How to Remove Debris from Microfiber Towels

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A microfiber cloth works to absorb all dirt residue. Cleaning a microfiber cloth isn’t hard. But cleaning properly is difficult. Not everyone can remove debris from microfiber towels. 

Some homeowners complained about having a chemical smell even after washing themselves.  The smell is so bad that it doesn’t disappear after leaving the microfiber cloth dipping in the cleaner for hours. 

Not only smell; but there is also some dirt residue left after washing the cloth. So they highly want to know how to remove debris from microfiber towels without having any unpleasant smell.

Are you one among them? Then scroll down and be with us till the end. We will share the best process to remove debris from microfiber towels.

Best Way to Remove Debris from Microfiber Towels

Removing debris from microfiber cloth has many ways. But you have to be careful when you use any chemical-based cleaner. 

The cause we’ve discussed before. Then how to clean debris from microfiber towels? 

Use DIY remedies that are easy to get. Almost all DIY ingredients needed to clean microfiber cloth are available at your home. 

What are those? Let’s know below.

Ingredients You Will Need

Dish liquid, Lukewarm water, and a bucket are enough to get rid of debris from the microfiber towel. Unable to believe? 

Let’s tell you how to use these and remove stubborn debris from microfiber towels.

Cleaning Process

  • Take a bucket full of lukewarm water. Remember lukewarm that you can tolerate in your hand. Now pour two tablespoons of dish liquid into the bucket and mix them until dish liquid dissolves and some bubbles are showing up.
  • For better results and to get rid of the dish liquid smell, add one tablespoon of white vinegar and mix again.
  • Now dip the microfiber cloth into this solution, and leave it for fifteen minutes. Allow the microfiber towel to soak the liquid.
  • Pick up the towel and wring well with your hands. Wash it with clean water two times.
  • Repeat the process at least 3 times to get a fresh clean microfiber cloth. Allow the microfiber cloth to air dry. Avoiding dryers or any kind of electric device is best.
  • Wring out and squeeze as much as water you can and then hang it to air dry naturally.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Don’t ever use hot water, it will harden and ball up the fiber.
  • Avoid using fabric softener. It won’t be effective to a microfiber cloth.
  • Wash it separately, don’t wash it with some other cloth.
  • Use unscented mild detergent


Still, worried? Just try once and see the magic. Dish liquid won’t harm your microfiber towel so no worries about getting damaged. 

Trust us once and try this method. You will get rid of the debris along with the unpleasant smells. 

Or if you want you can use store-bought cleaner, just make sure the cleaner is a mild cleaner and manufactured to clean microfiber towels, not cloth or other towels.

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