How To Remove Brush From Hoover Carpet Cleaner

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Are you planning to clean your Hoover carpet cleaning brush? Removing this brush is a little bit tricky but not difficult. Hoover carpet cleaner brings about your carpet cleaning work easily and quickly. 

To Operate this machine you need to clean it once a month. Most importantly, the brush is stuck with dirt and debris and can not spin during the cleaning time. 

You must follow the instructions manual for how to remove brush from Hoover Carpet Cleaner. No need to use any extra tools or harsh chemicals for cleaning this carpet cleaning brush.

Cleaning Procedure of Hoover Carpet Cleaner Brush

Hoover Carpet Cleaner contains a spinning brush that can be removed and cleaned using a simple damp rag. Follow the below steps to clean your Hoover brush skillfully: 

Step 1: Unplug The Power Cord

Before cleaning, shut off the hoover carpet cleaner and unplug the power cord from the portal. Find out the button of the solution tank that lays on the front handles. Pushing this button, you can remove the solution tank away from these components. To avoid unwanted leaks, you should remove the water tank first.

Step 2: Propel The Unveil Switch

Now, you need to discover the release switch of the recovery tank. This button fixes below the button of the solution tank. The recovery tank is positioned on the opposite side of the machine. By pressing this button, you can withdraw the recovery tank from the machine.  

Step 3: Push The Two Disclose Locks

There are two locks on the side of the hoover carpet cleaner. Bow down the machine on its back. Clasp the brushes from both ends and make them detached from the cleaner head. Wash out the brush assembly under cold water to remove all dirt and debris.

Step 4: Remove The Dirt Of The Brush

It can fill the brush roll with long hair, dust, and debris. You can clean this brush manually. Utilize a wet rag to clean up the hoover carpet cleaner brush. The manufacturer recommends replacing the brush once a year to keep your cleaner functioning smoothly. 

Step 5: Clean The Brush Filter

Find out the brush filter on the underside of the cleaner head. The filter is almost below the second brush from the right on the bottom of the head. Grab the filter frame out of the head until it ends. Then wipe the dirt and filth with a damp, wet cloth. Now fix the brush filter again on the machine. Spin brushes until it fits into the specific hole.

⚠️ Warning

  • Do not forget to power off the machine before removing the brush from the unit.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Hoover Carpet Cleaner Brush Not Spinning?

Maybe any residue knotted around the ends of the brush. Clean the brush carefully or replace a new one.

How Do You Clean a Steam Brush?

Remove hair and dirt from the brush, then soak the brush into soapy water. After 30 minutes, wash with a microfiber cloth and rinse with hot water.

Why Has My Hoover Lost Suction?

Hoover lost suction because of an overflowing tank, tangled brush, clogged filter, or blocked airways.

Where Does the Water Turn in A Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

Hoover carpet cleaner contains two water tanks, one for clean water and another for dirty water. By pressing the lock on the handles, you can unlock the water tank and fill it with clean water. 

Can You Use Vinegar in A Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

Though vinegar doesn’t contain any harmful elements, you can use it on the Hoover carpet cleaner.

Final Thought

If you face a problem that your Hoover carpet cleaner brush can not work effectively, it must be clogged with dirt or hair. 

You already know how to remove brush from a hoover carpet cleaner, so start working on it. When you remove the brush and clean it skillfully, this machine works again with the spinning brush. 

Call a professional if you can not solve the problem by yourself. Keep your carpet clean besides sanitizing your carpet cleaner.

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