How To Use Bissell Spotbot

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Do you like a piece of professional machinery for cleaning pet stains and odors? Bissell Spotbot is a revolutionary solution as an automatic spray, brush, and surface and carpets removal. It is a complete electric-powered stain-treating unit that can be an alternative to traditional carpet cleaning solutions. The machine is compact and lightweight.

How to use Bissell Spotbot is not so difficult at all. Read the user manual before starting to take advantage of it. Though this machine is an electric device, be cautious if you have a small child and pets. You can conduct this machine with both hands-free and manual cleaning operations.

Using Instructions of Bissell Spotbot

Bissell Spotbot is designed with two water tanks, one for clean water with a solution and another for dirt residue. For cleaning, there is a carpet brush and a long-handled vacuum hose. You will get the ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ buttons for programming the machine.

Removing ground-in stains here, you get several setting buttons. There is a light indicator for power level and cleaning mode.

Follow the instructions step by step for using your Bissell Spotbot properly:

Step 1: Restoring The Water Tank

Fill the tank with clean water off the base unit. Keep the tank upside down and remove the cap. There are two indicators for clean and dirty water. Take cool tap water to fill up the tank. Close the bottom tightly, then place it on the base unit. 

Step 2: Preferring The Settings

In the handle area, three cleaning setting programs have been programmed. For cleaning the surface, you can use this machine in a hand-free mode for three minutes. Select Quick or deep clean settings for cleaning set-in stains in hands-free mode. 

Spotbot starts spraying, brushing, and absorbing extra liquid from this affected area. By pressing the ‘Hose’ button, you can take manual control. The ‘Pause’ button provides more manual control, and the ‘Heater’ button helps you heat water for cleaning.

Step 3: Performing The Unit

For operating the unit, place the Spotbot machine on the stains and plug in the socket. The water tank is already filled with clean water. Now start cleaning by pressing the desired button and looking at the indicator light.

When your Spotbot mission is complete, then it sounds like a beep. Check the condition of the stained area. As a hands-free mission, detach the brush from the hose, utilize a spray trigger to wet the stained area, and then use Spotbot’s built-in vacuum to absorb the excess liquid.

Step 4: Clearing The SpotBot

Once you complete your cleaning operation, press the ‘stop’ button to turn off the machine and keep Spotbot unplugged from the socket. Clean up the dirty water tank off to the base unit. Unscrew the cap and turn upside.

Sprinkle the dirty water into the sink, then clean it with fresh water. After cleaning the entire unit, place the cap and replace the unit on the base.

🔧 Maintenance and Care

  • Pinch ‘stop’ after finishing your cleaning session. After unplugging the cord, protect these wires by rolling them around the cord wrap.
  • After each use, rinse the dirty water tank suitably. Rub the window with a soft cloth and then brush the area.
  • When you try manual cleaning, wrap the vacuum flex hose on the front of the unit.
  • Clean water also needs to be rinsed and emptied before being stored.
  • Store your Bissell Spotbot in a dry and protected place.
  • Do not keep the machine where freezing may occur.
  • When purchasing, check your warranty card, where you may get two years of limited warranty.
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⚠️ Warning

  • For avoiding internal damage, use Bissell cleaning solutions always with this machine.
  • Unplug the power line when not in use.
  • Read the user manual carefully and never utilize this machine that operation which is not described there. 
  • The grounding conductor may cause electric shock if the connection is not proper.
  • Never touch the plug or any appliance with wet hands.
  • Do not keep flammable material near this machine.
  • Keep all burning or smoking substances away like cigarettes or matches.
  • No need to use boiled water or microwave heated water.
  • For ignoring personal injury, keep the spray away from the face.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Spotbot Work?

Bissell Spotbot automatically sprays, brushes, and removes stains and odors with a cleaning cycle.

Is It Better to Rinse the Carpet with Hot or Cold Water?

Using hot water can perform better for carpet cleaning than cold water. 

Why Is Bissell Carpet Cleaner Not Suctioning?

It may happen when the tank is not seated properly. When the dirty water tank becomes full, it can not suction more.

How Often Should I Shampoo My Bissell Carpet?

The manufacturer recommends that you should give a deep clean twice a year.

How Do You Know Your Carpet Becomes Clean?

When you discover the carpet fibers look fresh and realize softer than before, you finalize your cleaning session.

Final Thought

Cleaning the carpet and surface is not a problem for you anymore. Now you have the information about how to use Bissell Spotbot. With this outstanding machine, you can operate a cleaning mission effortlessly.

As professional equipment, this is a great small appliance for carpet cleaning. Use this machine with proper instructions so that it will provide you with the best service.

After each usage, clean all the parts of Spotbot carefully and store this appliance in a secure position. Be clean, be healthy by using advanced appliances.

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