How to Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet

How to remove gravy stains from carpet

Removing gravy stains from carpet isn’t a simple task. Especially if the gravy is lumpy, if some smooth or lumpy gravy is there on your carpet, immediately scrape it off with a knife, spatula, or a normal visiting card-type card will also work.  Then what? Interested to know about the rest of the steps? Ok, … Read more

How to Remove Debris from Microfiber Towels

How to remove debris from microfiber towels

A microfiber cloth works to absorb all dirt residue. Cleaning a microfiber cloth isn’t hard. But cleaning properly is difficult. Not everyone can remove debris from microfiber towels.  Some homeowners complained about having a chemical smell even after washing themselves.  The smell is so bad that it doesn’t disappear after leaving the microfiber cloth dipping … Read more

How To Clean A Ridgid Shop Vac Filter

How to clean a Ridgid shop vac filter

A filter is an essential part of a Ridgid shop vac filter. It absorbs dust, dirt, and other particles during the vacuuming process. So it’s natural for vacuum filters to get dirty.  Dirt and debris buildup in the filter can cause clogging in the shop vac filter. A clogged filter means blocked or reduced airflow.  … Read more

How To Clean Basement Rafters

How to clean basement rafters

Basement rafters is a place that many of us ignore and leave uncleaned for years. But it’s not good. If you don’t clean the area on time, you will have dirt build-up, foul odours, moisture, dust, and mould.  These are not only just bad to see but also harmful to our health. So clean the … Read more

How to Clean Kinetic Sand from Carpet

How to clean kinetic sand from carpet

Cleaning kinetic sand from carpet is just a cleaning process of a few steps. You don’t need any chemicals to clean kinetic sand from.  Most of the time, you don’t even need anything to clean it. Because kinetic sand is sticky to itself, it won’t stick with anything else.  If the kinetic sand is in … Read more