How To Clean Curved Shower Screen

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For decorating the washroom, the glass shower screen is a trend nowadays. But the fact is nobody likes to clean the shower screen. Though it looks good, removing water stains or dirt is quite challenging from a curved shower screen.

Fortunately, here you will get ideas on how to clean the curved shower screen.  The methods are easy & by using kitchen ingredients. Be careful shower screens should be durable and strong. Which Cleaning method you choose doesn’t matter; try to keep balance when scrubbing.

If you are cleaning the shower screen regularly, it will be helpful for easy cleaning. Spot and dirt can not stay long for routine cleaning.

Best 6 Cleaning Tools For Curved Shower Screen Easily

Installing glass shower screens brings elegance to your home. Here you will receive some ideas about cleaning curved shower screens.

1. White Vinegar:

White vinegar is a common ingredient in every kitchen. It works incredibly as a cleaner of a curved shower screen. The application of vinegar is simple. Drop some white vinegar into a spray bottle and apply it to the shower screen.

Rub the mixture with a non-scratch sponge, then rinse with warm water. You can put a label on the vinegar bottle as a safety issue. So, children never make missteps with vinegar and use it like water.

2. Fabric Softener

Prepare a mixture with one liter of water and a little bit of fabric softener. It is an effective solution to removing soap scums and residue on the glass door. Apply the mixture with a sponge, rub it gently, and then rinse with warm water. You can use a dryer sheet to wipe the extra liquid from the shower screen.

3. Lemon juice & Salt

Lemon juice & Salt

Lemon therapy is the best option if your shower screen is metal. After some time, rust appears on the metal door, and it looks old and dirty. Put together two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of lemon juice, apply this mixture to the shower screen and scrub with a toothbrush. Allow a few minutes to sit, then wash out with warm water. Now discover the shower screen looks new again.

4.Multi-use Equipment:

A toothbrush can play a significant role in cleaning glass shower screens. As a tiny brush, it can clean every hook and screw. For eliminating water spots, a paint scraper can help you the most. Do not use extra force when scrapping on the metal curved shower screen.

Using WD 40:

wd 40 to clean shower glass

When your shower screen contains unsightly dirt, you can use WD 40. It is an innovative remedy if you are tired of using the old cleaning solution for your shower screen. WD 40 is a powerful cleaning product that prevents build-up stains and removes all tough stains. It is a remarkable agent that makes your shower screen resistant to any spots.

By using protective gear, spray WD 40 cleaner on your shower screen. Let it work for 15 minutes to loosen tough smudges. Then, wipe the door with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If necessary, repeat the process to eradicate all arduous tints.

6. Keeping The Chalk Clean:

If you can maintain the chalking seal clean, it will be easy to clean your shower screen. Provide chalk seal to every layer of your glass door. It functions as a waterproof seal. With this seal, you can prevent moisture from getting inside the tiles. Try to keep the chalk clean to keep your shower screen clean.

Useful Tips:

  • Excess moisture creates watermarks and mold on the shower screen. Try to make it dry after cleaning.
  • If your shower screen carries lots of scum, you can apply the cleaner designed only for shower screens.
  • It is better to install the shower screen in a well-ventilated location.
  • Never allow limescale to prevent hard water stains.
  • Wipe your shower screen after every use, and it can prevent watermarks.
  • Bicarbonate of soda and baking powder works like a natural abrasive on the shower screen.
  • You can use a protective coating on the shower enclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Thing to Use to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

Using white vinegar is the best thing to clean the shower screen. After spraying, let the vinegar soak down for 10 minutes. Then scrub with a sponge and wash with water.

how Do I Make My Shower Screen Look New?

Solutions of 1litre water and some fabric softener can make your shower screen look new. It can eliminate all the soap residue and scums from the glass.

How Do I Make My Shower Glass Sparkle?

Spray hydrogen peroxide on the cracks and gaps of the shower screen. After a few moments, rinse with water. If needed, you can scrub with an old toothbrush for hard-to-reach corners.

Will Baking Soda Scratch the Glass Shower Door?

Baking soda is a potential solution for cleaning glass shower screens. Apply it gently to avoid scratches; otherwise, it will become permanent. That was terrible to look at and almost impossible to remove.

Can You Clean the Shower Glass with Wd40?

WD40 is a multiple cleaning product. It can immediately remove all soap scum, residue, and other dirt from the shower screen.

How Do You Clean Shower Glass Daily?

For daily cleaning of shower glass, make a solution with half cup rubbing alcohol and half cup hydrogen peroxide.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower?

Bathrooms are the ultimate bacteria host. If possible, provide a daily wash or at least once a week. Disinfect the whole washroom, not only the shower screen.

Final Thought

The shower screen often gets nasty because of soap scum, splashes, mold, and watermarks. Keeping hygiene in your bathroom is essential, but nobody likes to do these household chores. 

Now you learned how to clean curved shower screens and apply the process of cleaning, which is easier for you. Though regular cleaning is a tough job, you can provide a weekly wash to your shower screen. 

It is tiresome work to clean, but the shiny shower screen can soothe your mind and make you feel relaxed. 

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