How to Remove Shampoo from Carpet

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Shampooing is one of the best ways to clean carpet; it removes dirt and debris and keeps the fiber soft. But this shampoo can be the reason for your trouble if it spills on the carpet. 

Yes, you heard me right. If some shampoo spilled is on your carpet and you think it’s not a matter of concern as you use shampoo to clean a carpet, you are totally wrong. 

If the shampoo dries on the carpet, it will make the area uncomfortable and waxy. Removing shampoo from carpet is a long process. 

There is no shortcut, as shampoo makes suds and no way available without using water to remove shampoo. 

So what can you do? We have a way to make your effort a little less. What is that?

Scroll down to know the tricky way to remove shampoo from carpet.

A Simple Way to Remove Shampoo from Carpet

Cleaning shampoo spills from carpet will take a lot of time. If you want to follow the time-consuming way, just repeat washing the shampoo spill repeatedly until it’s gone. 

But that will be difficult and time-consuming. Rinsing the entire carpet will take a lot of effort. So we have a better way to clean the shampoo from the carpet. 

With our process, you won’t have to clean the entire carpet. We will tell you the effortless process that will take only a few minutes. 

Ingredients You Will Need

Here you won’t need any carpet cleaner or any homemade DIY solution. Few paper towels, a dustpan, microfiber cloth, a knife, salt, white vinegar, and some water is enough to remove shampoo from the carpet.

Cleaning Process

Step one: Sometimes, we don’t notice there is some spilled on our carpet.  If you experience the same, we mean there is some shampoo on your carpet and you didn’t notice, the first thing you have to do is pick up as much as you can. Take help from a knife, a dustpan, or a card and scrap as much as you can.

Step two: After you have picked up enough spills, it’s time to pick up the moisture. Take a paper towel and dab the spilled area gently. Repeat the process until the paper towel is fresh after wiping.

If the spill is dry, then pour some white vinegar, place a cloth over it and leave it for five minutes and then blot the area in the same process.

Step three: If the moisture is out, but suds are still coming in touch with water, take another towel and blot the area again. Pour some white vinegar, wait for a little and blot up. 

Step four: Keep changing the towel until the towel is fresh after dabbing on the spilled shampoo area. If the suds are too much, you can sprinkle some salt to cover the area for five minutes.

It will absorb the moisture and will help in removing the suds quickly.

Step five: After shampoo removal is done, you have to dry the carpet immediately. If the area is little, use a hairdryer and if large, use a blower fan and ventilate the area.

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Removing shampoo from carpet isn’t a difficult task but a time-consuming task. If you follow the method we have shared above, we believe your problem of how to remove shampoo from carpet will be solved in a few minutes. Let us know your positive response. Did our article help you or not?

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