How to Get Bed Bugs out Of Your Car

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Bed bugs are a real nightmare for most of us. Once it reaches our home, getting rid of them becomes more difficult. So if we can remove them from the root, we won’t have to take this trouble.

Where is the source? We are not talking about bed bugs root, but the source through it reaches our home. Yes, you guessed it right, the car.

Bed bugs travel and come to our house in a car, so removing them before entering our home will be best and will take less effort.

How to get bed bugs out of your car?  Getting rid of bed bugs from your car is easier than you think. Only a few people know how to actually get rid of them and the tricks.

Are you interested in being one of them? Then scroll down and read more.

How to Get Bed Bugs out Of Your Car

Many ways to remove bed bugs from the car. But we are going to tell you the most effective ones. It’s not so simple, but not too difficult either. More than the effort, it will eat up your time.

Here’s a quick list of steps to take if you think you have bed bugs in your car. It’s important to remember that these measures will not guarantee that all bed bugs are eliminated from your vehicle, but they can help.

Step One: 

The first step will be removing mats, seat covers, and each possible item from the car. Even your head, shoulders, neck jacket, should also be included in the list.

Now separate the washable things and put them in the washing machine at the temperature. Then dry them in the dryer machine at the highest temperature and allow them to run for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This process is effective. Usually, bed bugs can’t live in high heat, so during washing, most of them should die. And the left ones will die for sure in the drying process.

Stuff you couldn’t put into the washing machine should be isolated in a sealable plastic bag to stop bed bugs from spreading. 

Step Two: 

What to do with the stuff locked in the plastic bag? Will we have to throw them out? Absolutely not. There are ways to get rid of bed bugs from them too. 

What if you can’t wash them? You can still put them in a dryer and stay there for 40-50 minutes. Meantime all the bed bugs along with their eggs will be killed. 

If you don’t have a dryer, still no problem, use the solar bagging technique. Here you have to keep the bag directly under the sunlight for a whole day.

Usually, bed bugs need to be treated with 125 degrees F heat for one hour, during washing but as you don’t have a heating option, you can try the sunlight technique for a whole day, and hope it will work. Another method is freezing.

You can do it in the freeze when you have no dryer or sunlight treatment availability. Keep the packet in the freeze for four days.

Bed bugs at 0 degrees F, the extreme cold situations can’t live for more than four days. So if you can keep them in the freezer for more than four days, I hope you will get rid of them.

Step Three: 

After washing removable things, it’s time to clean the inside of the car, which is unremovable. If you think any mites are still alive or crawling on your windows, use the steam method next.

Take a steam cleaner with 200-degree high-pressure heat ability and do steam clean inside the car. For better results, you may use a steam cleaner with a cover attachment.

Don’t forget to clean the cracks and crevices of the car. Because bed bugs lay their eggs in these places, they hatch in between 5-6 days and can live up to 10-12 months. 

Step Four: 

Use a vacuum cleaner on those areas that you steamed to ensure complete cleanliness. Vacuuming is essential at this stage as it will hide in all kinds of cracks and crevices, including the ductwork under your seat covers or vents on the backside of a car where you cannot see them because of their flat stalks. The vacuum will suck up all the bed bugs, including alive ones and dead ones,

Step Five: 

To treat the bed bugs, you can also use diatomaceous earth. It’s an all-in-one effective treatment for all types of insects. But it takes a little more time to work.

Be it cockroaches or bed bugs; it can kill all without harming us. But make sure to wear hand gloves and a face mask before using, so you don’t get in touch with it.

Take enough of this powder and sprinkle it all over the car; for better results, wait for three days, then vacuum again to suck up dead bed bugs.

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Can Bed Bugs Survive in A Car?

Bed bugs can survive in many things, but a car is not one of them. This is because bed bugs cannot live for more than a few hours without human contact, and they usually spread by crawling on surfaces or being transported by people unknowingly.

But if they get in touch with humans they can live anywhere they want but don’t in hot and cold places.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Car in The Summer?

Bed bugs are typically active during the winter months. They will die off during the summer as they cannot survive in temperatures that exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature outside should be over 40 degrees Fahrenheit for your car to be bed bug-free and pest-free.

Can I Use a Bed Bug Fogger in My Car?

Yes, you can. If you want to get rid of these bugs, it is advised that you use a bed bug fogger because it will kill them instantly without having to wash anything in your car.

Can You Vacuum up Bed Bugs?

Yes, vacuuming up bed bugs is possible, but it’s not too effective. Bed bugs can live after vacuuming by escaping from the vacuum hose.

Just after vacuuming, you need to remove the vacuum bag and seal it immediately to stop the bed bugs from escaping and through the bag in a closed basket.


If you own a car, you’re probably wondering how to get bed bugs out of your car. Be sure bed bugs are inside the car and take the necessary steps to get rid of them.

We have described how to get bed bugs out of your car in detail. Try the steps we mentioned above and get rid of bed bugs in the car.

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