How to Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet

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Removing gravy stains from carpet isn’t a simple task. Especially if the gravy is lumpy, if some smooth or lumpy gravy is there on your carpet, immediately scrape it off with a knife, spatula, or a normal visiting card-type card will also work. 

Then what? Interested to know about the rest of the steps? Ok, be with us till the end and know how to remove gravy stains from the carpet.

Here you will get all the steps you have to take to get rid of gravy stains from carpet. Make sure you follow the given instruction correctly. If something is said to be avoided, avoid that.

3 Effective Way to Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet

Well, many ways are there to remove gravy stains from carpet, but not all the methods are actionable, and some, they take away the shine and moisture of your carpet. 

So it’s essential to follow the right way to clean gravy stains from carpet. We will share our tasted method that has shown excellent results.

So, scroll down to know the further steps.

Method One- Using Baking Soda and Vacuum Cleaner

This is the simple and actionable method you should try before trying any other method to get rid of gravy stains. Here we will use only baking soda and vacuum cleaner. 

Let’s jump into the cleaning process. We have told you the important thing above, scraping off the excess gravy. 

Then there will be left only stains but no gravy residue. And cleaning only gravy liquid stains is just a matter of some easy steps.

  • Pick up or scrape off as much as gravy you can.
  • Take a clean cloth or microfiber cloth and blot the affected area.
  • Now sprinkle some baking soda or talcum powder, or cornstarch over the gravy stain. Make sure the stain is fully covered with any of these you have at your home. 
  • Leave it for fifteen minutes or 3-4 hours if you have enough time. After the time is up and powder is absorbed, use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the affected area.
  • To ensure no left residue, use a cold water damp cloth to wipe away the treated area. 
  • Allow natural dryness.

Method Two- Using Dish Liquid, White Vinegar

If the first method doesn’t work (some stain is still there), It’s time to use another trick. Here we will use dish liquid, white vinegar. Let’s know the process.

  • Make a solution of two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of dish liquid, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. 
  • Mix these ingredients well and spray in the affected area. 
  • Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. 
  • Take cold water, dampened clean cloth and wipe away the affected carpet area. 
  • Allow natural dry

Method Three- Using Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide

If all two above methods are failed, and you still have some gravy stain, the final solution is to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

  • Take some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in a clean cloth and blot the affected area.
  • Place the cloth over the stain and cover it with another towel or cloth for fifteen minutes. 
  • After the time is up, rub gently, avoiding circular motion.
  • Repeat the process until the gravy stain is gone.
  • Wipe away with cold water damp cloth and allow it to dry.


We have told you how to remove gravy stains from carpet in some easy processes. Follow them one after another, don’t jump into the third method without trying the first two. 

Keep in mind rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide are both dangerous. So you have to handle them carefully.  

And make sure you have worn protective gears before trying any cleaning method, especially while using harsh chemicals like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.  

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