, and Some cautions you should take care of. 

It’s simple, with natural ingredients. Follow the process we will tell you and get rid of black shower mold.

Method Number One

The first thing is grabbing all the equipment you need before making a solution or applying it. 

You will need Bleach, Spray Bottle, Warm Water, Spray Bottle, protective gears, and a Stiff Brush to remove the black mold shower. 

Prepare the solution: Fill the spray bottle with two-part with warm water and one part with bleach. Stir well until the bleach dissolves.

Using Process

  • Spray the solution directly on the black mold-affected area.
  • Allow the solution to sit for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Take a small stiff brush or toothbrush and scrub gently
  • Rinse away with distilled water to remove the residue thoroughly
  • If there is black mold still available, repeat the process.

Method Number Two 

You won’t need much equipment in this method—solution of number one method, protective gear, some white vinegar, and a nylon brush.

We will use the solution we have used on method one and add some new ingredients to make it more effective.

Prepare the solution: Take the solution you have made before or prepare some new by following the same process. Fill the two parts of the spray bottle with that solution. Now fill the left one part with white vinegar.

Using Process

  • Spray the solution on the shower/shower grout
  • Leave it for five to ten minutes
  • Take the nylon brush and scrub well and leave it for another five minutes
  • Now rinse away with distilled or warm water
  • Repeat the process if some black mold is still there

How To Stop Black Mold From Coming Back

Now you have cleaned all the black mold you had in the shower, but what about the chances of returning. As a bathroom is a place of moisture, mold will grow back, and you have to put in hard efforts again to remove them. But we have some tricks for you.

If you follow those tricks, you can stop the black mold from growing again. What are those tricks?

Let’s know.

  1. Ventilation is an excellent way to prevent black mold. During the showering, open all the possible windows and doors. Let the air circulates. And turn on an exhaust fan after showering and keep on it till 30 minutes of shower. 
  2. Clean the shower drains regularly. The shower drain contains hairs, soap scum, oils, moisture, and so on. Open the drain and let all the dirt go away. If there is any hair in the bathroom, remove them. Try to spray some vinegar on the drain weekly. 
  3. Wipe away all the shower tiles, grout, shower caulks, and the shampoo/soap bottle or anything you have on the shower.
  4. Mop the full shower for at least 15 days. Take some vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle, add a few drops of dish liquid and spray on the full shower. It will kill the black mold from the root, and there won’t be any chance of growing back.
  5. Follow the cleaning method mentioned above or use a commercial shower cleaner and clean the whole shower as we told, or the shower cleaner said.


Before you try any black mold removing process, make sure you have worn the safety gear. If bleach gets in touch with your skin., it may damage the skin.

It will cause skin irritation, eye burning, breathing problems, allergies, etc. Follow the exact process as we mentioned, don’t keep the solution on the shower more than the time we have discussed above. If you use a commercial cleaner, then follow their instruction properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Mold in The Shower Dangerous?

Yes, black mold in the shower is dangerous. Black mold, even all molds, is.; if Harmful to our health. They can irritate the skin, eyes, or nose. So stay away from them and clean them immediately whenever you see them around. 

How Do You Get Rid of Black Mold on Bathroom Walls?

Getting rid of black mold is simple. You can clean them with DIY homemade cleaner. Take two parts of the water in a spray bottle and one part of bleach. Spray it on the affected area, wait for ten minutes, then use a toothbrush or stiff brush and scrub the area. Rinse away with warm water. 

Why Does My Shower Liner Get Moldy?

We know mold grows when it gets in touch with moisture. When you take a shower, some water got stuck there and started causing mold. Gradually they grow and get moldy. So avoid keeping the moisture, and the shower line will be free of mold.

Is It Safe to Clean Black Mold Yourself?

Not really. You can wear protective gear before you clean the black mold and save yourself. But what about the next? When you can’t contain them properly after removal? Black mold spreads firstly, they will release pores and will spread to other areas. We know how harmful black mold is. So it’s better to clean black mold yourself. 

What Is the Best Cleaner for Mold in The Shower?

The best cleaner for mold in the shower is using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach. It can remove any stubborn stain and mold also. Take hydrogen peroxide and warm water equally. Stir well and spray directly on the mold area. Leave it for a few minutes, then scrub the area with a stiff brush gently.

If the mold is cleaned, rinse away with water, or if the mold is still there, spray some more solution and wait for another five minutes. Repeat the process until mold is removed correctly.


We have shared two tried and successful methods of removing black mold from the shower above. We hope these will help you in cleaning your shower and stop them from coming back.

If you don’t like preparing the solution and want to save some time, then purchase a shower cleaner and clean the shower with it. We hope our article helped you in removing mold from the shower.

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