How To Clean Kitchen Mats

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If you are a home chef or professional, you must enter the kitchen. A kitchen mat is a necessary ingredient for keeping the kitchen floor clean. A kitchen is a place that becomes slippery every day with spills of oil or water. The kitchen mat saves you from unwanted falls down.

Due to their regular use, these mats become messy. Usually, it is made of rubber, cotton, fiber, foam, or gel. As it is made of different materials, how to clean the kitchen mats is also different.

Five Simple Cleaning Tips- How To Clean Kitchen Mats

Here you will get the cleaning methods of Five different types of Kitchen mats, which makes your cleaning jobs easy.

Things You Will Need:

1. Cleaning Instructions Of Rubber Mat:

If you have a rubber mat in the kitchen, you can clean it. Rub the mat against the wall to discard loose dirt from it. By using a hosepipe, wash it to reduce stuck dirt.

Prepare a mixture of mild detergent and water. Then spray it on the mat and use a brush that can reach into the closet of the mat. Brush the mat from both sides.

Then rinse it with lots of water. If you get any stains that remain till now, brush them again and wash them. After washing, dry out the mat in the shade of the sun but not direct sunlight. Sunlight can affect the longevity of the mat.

2. Washing Instructions Of Anti-fatigue Foam Mat:

Anti-fatigue foam kitchen mat gives you support under the feet during long-term work. It is made with waterproof PVC material. You need not go outside to wash this one, and you can clean it inside the kitchen. Vacuum first to release the extra dirt from the mat. You can remove all dirt & debris with a vacuum cleaner.

Do not use a scrub or abrasive cleaner, and it can damage the print of the mat. If you get any nasty stains, wipe them with soapy water and scrub gently. After soapy wash, wipe again with a damp cloth to remove the soap residue. Make it dry with a microfiber cloth, or let it air dry completely when you finish.

3. Rinsing Instructions Of Cotton Or Fiber Mat:

Some people like to use cotton mats instead of anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen. You can wash the cotton mat by washing the machine. If you have a rubber backing, smack the mat and wash it with a washing machine. Be careful about rubber backing, and it could be damaged if you wash it frequently by machine.

By using mild detergent, you can wash it by hand also. Due to the rubber backing of cotton or synthetic mats, it is not wise to wash by machine if you get any tears. Make it dry in the shade of the sun, not directly.

4. Tidying Instructions Of Gel Mat:

Gel mats are planned with three-layer mats. The top layer is a designed part, the middle part is a soothing gel, and the bottom layer is a non-slip part. You can not use a vacuum or steam cleaner on this mat. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Even vinegar or bleach are not also permissible.

Take a brush and dustpan to clean the dirt off this mat. Prepare a solution of detergent and water. Apply with a sponge on the mat. You can not scrub it heavily. Then use a microfiber cloth to make the mat dry completely.

5. Cleaning Of Commercial Kitchen Mats:

Because of high activity, commercial-grade kitchen mats become loaded with dirt and debris. It requires more effort to clean. Most Commercial places use high-grade rubber mats. Some are designed with holes to pass runny dirt.

Commercial kitchen mats need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Use a degreaser or detergent for deep cleaning and scrub it with a long-bristled brush or scrubber. You can use a garden hose to make it clean with water. If you get any tough stains, repeat the process. Take out the mats to clean and dry before washing. 

Safety Guidelines:

  • Read manufacturer instructions carefully before washing your kitchen mat.
  • All kitchen mats are not washable by machine.
  • A rubber and gel mat can not tolerate the heat of a vacuum or steam cleaner.
  • Always try to use mild soap or detergent.
  • Dirty mats spread germs to your food.
  • For the long-run use of the mat, make it clean daily with a brush.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to clean kitchen mats?

You can use warm water and detergent to clean your kitchen mats.

Can you wash kitchen mats?

All kitchen mats are not machine washable. You can clean them by hand.

How often should you wash kitchen rugs?

If you want a kitchen out of germs and bacteria, clean your kitchen mats weekly. Do a deep clean couple of weeks.

What is the pH of soapy water?

The pH level of soapy water is 12.

Can you clean the rubber with alcohol?

For removing sticky or stubborn dirt, you can use alcohol occasionally.

Can you clean the rubber with vinegar?

Do not use vinegar for washing rubber mats. The acid of vinegar can damage the rubber.

Can you wash kitchen rugs in the washer?

You can use the dishwasher to clean cotton, synthetic, or rubber mat with an anti-slip back.

Final Thought

None of the kitchen mats remain dirty now. As you learn how to clean kitchen mats, the chore becomes easy. Follow the instructions given here and apply them to your kitchen mat.

If you keep your mat clean, it can change your kitchen floor. Otherwise, cotton-mouthed dirt flies here and there. Bacteria and germs also affect your food from dirty kitchen mats.

Keep your kitchen mat clean, and get a healthy kitchen!

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