How to Get Mould out Of Curtain

How to get mould out of curtain

Mould is something disgusting that is smelly and nasty. And it’s also risky for health. Mould can cause several health problems for your family members, including pets.  So having mould in your home, especially in curtains, isn’t a good thing to keep. But what can we do when mould grows on our favourite curtains?  Mould … Read more

How to Clean Cracks in Tile Floor

How to clean cracks in tile floor

When you know how to clean cracks in tile floors, the task is overwhelming. Cleaning tile floor cracks is simple with some household cleaning agents.  But if you want, you can use store-bought crack tile floor cleaner also. In that case, you just have to be a little careful that the cleaner is usable on … Read more

How To Clean Outside Windows Upstairs

How to clean outside windows upstairs

A window is an important part of our home. But most of us forget about cleaning it once a year, while it should be cleaned at least twice a year. And if it’s about cleaning outside windows upstairs, the homeowner rarely looks forward to it.  Because cleaning outside windows upstairs is a daunting task. You … Read more

How To Clean Washing Machine Drawer Hotpoint

How To Clean Washing Machine Drawer Hotpoint

The washing machine drawer holds detergent and gets in touch with water. And as a result, mould and detergent residue is there.  To keep the washing machine drawer efficient and hygienic, you have to clean the drawer regularly.  Don’t know how to clean the washing machine drawer Hotpoint? Well, Cleaning a washing machine drawer Hotpoint … Read more

How to Clean Acid Marks on Floor

How to clean acid marks on floor

Acid stains on your floor can significantly deteriorate your floor appearance. But don’t have to be worried. Yes, acid stains are one kind of scary stain, but not that much we think of.  You can get rid of acid stains if you follow a few tricks, the right tools, and know the right way to … Read more

How to Clean Vomit Off Leather Couch

How to clean vomit off leather couch

Whether your newborn baby or your favorite pet has vomited on your leather upholstery, it’s a matter not to think about; you need to take immediate action.  It’s gonna be difficult to remove vomit if the couch soaks it. So what steps should you take when you have vomit on your leather couch? How to … Read more