How To Clean Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans | Useful Cleaning Tips

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Are you struggling to scrub your aluminum pans for hours and still no result?

Read on to find the simple solution on how to clean baked on grease from aluminum pans.

Aluminum pan is popular due to its versatility and affordability. And ease of cleaning is another reason homeowners love them so much.

But sometimes, baked-on grease or grime can give you a hard time. Baked-on grease builds up quickly on an aluminum pan and makes it tough to clean.

But it is definitely possible with a bit of know-how. If you use the right cleaning tools and follow the right process, you can clean baked grease simply in a few minutes without putting any hard effort. 

So, Let’s scroll down and learn how to clean baked-on grease from aluminum pans with ease. 

5 Steps To Clean Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans

Aluminum is a sustainable material, it doesn’t rust or warp easily, but it doesn’t mean it won’t get damaged.

Yes, an aluminum pan can also be harmed if you use any chemical-based commercial cleaner, harsh cleaning agents like ammonia or bleach, or use abrasive cleaning tools to clean it. Then what is the right way to clean baked on grease from aluminum pans? 

Let’s jump to know.

Equipment You Will Need

Warm water, dish liquid/dish detergent, white vinegar, lemon juice, scrubber, soft cloth, lint-free microfiber cloth, wooden spoon, hand gloves, and face mask.

Step one: Prep The Aluminum Pan

Before you start cleaning the baked on grease from the aluminum pans, you have to make it ready. Let the pan come to room temperature and clean it with dish liquid and warm water as you wash regularly. Then rinse away with water, and dry with a soft cloth.

Step Two: Make The Cleaning Solution

Take two cups of warm water or, as required, add one cup of white vinegar. If you don’t have white vinegar or don’t like the vinegar scent, you can also use lemon juice.

Cut two lemons in half and use their juice instead of white vinegar. Lemon juice is as effective as vinegar, it has an acidic effect that can cut the baked-on grease and make it simple to come off. 

Step Three: Initial Cleaning

Put the aluminum pan on the stove, fill ¾ of it with water, and bring it to a boil. Use a wooden spoon to scrape off baked on grease.

Now empty the aluminum pan, scrub with a dish scrub and try to remove baked on grease residue. Then rinse away and dry again with a soft dry cloth.  

Step Four: Deep Cleaning

It’s time to put the aluminum pan on the stove, turn it on, and pour the cleaning solution we made above. Bring it to a boil and allow it to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool down so that you can clean it by hand.

Once it has cooled down, dispose of the vinegar or lemon solution and use a dish scrubber to scrub again. Continue scrubbing until all the baked on grease has completely come off. 

Step Five: Rinse or Wipe Away

Once the aluminum pan is cleaned, you can rinse it with cool water or wipe it away. We prefer to wipe down the aluminum pans, use a damp sponge or rag, and wipe the entire aluminum pan to clean the residue. Then use a lint-free microfiber cloth to absorb the excess moisture and dry the aluminum pan. 

How To Clean Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans With Baking Soda

Cleaning baked on grease from aluminum pans with baking soda is simple. Baking soda is an excellent cleaner for all kinds of surfaces, and it can also remove baked-on grease from aluminum pans.

All we need is a versatile baking soda, warm water, and vinegar.

Let’s Know the Cleaning Process.

  • Make a smooth paste of warm water and baking soda, apply this paste directly to the baked-on grease and leave it for 4-5 hours or overnight. 
  • Once time is up, you will notice baking soda is dried, but we need it to be wet to scrub off the baked grease. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it on the baking soda to make it wet.
  • Now use a dish scrubber and scrub the pan very well. Keep spraying vinegar and continue scrubbing until all the baked on grease comes out.
  • When cleaning is done, put it under cool tap water and rinse away. 
  • Use a microfiber cloth to absorb the excess moisture and let it dry naturally.

Tips & Tricks of cleaning Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans

  • To remove the baked on grease faster, you can use a soft bristle brush
  • Use lemon cut in half to scrub the baked grease while the baking soda paste is dried.
  • Take some jojoba oil in a cloth and wipe down the aluminum pan to get back its shine.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Baked on Grease-Off Aluminum Pans?

Cover the baked on grease aluminum pans with tomato ketchup and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Use a scrubber and gently scrub the aluminum pan until baked on grease has come out. Now take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe down the aluminum pan to clean the residue. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

What Cleans Grease Off of Aluminum?

Many cleaning agents are there that can clean the grease off the aluminum. Starting from commercial grease cleaner to DIY ingredients, baking soda, white vinegar, tomato ketchup, lemon juice, and cream of tartar all are effective in cleaning grease off of aluminum.

How Do You Dissolve Hardened Grease?

Make a solution of baking soda and dish liquid in equal quantities, and add one teaspoon of white vinegar to turn it into a smooth paste. Now apply this directly on hardened grease and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Scrub with a dish scrubber gently until the grease comes out.

How Do You Clean Burnt, Greasy Pans?

Mix three-part of cream of tartar with one part of water and make a smooth paste. Spread this solution all over the greasy pans and wait for 30 minutes. Use a non-abrasive scrubber and scrub gently until burnt grease is coming out. Wipe down with a damp cloth and dry with a dry microfiber cloth.

Does Vinegar and Baking Soda Clean Aluminum?

Yes, vinegar and baking soda clean aluminum. Baking soda has alkaline properties that will help to remove any build-up from the aluminum, and it is also safe to use on a regular basis. And vinegar is a natural acid that can also clean aluminum.


Grease and baked-on food can be a real challenge to remove, as it is a little trickier than a regular cleaning, but it is worth it.

After researching and implementing ourselves, we have shared some easy steps on how to clean baked on grease from aluminum pans with tricks and some simple alternatives ways to accomplish the task.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to clean baked-on grease from your pans in no time. Not only will you be able to avoid cleaning them multiple times a month, but you’ll also be preserving the lifespan of your pans. 

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