How to Remove Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor

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Dogs are man’s best friends. But dogs are dogs; they don’t have manners like men. After training, sometimes the dog makes mistakes and urinates on the floor. 

Dog urine on hardwood floors is disappointing, but what to do? To get something, pay for something. Protect wood floors from dog urine is difficult but not impossible. 

But you have to do it immediately whenever you noticed If you don’t clean the urine immediately, the hardwood floor will soak it, and, as a result, you will have the black stained hardwood floor. 

That’s hilarious. Who would like to have a stained floor? And not only stains but soaked urine also spreads unpleasant odors and gradually helps mold and mildew growth. 

So you have to get rid of it quickly if you don’t want your home environment to ruin. But how to remove dog urine soaked into the hardwood floor?

Well, removing dog urine soaked into the hardwood floor is a little more difficult than cleaning urine immediately. 

But sometimes it happens we don’t notice, and the floors soak the urine. But no worries, we are for you.

We will tell you how you can easily remove dog urine on the hardwood floor. Scroll down to learn more.

2 Ways to Remove Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor

Removing dog urine from hardwood floors will take a little effort. You have to follow some steps to get the urine smell out of hardwood floors. What is the way to get rid of dog urine stain on the hardwood floor?

Many ways are there. You can use a hardwood floor dog urine removal cleanser or DIY solutions. The hardwood floor is very sensitive, and a minor mistake can ruin it; it will be best to avoid using commercial cleansers.

We would like to share the simple process of cleaning dog urine from hardwood floors with a DIY solution. Let’s know the process.

The Procedure is as follows:

Step One

Before starting the cleansing process, make sure you have worn protective gear like a face mask, hand gloves, goggles, etc.

Now dry clean the affected area; loosening dirt can create problems in removing urine-soaked stains from the hardwood floor.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, use that, or a simple broom will also work. If there is any furniture, transfer that to any other area and make the affected area fully vacant. The removal process can damage the furniture.

Step Two

It’s time to prepare the solution. You can use different home ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, dish liquid, or hydrogen peroxide. 

Here, we will tell you the removal process by using baking soda and white vinegar. Take one cup of white vinegar and one cup of baking soda.

Now mix gently and make a smooth paste. Add a few drops of lemon juice or grapefruit oil to make the paste more actionable. Pour the paste directly on the stain and cover with a cotton cloth.

Leave it for a few minutes to take action. Vinegar will neutralize the urine, and baking soda will absorb the moisture. Now blot it, don’t rub it.

Rubbing will spread the area. If the stain is still there, pour the solution again and leave it overnight.

Step Three

After you have got rid of the stain, it’s time to clean the residue. Take a microfiber cloth and remove the residue. Now use plain water and rinse away the floor. Then use a paper towel and dry mop the floor.

Alternative- Using Hydrogen Peroxide

When vinegar and baking soda fail to show their magic, your last hope will be hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the best solution to remove any type of stubborn stain.

Take 3% of hydrogen peroxide and mix with warm water. Add one tablespoon of dish liquid and a pinch of baking soda. Mix them well and dip a cloth into it.

Don’t squeeze the cloth. Place the saturated cloth over the stain and let it sit for two hours. When time is up, blot the area and dry mop. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Pet Urine Remover for Hardwood Floors?

The best pet urine remover for a hardwood floor is a solution of white vinegar and grapefruit oil. White vinegar effectively cleans dog urine from hardwood floors and is also safe to use on hardwood floors. And the grapefruit with white vinegar works like magic. Grapefruit is great to remove urine odor and spread a beautiful scent.

Does Vinegar Remove Urine Odor?

Yes, vinegar removes urine odor. Vinegar is an acidic ingredient that neutralizes the bacteria in dog urine and vanishes its unpleasant odor. Spray vinegar directly on the urine affected area, leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes and get rid of urine odor.

Can Pet Urine Damage Hardwood Floors?

Yes, pet urine can damage hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are very delicate. If you don’t deal with the pet urine immediately, it will quickly damage the hardwood floor. Pet urine contains 95% water, and we know water is the biggest threat to the hardwood floors. 

How Does Vinegar Get Rid of The Urine Smell?

Vinegar is an effective cleaner to get rid of urine smell. When you spray vinegar on the urine-affected area, it neutralizes with urine and breaks down the uric acid available in urine and the cause of urine smell.

How Much Vinegar Does It Take to Remove Urine Smell?

You won’t need much vinegar to remove the urine smell from hardwood floors as vinegar is acidic, so you can’t use it directly on any surface to remove the urine smell. Use it with warm water.

Warm water will reduce the acidic effect and will make vinegar safe to use on any floor. The perfect quantity of vinegar to remove the urine smell is one cup of vinegar in one gallon of warm water.

How to Get Dog Pee Stains out Of Hardwood Floors?

Getting dog pee stains out of hardwood floors is just a process of some simple steps. Make a paste of white vinegar and baking soda. Add two or three drops of lemon juice and mix well.

Pour the solution on the dog pee on wood floor stain and leave it for a few minutes. Meantime, the solution will absorb the stains, and then you have to scrub with a soft bristle brush. Wipe away with a dampen cotton cloth or paper towel and rinse away with plain water.


Cleaning dog urine stain hardwood floor is simple when you know the right cleaning process with the right solutions/cleaners.

It will be best to avoid any commercial cleaner with heavy chemicals, as hardwood floors can’t go well along with moisture or heavy chemicals.

If you use the DIY solution and follow the process we have shared above, we assure you will get rid of dog urine stains on hardwood floors.

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