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General Terms of Service

Here are the rules and regulations you must take into consideration when using our website. 

  • Every content, tip, and tutorial on cleaning we provide is our years of experience in tidying up thousands of houses, hotels, apartments, and so on. What cleaning method we write about depends on the surface, the intensity of the dirt, and more. Anytime we can change the tips or update the content without your consent. 
  • We only share the cleaning tips that we test and use. Sometimes, we also collect information from other cleaning experts and share & publish them on our website. Keep in mind; before applying any cleaning tips we offer, take a look at your floor and the dirt type. Then, start following the cleaning steps we mentioned. If you misapply our methods and they bring damage to your floor, we are not responsible for that. 
  • Before granting any tips provided by us, ensure it meets your needs & requirements. 
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We may recommend a lot of cleaning machines like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and more. Before recommending each of the products, we test and use them. If it passes our test, we recommend them to you. 

However, we have no liability if you get any broken products as we are not the manufacturer of the product. We only review them. 

Therefore, the cleaning result we get using them depends on how we use them. If you are not efficient to run them, you will not get the ultimate result. So, we are not responsible for that. 

Remember, following the tips & guides we provide don’t mean you will be a master cleaner. 

If you have any questions about our rules & regulations, don’t forget to contact us